Confused Yet? It Get’s Worse – St Lucie County


What the hell happened up in St. Lucie County before and since Election Day?  That is a question that has been fought both in courts of law and in the court of public opinion.  It is also a question that will never be satisfied.

I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t completely understand all of the legal twists and turns; however I was a front row witness to a lot of lies, cheating, and what I believe to be out and out fraud.

Let me be clear; questions about the integrity of the vote, and especially the early vote in St. Lucie County arose from the very beginning.  The Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker, did not respond to those questions; not to the media, and certainly not to the public.

Rallies took place, letters were written, time and energy was spent, and the situation was watched, (mostly thanks to social media) from around the nation and world.  Promises were made and broken by the SOE.

For starters, if there was only one, there were too many cases where votes cast outweighed voter registration; and there were dozens.  In one such case, Precinct 93, it has been widely reported that 900 votes were cast, and there were only 7 people registered.  The percentages of other precincts are equally outrageous, as are the convoluted answers for most of the higher numbers which revolve around the ‘two card’ system used.

Let me try to explain: in St. Lucie County, each voter had two ballot cards to accommodate all of the races, amendments, and questions which were counted as individual votes.  I.E., if there were 100 voters and each was given 2 cards; it would read as up to 200 votes.*  That alone caused a lot of confusion and raised eyebrows.  Mind you,* if any or many didn’t bother to vote on any of the assorted questions and amendments, the number of votes cast could vary commensurately.  For example, if out of the 100 voters 49 didn’t vote on the questions and amendments, the percentage would show as 151% turnout.  Confused yet?  It gets worse.


Rep Allen West Nov 13, 2012 “On The Record” with Greta – VIDEO

by sarahnettoo

Published on Nov 13, 2012

Congressman Allen West goes OTR with Greta Nov. 13, 2012

Last Deadline Midnight Tonight – Will You Donate Once More for Congressman Allen West?

The FEC Deadline is tonight at midnight. In order to reach our goal of $150,000 we need to raise an additional $25,000 online today.

There’s great momentum after last night’s debate. With just three weeks left, help us finish strong and win:

Thanks for your help,

Catherine Faulkner
Finance Director

First Murphy Hides from Debates, Now He Lies About Debates – Rep. Allen West

Stuart, FL – Yesterday Patrick Murphy was on Hardball with Chris Matthews attacking Allen West and claiming that West had refused four debates. West for Congress Campaign Manager Tim Edson released the following statement:

“With every passing day, it becomes more clear that Patrick Murphy may very well rank among the most unqualified, cowardly and dishonest individuals ever to run for Congress. Patrick Murphy’s claim that Allen West is avoiding debates is beyond ridiculous given the fact that Allen West challenged Patrick Murphy to four debates.

The truth is that Patrick Murphy doesn’t want his ignorance to be exposed. That’s why Murphy demanded ‘debates’ without rebuttals. Murphy refused debates open to the public. Then Murphy demanded closed door meetings with his left-wing editorial board supporters. After that Murphy attacked respected organizations like the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches for offering to host a debate. Under public pressure, he finally agreed to one late October debate, but then Murphy tried to stipulate the footage could not be reused. Most telling, Murphy refused to participate if candidates were permitted to ask direct questions to each other.

We know Patrick Murphy is unable to talk about the issues and simply unable to defend his support for President Obama’s failed policies. The more we learn about Murphy’s family business profiting from the failed stimulus Murphy supports and bringing in foreign workers to do the jobs of Americans, it becomes increasing clear his claims of being an upstanding businessman are built on shaky foundations and his claims of personally being a job creator are simply laughable.”

Allen West’s challenge for four debates open to the public still stands. It’s time for Patrick Murphy to stop hiding and stop lying, and start addressing the issues.   

Friends of NRA Annual Palm Beach County Banquet – Guest Speaker Rep. Allen West


Rep. Allen West – More Truth to Power at this fine South Florida Event

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More truth to power at this fine South Florida Tea Party event

Photo by Archie Paul

Rep. Allen West “The Real Fight Begins”

Dear Friends,

I want to thank everyone who supported and voted for me in last night’s Republican Primary. With your help, we achieved an overwhelming victory. It’s an honor to have your trust.

The real fight against the Obama/Pelosi/Murphy agenda begins today and we’ll have to fight back against millions of dollars in false negative attacks. Will you help me start the general election strong by making a contribution of $5 or more here: AllenWestForCongress.Com

I look forward to continuing to fight for constitutional conservative principles, getting government out of the way so the economy can grow, and putting an end to President Obama’s failed left-wing policies.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC (R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

P.S. Patrick Murphy is running a reprehensible campaign of lies and smears to distract from his support for $700 billion in Medicare cuts. Help me defeat the Obama/Pelosi/Murphy agenda by contributing here.

Congressman Allen West has just challenged his Democrat opponent Patrick Murphy to four debates



“To ensure the voters are provided an opportunity to hear exactly where you stand, I challenge you to a series of four debates: one debate in each of the three counties that encompass the 18th Congressional District, and the fourth debate in the geographical center of the district in Martin County,” West wrote in a letter to Patrick Murphy.

 “Each debate will have a separate and specific focus: two debates will focus on economic security, another on energy security and the final on national security,” West added.



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Help Allen West start the general election off strong and secure a victory for America this November


Dear Friend,

Nancy Pelosi visited South Florida this week and declared that defeating me would be “sweet” for the country.

Congresswoman Pelosi and her liberal friends would like nothing more than to stop a strong conservative with the courage to speak out against their failed policies and fight for the conservative, Constitutional principles that have made our country great. That’s why the Democrats have made me their number one target, George Soros has committed millions to attack me, and the left-wing groups will stop at nothing to make sure I am not in Congress next year.

The primary election is in less than a week and we need to raise at least $50,000 online by this Tuesday. I know we can count on you to join us in fighting back so that we can continue to fight for our principles in Washington. Donate here:

Our national debt is over $15 trillion and Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are committed to more of the same failed policies that run counter to everything that makes America great. The stakes are higher than ever and I know none of us have the intention of continuing down a path of dependency and decline.

With you on our team, we will show Congresswoman Pelosi how “sweet” we think conservative victory would be for America’s future.

Donate here:

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC (R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

P.S. There’s less than one week to go until our primary election with a liberal challenger.  Help us start the general election of strong and secure a victory for America this November.  Click here to contribute.

Rep. Allen West to speak at the Grand Opening of the RNC/RPOF St. Lucie County Republican Party Victory Office

An RSVP is REQUIRED on or Before Thursday, August 9th.

Please Email Event Chairman, Mike Mulleady at  ASAP to be included.

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