Allen West “I would not put it past the Islamist-centric President Obama to withhold such support” Israel


by Allen West for

During Hanukkah, the American Jewish community remembers the victory of the Maccabean army led by Judah Maccabee against the invading Hellenic army, the restoration of the Holy Temple and the miracle of the oil in the 2nd century BC.

I don’t think President Obama cares much for Jewish history but he probably should, especially before calling PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

During a phone call between Obama and Netanyahu last week, the president reportedly asked Netanyahu “to take a breather from his clamorous criticism” of the interim agreement reached with Iran, David Ignatius reported for the Washington Post Wednesday.

Obama called Netanyahu last Sunday to discuss the interim deal reached with Iran – a deal the prime minister called a “historic mistake.” After Netanyahu reportedly “rebuked” Obama over the interim deal, he told Obama that the permanent accord “must bring about one outcome: the dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear capability,” the article said.

First of all I would recommend our man-child president not take on someone with a warrior’s heart in the vein of the Maccabees, who is a former Airborne Commando in the Israeli Defense Force.


Allen West “Obama is finally realizing policy in the Middle East is not like politics in America”


by Allen West via Facebook Status Update:

If it’s not obvious then one must be blind. President Obama displays more competence in filling out a March Madness NCAA tournament bracket – which he has always submitted on time – than articulating an understanding on fiscal, tax, monetary and now, foreign policy. His joint press conference yesterday with Israeli PM Netanyahu illustrated someone completely incapable of contending with complex foreign policy issues as he whined everything is “not easy” or “too hard.” Sad thing, President Obama is finally realizing policy in the Middle East is not like politics in America (i.e. American Idol). And if Israeli Ministers said chemical weapons have been used in Syria, I trust their assessment. Guess we will be leading from behind again – down South we call that following.

Congressman Allen West released this statement regarding the Democrat Party platform:

Patrick Murphy’s Party Demonstrates True Colors with Israel Platform Turnabout

“Caught in their attempt to quietly throw the Jewish State of Israel under the bus in their party platform, Patrick Murphy’s Democrats dragged their party faithful kicking, screaming and booing to a vote to re-instate pro-Jerusalem language and references to God. It was a cynical, political move to hastily pull a veil over their true beliefs.

While the 2012 platform now reinstates the language about Jerusalem, it is still far weaker than the 2008 platform which recognized Israel’s right to exist, stated the United States and its Quartet partners should continue to isolate Hamas, and made mention of the creation of a separate Palestinian state.

Since 2008, the policies of President Obama have only served to further isolate Israel, a tiny glimmer of freedom and liberty in the Middle East and our strongest ally in the region. His disdainful attitude to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and by extension, the Jewish people of both Israel and the United States, is reprehensible.

How this President, this Democrat party, its Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her lapdog, Patrick Murphy, have the nerve to stand in front of Jewish Americans and say they support the State of Israel is unconscionable.

The only positive thing about this disgusting turn of events is that the American people now know without a doubt where the Democrats stand on Israel and the Jewish people–and it is clearly not with them.”


Rep Allen West on Iran “We are running out of time”

(WASHINGTON) — Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today:

“I have grave concern today that President Barack Obama and his Administration are continuing to jeopardize the safety and security of Israel, by saying one thing while doing another, when it comes to standing by the United States’ one true ally in the Middle East.

President Obama assured Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday that the United States ‘has Israel’s back,’ when it comes to defending Israel against Iran, yet the President stopped short of defining exactly what that entails. Today, the President tells Americans it ‘it is deeply in everybody’s interests — the United States, Israel and the world’s — to see if this can be resolved in a peaceful fashion.’  This President continues to talk from both sides of his mouth, and it is dangerous. Israel needs action, not more words from the President.

The facts are that Iran is not responding to increasing sanctions by either the United States or the European Union, and continues to proceed with building a nuclear arsenal. Iran is not interested in anything other than playing a stall game, a game that gives them additional time to fortify their defenses, and acquire the means to convert their knowledge into actual weapons.

