Read the Rebuttal to the TC Palm and Carl Hiaasen’s Hit Piece on Allen West

REBUTTAL BY Darlene Fuggetta (Hobe Sound, FL) 

The Original Letter by Carl Hiaasen can be found here: TC Palm

The Congressman faces a daunting task indeed, Mr. Hisaasen, but it is not because of the reasons that you state. The Congressman shows America on a daily basis that he is a man of honor and integrity. He does so by vocalizing what the majority of his supporters believe in; faith, family, God and Country. The Congressman served honorably in the United States Army for 22 years and made a command decision while overseas, giving up his career willingly in the hopes of saving troops lives. To demean this action is dishonorable, not what he did.

 Mr. Hiaasen, this is a mere personal attack on the Congressman’s character. The reason he has raised so much money is simply because the majority around the nation believes in his message and his facts. Desperate liberals do this when they can’t argue with his record or the facts he presents. Allen West speaks truth and he backs it up. The fact that he is politically direct rather than politically correct is to his advantage. What Allen West says is clearly not what liberals want to hear….. the TRUTH.  They must make personal attacks such as this hit piece in order to inflict the seed of hate instead of providing factual arguments. A mere search in Google; and lest we forget the, which the democrat socialist of America are listed. In these sites they are proudly discussing who they are. Allen West did not “pretty” up the communist remark and use the new terminology “progressives” as they liked to be called. They do however provide you a nice list on who they endorse and, big surprise, Obama is once again on that list.

When the Congressman makes the statement, “I am pro-life because I believe all life is precious and worth protecting”, he means it. Planned Parenthood is the number one provider/supporter of abortions and thus neutering and killing those precious children;male or female. I too firmly believe that Allen West is correct, a child while in the womb is a person. To discard or neuter that life out of inconvenience is murder.

Liberals define slavery as a racial issue. Allen West defines it as an ideological and intellectual issue. Slavery is about more than chain’s, it’s about forced or coerced labor and being held to restrictive standards. That is what the government is doing to everyone, regardless of the color of their skin.They “force” people to rely on government programs and then the government can control their actions. It’s not freedom…. it’s government slavery, and the chains are the government programs.

Mr. Hiaasen, with all due respect, I believe that the “fringe gasbag, macho act, paranoia” comment best suits you and the libel and rhetoric you have spun for the benefit of your personal short comings. It would best suit all of us here in District 18 that instead of spinning the typical “liberal” talking points that you show us why Patrick Murphy is your candidate and why endorsing an inexperienced 29 year old over a man with a distinguished career is preferable. Allen West never had to enter the political arena and be subjected to the meanderings and vicious behavior of the democratic machine. I will remind you, running for Congress is a choice, Allen West made that choice and is a clear choice for me and my family because he is in lock step with my beliefs and concerns for America.

Thank You.

HERE IS THE REBUTTAL Edited down for requirements of 300 words or less: TC PALM