Palms West Republican Club Invites you to come meet Adam Hasner running in Florida District 22 – 3/21/12

Palms West Republican Club Invites you and your friends:

WHERE: Binks Forest Golf Club: 400 Binks Forest Dr., Wellington, FL

WHEN:   March 21, 2012

TIME:     6:00pm – 8:00pm

Please join us on Wednesday, March 21 as we welcome Adam Hasner, US Congressional Candidate for D-22.

We also ask that current 2012 Members please try to attend as we have 2 Amendments to our Bylaws which we need to pass at this meeting.

We will also have a 50/50 drawing and several door prizes!

Doors open at 6pm
Buffet Dinner 6:15pm
Meeting begins 6:45pm

$15 Members, $20 for Guests
Firm RSVPs to

We look forward to seeing you! Please bring a friend!





Congressman Allen West invites you to attend one of his February Town Hall events:

Wednesday, February 22nd

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Deerfield Beach City Hall

150 NE 2nd Ave

Deerfield Beach

*A Vietnam Veteran who suddenly lost his life this past month at Fort Lauderdale Executive airport, before ever receiving his proper medals, will be honored at Wednesday’s town hall. The widow of Louis Grabiec, Jr., Martha Grabiec, will receive the medals for her husband. Grabiec will receive posthumously: National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal and Bronze Star Attachment (quadruple), Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Expert Badge with Rifle Bar. 

Friday, February 24th

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

First Baptist Church

1101 South Flagler Drive

West Palm Beach

*No RSVP necessary for either event, just come on out if you can attend.

Allen West “Representing the people of CD 22nd has been among the highest honors of my life”

Dear Fellow Patriots,

I write to you today with mixed emotions.  As you have probably heard by now, on Tuesday, I announced my decision to seek reelection in the new proposed 18th Congressional District.

It was not an easy decision, and one I reached only after much reflection, prayer and consultation with family, friends and supporters like you.

Representing the people of the 22nd Congressional District has been among the highest honors of my life.  I am honored by the trust that voters have placed in me this past year.  I am truly humbled by the generosity and support of thousands of Floridians, and Americans, who have knocked doors, made phone calls, and donated their hard-earned dollars to our campaigns over the past four years.

After a career serving my fellow citizens and defending our Constitution, and our God-given rights, from foreign aggression, I returned home and was confronted by the grave extent to which economic liberty and opportunity, gifts that have traditionally been the birthright of every American, were under attack.

From 2008 to 2010, the forces of bigger government, higher taxes, and unsustainable spending were on the march.   In just two short years, the results of this failed ideology–crippling debt, record unemployment, and a foreclosure crisis–had become evident in South Florida.

These ills only strengthened my resolve to make a difference and you stood with me just as you did in 2008. Your dedication in 2010 sent me to Capitol Hill to begin turning things around.

Every week, I go to our Nation’s Capital to be your representative in the People’s House – the United States House of Representatives.  I go to Capitol Hill to be your voice.  I go as a servant to all South Floridians. I am working to protect your life, your liberty and your pursuit of happiness—a pursuit that is solely up to you as a free individual.

I have never wavered from our vision; to work to create jobs, restrain Federal Government spending, reduce America’s ever increasing national debt, and provide for a strong national defense to ensure a safer and more prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.

On Election night 2010, I promised: “I am going to fix the problems in Washington, D.C. and then I am coming home.”   Unfortunately, a cynical, politicized redistricting process wrought with cronyisms and nefarious in intent, sought to ensure I would not be able to keep that promise.

While I will miss the opportunity to represent all of the people of Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, in the interest of keeping my promise and fixing the problems in our Nation’s Capital, I have decided the best course of action is to run in Florida’s new 18th Congressional District, which covers northern Palm Beach County and all of Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

Regardless of the district lines, I will never forget your help and support. I will never forget all the great Americans I have met on the campaign trail and as your Congressman.  This experience has only strengthened my conviction in the goodness of Floridians and the greatness of America.  As long as the people of South Florida allow me to serve, I will be South Florida’s Congressman and I will be your Congressional Representative.

You will always be able to turn to me for help, and your voice will continue to be my voice.  My voice will continue to be one for the restoration of Constitutional principles for our Republic, and it will continue to resonate throughout Florida and Capitol Hill.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and serve you in the battle ahead.

Steadfast and Loyal,
LTC(R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

Rep Allen West – VIDEO Interview CBS News “No one’s gonna lay a trap for me”

BySharyl AttkissonChristine Delargy for CBS NEWS

Tea Party-linked GOP Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is taking the possibility that theRepublican establishment wants him out of office — as suggested by a number of conservative bloggers — in stride.