We are running out of time and the President’s insistence to wait for a ‘diplomatic resolution’ with Iran, proves our Commander in Chief does not fully understand, or is simply ignoring, the imminent threat looming, and it is putting not only our friends in Israel at severe risk, but freedom and democracy as we know it. Recent history shows us that sanctions, no matter how severe, will not curtail a country’s effort to develop nuclear weapons, when its leaders are determined. North Korea, for example, has been subject to international sanctions since 2006. The regime is believed to be turning to illegal ventures, including the sale of weapons technology, to raise funding for its nuclear program.

The consequences of inaction, could lead to a nuclear arms race in the entire Middle East.

I see this Administration’s lack of commitment to stand up to Iran as a much deeper problem. This President has consistently shown a willingness to appease and apologize to radical Islamists. From writing a private letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khameini, to issuing knee-jerk apologies concerning the American Military Koran burning, and most recently, allowing the United States to pay $5 million of taxpayer money to bail out pro-democracy activists facing charges in Egypt.

When is President Obama going to stand up publicly against this theocratic-political, Islamic totalitarian ideology with the courage and convicton that has made the United States the greatest country the world has ever known? After spending 22 years commanding United States troops, much of it the Middle East, I can tell you these nations only respect one thing- and that is strength. President Obama has yet to intimidate Iran, as evidenced by the country’s continual game- playing and testing our demands. Until President Obama stands firm, America, Israel, and democracy as we know it will continue to be at risk.

Iran is as dangerous as Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and the Communist Soviet Union once were, and it represents a clear and present evil in these times.”


Rep Allen West ” talk is cheap when dealing with despots, dictators, autocrats, and theocrats”

I agree with President Obama…

“I agree with President Obama that he does not bluff, he prefers apologizing. Simply stated, talk is cheap when dealing with despots, dictators, autocrats, and theocrats. PM Netanyahu understands his neighborhood and we should defer to a former Israeli Commando on matters such as this instead of a community organizer. I appreciate President Obama’s desire to seem tough but so far it has only resulted in the expansion of radical Islamist dominance in the middle east. And please stop with the Osama Bin Laden line, US Navy SEALS double-tapped that rascal.” Rep Allen West via Facebook
Please Read:  “Obama to Iran and Israel: ‘As President of the United States, I Don’t Bluff'”  – via The National Journal
By Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
At the White House on Monday, President Obama will seek to persuade the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to postpone whatever plans he may have to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities in the coming months. Obama will argue that under his leadership, the United States “has Israel’s back,” and that he will order the U.S. military to destroy Iran’s nuclear program if economic sanctions fail to compel Tehran to shelve its nuclear ambitions.

In the most extensive interview he has given about the looming Iran crisis, Obama told me earlier this week that both Iran and Israel should take seriously the possibility of American action against Iran’s nuclear facilities. “I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don’t bluff.” He went on, “I also don’t, as a matter of sound policy, go around advertising exactly what our intentions are. But I think both the Iranian and the Israeli governments recognize that when the United States says it is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, we mean what we say.”



If Israel Strikes – by Ken Blackwell

by Ken Blackwell via TownHall.Com

The headlines are stark indeed. “Israel Readies a Pre-Emptive Strike.” Israeli Prime Minister is said to be working to persuade a reluctant members of his coalition Cabinet to go along with such a military option against Islamist Iran. The Huffington Post’s British edition reports Netanyahu saying this:

“One of those regional powers is Iran, which is continuing its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran would constitute a grave threat to the Middle East and the entire world, and of course it is a direct and grave threat on us.” One day later, defense minister Ehud Barak, struck a similar tone.” A situation could be created in the Middle East in which Israel must defend its vital interests in an independent fashion, without necessarily having to reply on other forces, regional or otherwise,” he said.

Ehud Barak’s comments are most interesting. He was the Labor Party Prime Minister in 2000 who offered the Palestinians 97% of the territory they claimed as theirs, reserving only those limited regions thought absolutely essential to Israeli security. The Palestinians balked and commenced yet another “intifada” uprising. The leaders of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) then would rather send stone-throwing teenagers to confront armed Israeli soldiers and tanks than engage in serious negotiations for peace.

