Will You Stand With Rep Allen West and Help Him Fight Back?

Congressman Allen West is a principled conservative from south Florida. The liberals and their friends in the media have made him their number one target because he’s not afraid to speak the truth. Will you help him fight back?

You and I know the left and their allies in the media will stop at nothing to promote their destructive policies. This week they’re complaining about his use of the word ‘communist’ in reference to the Progressive Caucus, but no one is challenging his point—that these people oppose free markets and individual economic freedom, and they advocate for redistribution of wealth.

Please stand with Allen West against attacks from the liberals and the distortions of the corrupt liberal media.  Everyone who stands with him in the next 48 hours by making a contribution of $10 or more will receive an “Allen West for Congress” bumper sticker.

The Progressive Caucus advocates for state control over industries, redistribution of wealth, reduced individual economic freedom and the destruction of free markets.  Members of this Caucus lavished praise on Fidel Castro following a 2009 visit to Cuba.  They have even introduced a Constitutional Amendment to redistribute wealth.

You can call them whatever you want, but the point is, they oppose free markets and individual economic freedom, they want to redistribute wealth, and they want to see the nation fundamentally transformed. Their policies are destructive and I will stand up to them regardless of the critics.

Stand with me today by clicking here to make a contribution.  It’s going to take all of us to protect this nation from the destructive policies of the extreme left.

Steadfast and loyal,

LTC (R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

Statement on Congressman Allen West’s Vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment

Constitutional Amendment Fails by 29 votes

(WASHINGTON)—- Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today after voting in support of H.J .Res 2 – a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

“As our nation passes $15 trillion in debt this week, the House of Representatives has once again let down the American people and instead chosen the path of continued spending beyond its means.

The Balanced Budget Amendment would have put our nation on a path to fiscal and economic sustainability. However, by their vote today, the majority of House Democrats and their Party have made it obvious they prefer the road of increasing debt and enormous deficits. I further found it appalling that House Democrats clapped and cheered on the House Floor at the failure of the Balanced Budget Amendment.

I am proud to have supported a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution – an identical Amendment that was passed by a vote in the House of Representatives of 300-132 in 1995, only to fall one vote short in the United States Senate.

I commend the Members of the House – both Republicans as well as 25 Democrats – who voted for this amendment and put  their country before politics. The Balanced Budget Amendment made perfect sense- ensuring the United States spends only the taxpayer dollars the U.S. Treasury collects each year.  But unfortunately, too many Members of Congress put politics before America’s future.

When I – along with 86 of my Freshmen colleagues – were elected a little more than a year ago, we pledged to change the conversation in our Nation’s Capital.  Despite today’s failed resolution, I believe we have changed that conversation.  It is more important than ever Americans continue to get involved in the political process and elect legislators who believe in doing what is right for this country.  Americans are balancing their family budget, it is imperative leaders have the courage to do the same.”