Tim Edson Asks You To Stand Up to Liberal Elitists with Congressman Allen West

Fellow Conservative,

Please take a moment to read Allen’s Op-Ed in today’s Palm Beach Post. It explains why he has declined debating “Republican” opponent Bob Crowder and takes on the left-wing Palm Beach Post editorial board.

It’s about time someone stood up to the out-of-touch liberal elitists on the editorial board of the Palm Beach Post. Instead of meeting with the Palm Beach Post, Congressman West will continue holding town hall meetings to meet and talk to the people he is accountable to–the people of South Florida.  Since taking office, he held almost 40 town hall meetings!

Congressman West doesn’t answer to career politicians more intent on gaining publicity than fixing the problems facing our nation. That’s why he declined to debate his primary opponent. The objective of a debate should be to inform voters, not get an un-serious candidate time on television. A debate would not be productive considering Crowder has admitted that he doesn’t really have an opinion on Obamacare and said “I’m not as conversant on that issue at this time as I probably should be.” Really?  Has he been living in a cave the last three years?

Please take time to read Allen’s Op-Ed and share with your friends.


Thank you for standing with us!,


Tim Edson
Campaign Manager
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Rep Allen West: Commentary Exclusive to the Palm Beach Post “Debating uninformed opponent would waste voters’ time”

Special to The Palm Beach Post

By Allen West

Given that the Palm Beach Post has refused to publish several of my recent opeds, I was somewhat surprised to be offered a chance to respond to their recent editorial echoing my primary opponent’s calls for a debate.

Instead of demanding a debate, my primary opponent would be better served by studying up on the issues and getting in touch with people he wants to represent.

For example, when asked about his position on the president’s healthcare law, my opponent, Robert Crowder, acknowledged in an interview with the Palm Beach Post that, “I’m not as conversant on that issue at this time as I probably should be.” Really, Mr. Crowder? This law fundamentally transforms our nation by exerting oppressive control over individuals and private enterprises, brings about a reduction in the quality and quantity of Medicare treatment and saddles Americans with 18-20 new taxes. It’s the most talked about public policy debacle in a generation! My opponent’s inability to articulate an opinion on this issue disqualifies him as a serious choice for voters in the August 14 primary.

My opponent also recently encouraged a largely Democrat audience to change party registration to vote in the Republican primary, only later to tell a Republican audience that those were not his words. We already have enough people in Washington, D.C. who can’t tell the truth. We don’t need more.

If voters are to gain anything from debates, both candidates must be willing and most importantly, capable of putting forth substantive proposals and honestly and truthfully answering questions. Unfortunately for voters, Bob Crowder has shown no ability to do either.