Ehud Barak could qualify as an Israeli “dove,” but he is first and foremost a soldier and an Israeli patriot. It’s not so surprising that the hawkish Benjamin Netanyahu should be talking of a military strike against Iran. When Ehud Barak joins this conversation, you know it’s serious.

This is a most serious situation. No one knows what might happen if Israel strikes the Iranian nuclear weapons research stations. What is clear is that the efforts of the Obama administration to restrain Iran over the past three years have been an utter failure.






Should The Republicans Draft Bibi For President 2012 – by Peter Paton – Conservative Papers

By Peter Paton

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ” Bibi ” Netanyahu is popularly seen by many on the right as the spiritual leader of the Republicans, due to his ultra Conservative background and very strong links to US Congressmen and Senators of many year’s standing.The former Israeli Ambassador to the UN has longstanding and deep political links to America and the GOP, and is viewed by discerning political commentators as the great unifier and leader of Israeli and American Conservatism

The dashing, handsome and highly articulate Bibi is hailed by American Conservatives as the charismatic and telegenic Jewish leader who best epitomises the political virtues and graces that define American Conservatism, and which represent the true values and dictates of the Republican Party. Bibi the Conqueror, twice Prime Minister of the State of Israel, and lauded for his incomparable oratorical skills and talents, his swashbuckling past in the elite special forces unit of the IDF Sayeret Matkal, and his strong Pennsylvanian American upbringing and Harvard education. It has not gone lost on many people, that Bibi has what it takes, to cross the Rubicon and become the      45 th President of the United States.


Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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Rep Allen West tells Obama that Israeli PM is ‘a real leader’ – via The Hill – Twitter Room

By Alicia M. Cohn – 09/23/11 02:12 PM ET from The Hill Twitter Room <– CLICK HERE FOR MORE

House Republican and fiery Tea Party freshman Rep. Allen West (Fla.) compared President Obama unfavorably to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday.

Allen West tweeted:

Listening to Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu right now. Hopefully our own President is listening. He can hear what a real leader sounds like

Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Friday about the request for statehood made Friday by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the U.N. Security Council. The request was made despite the Obama administration’s veto threat.

The White House has warned that a U.N. declaration of statehood would undermine the administration’s efforts to facilitate direct peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.

“The Palestinians want a state without peace,” Netanyahu said in his speech.

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Allen West, Darling of the Israeli Right – by Peter Paton – Conservative Papers


In the current climate of deep mistrust and acrimony between the Benjamin Netanyahu-led Israeli coalition government and President Obama, a change of regime at the White House may well be the only way the diplomatic impasse may be broken in the future.

For the Israelis in particular,the prospect of a sympathetic Republican President in the Oval Office would completely change the dynamics on the ground and bring into sharp focus the harsh realities of the Middle East conundrum which seems to be escaping President Obama and his naive and misguided outreach to a dangerously unstable Muslim world. With that in mind, the Israeli government and the major American Jewish organizations could do worse than turning their attentions to the populist Tea Party pro-Israel Republican Congressman Allen West of Florida 22.

The retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel is the foremost defender of Israel and a Lion of Judah in American politics who passionately supports an undivided and holy Jerusalem.Congressman Allen West vigorously advocates for the retention of the Jewish state in defensible borders and campaigns strongly against the the insidious delegitimization of the State of Israel, and is a leading proponent of a Greater Israel, through the annexation of Judea and Samaria.

Allen is a charismatic leader, patriot and consummate politician, who would undoubtedly galvanise the Republican base support and win votes from both the black and independent bases, making him a feasible and viable GOP contender, well capable of beating the Obama 2012 election machine.

The election of Allen West as President next year would be a Godsend for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and those Americans who fear America’s global stature is in terminal decline and its domestic and economic policies in tatters.

Peter Paton is an international PR and strategic adviser.

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