The Fair-Share President – Mark Baisley – TownHall

by Mark Baisley on

I have concluded that the ultimate consideration for those vying for the office of President of the United States is their ideology surrounding the purpose, and therefore the size, of the federal government.
I researched those who have gone before them and found the following perspectives from four people who have served as President:
“To provide legitimate services to our people; to help preserve peace; to provide a mechanism by which the people’s character can be expressed in international affairs.  I think the purpose of government is to alleviate inequities.  I think the purpose of government is to provide for things that we can’t provide ourselves.”  –President Jimmy Carter, A government as good as its people, Page 74
“What is the purpose of government?  It’s to empower people to make the most of their lives…”  –President Clinton, 1998 interview with The Baltimore Sun
“First, in tough times governments need stable revenues to pay their bills, support salaries, pensions, and health care.  That requires decisive action to ensure that everyone pays their fair share of taxes.  Otherwise, a few pay too much, many pay too little, the government is in the hole and can never get out, and you will never be able to have a stable economic policy.  It is tempting for everyone to avoid wanting to pay any taxes.  But if everyone will pay their fair share, the share will be modest and their incomes will be larger over the long run because of the stability and growth it will bring to this Russian economic system.”  -President Bill Clinton speaking to students at Moscow University of International Relations in 1998.