In an interview Thursday, West discussed CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson the newly-drawn political map in Florida that made his own district more competitive — a map drawn by the GOP-controlled Florida legislature. West announced earlier this week that he will seek re-election in a new district to increase his odds of victory.

“No one’s gonna lay a trap for me,” he said.



Pencil Pushing Weasel Calls Allen West a “Coward” by Jack Furnari


by Jack Furnari for BizPacReview

Today, Patrick Murphy, the underdog in the Democratic primary for Congressional District 22, called incumbent U.S. Rep. Allen West — a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and a combat veteran, mind you — “a coward.”

Responding to West’s decision to run in a newly drawn district further north, Murphy posted the following statement on his website:

Allen West went from talking tough this weekend and telling progressives to “get the hell out of this country” to abandoning the people who elected him. There is no other way to interpret this: Allen West is a coward. The truth is that the maps are far from set and I will continue to monitor the redistricting process closely.

Forget that Murphy has purposely twisted West’s words and taken them out of context. I’m not even going to bother with those offenses.

It is an absolute outrage that Murphy would dare use such a despicable word to describe a combat veteran and an officer of the U.S. military — any combat veteran and officer, for that matter, regardless of their political views or affiliation.

Murphy likes to talk about being a “green contractor,” whatever that means, describing himself on the campaign trail as an accountant and a numbers guy.

We all know that accounting majors who never served in the military are respected and feared worldwide for their bravery and valor, don’t we? I’m sure al-Qaida is terrified at the prospect of a Rep. Murphy launching a congressional inquiry to find out if there are any goat heads or sheep missing from its caves.

West faced bullets. West fought for his country. Murphy owes him an apology.



A Message from Allen West for Congress

I have two quick things to tell you.

First, our campaign reported remarkable success last quarter. Thanks to supporters like you, we raised an impressive 1.75 million dollars. On average our supporters made thoughtful donations of $53. I am truly humbled by this continued outpouring of support. Thank you.

Second, this week the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee reported they raised $61.4 million for their candidates. You can expect them to more than double that this year, so that will mean they will have raised close to $200 million.

Since I have been named their number one target for defeat, I full expect them to start barraging South Florida with misleading TV commercials, radio ads full of half-truths, and last minute “robocalls” that flat-out distort my record and my statements.

In light of this, our conservative army needs to strengthen its 2012 warchest. Our campaign has set an internal goal of raising $100,000 this month to help prepare for the attacks we know are coming.

You’ve been with the army for a while, so you know how vicious our opponents can be. Compared with what we can expect next year, the last 12 months have been a cakewalk.

Our army has met — and defeated — these challenges before.

Support our conservative army by visiting our donation page and contributing $25 or more right now… this is where we make our stand!

And thank you again for your ongoing support.

Steadfast and loyal,
Member of Congress

U.S. Rep. Allen West finishes half-marathon at Palm Beaches Marathon

By Scott Eyman for The Palm Beach Post

WEST PALM BEACH — The sturdy man with tattoos on both arms and his back crossed the finish line breathing heavily, but not really panting. Pretty good for a 50-year-old Congressman who’d just finished the half-marathon at the eighth running of the Palm Beaches Marathon.

U.S. Rep. Allen West wasn’t concerned about his time.

“I don’t know. I finished,” said West, R-Plantation. “As long as you finish, it’s good.”

Originally, West was planning to push a boy in a wheelchair for the half-Marathon, on behalf of a local charity, but that fell through. Instead, he ran for the pleasure of the exercise, and for the chance to meet his constituents where they live.

West also ran the half-marathon at the West Palm Beach event in 2007, but has never run the full length.

“Twenty-two years in the military wears on the knees,” said West, who spent more than 20 years in the Army and retired as a lieutenant colonel.

To stay in shape, West ignores the Congressional gym in Washington.

“I get up at 5:30 in the morning, do five or six miles, then push ups and crunches. I eat pretty good, lots of fruit, try to eat healthy. I did the Army 10-miler in October at 1 hour 28 minutes, 13 seconds. ”



12/3/11 Rep. Allen West reviews the week from his Congressional office – VIDEO

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Congressman Allen West – October Town Hall Events 10/18/11

Tuesday, Oct. 18th

Palm Beach County Town Hall – 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church – Parish Hall

141 South County Road, Palm Beach, FL


Tuesday, Oct. 18th ( same day as PBC)

Broward County Town Hall – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Jarvis Hall   – 4501 North Ocean Drive, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL


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