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Another Fine Obama Mess
The president’s bumbling Syrian policy keeps getting worse.
I have listened to countless experts, pundits and self-acclaimed strategists give their insights into the current Syrian episode, and some of these folks could not find their way out of an open-end paper bag. Unfortunately, many of them are part of the Obama administration.President Obama addressed the nation on Tuesday evening to make his case for the United States to embark upon military action in Syria. However, Obama ended the speech calling for a “pause,” especially because he had just been outmaneuvered by Russian President Vladimir Putin and lacked congressional votes for an attack.The speech ended up being totally confusing, and if I were his adviser – nah, hell has not frozen over – I would have told him not to give that pointless speech.

The realities of Syrian war

First of all, if America is concerned about the use of chemical weapons, we need to understand their delivery method. Chemical weapons are delivered via surface-to-surface systems, normally artillery shells, or even rocket and missiles. These mobile platforms are easily hidden. In Gaza Strip, Hamas Islamic terrorists have converted garbage trucks into multiple rocket-launcher platforms.You also cannot attack a chemical weapons stockpile without creating a larger and more deadly event because high levels of heat are need to destroy the weapons. In other words, we cannot bomb Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s delivery means or his chemical stockpile.Furthermore, the “rebel” forces in Syria may have used chemical weapons. They simply could convert chemical weapons shells into improvised explosive devices and detonate them in target areas based upon prevailing winds for maximum effect.

So when Obama says he intends to degrade Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons, he cannot do that without “boots on the ground.” The best way to deliver precision-guided munitions against mobile targets is to have someone on the ground “lasing” the target and communicating with the aerial delivery platform.

Standoff weapons such as Tomahawk cruise missiles also are only effective against stationary targets, and you can bet by now that Syria’s mobile systems have been repositioned into areas that would yield high levels of collateral damage.

And let us not forget that Syria has one of the most sophisticated and intricate surface-to-air missile systems in the world thanks to our Russian friends. Any U.S. air campaign would not be a walk in the park. Only the boldness of the Israeli Air Force enabled that country’s airmen to enter Syrian airspace and attack targets.

Also remember that air power does not win a ground engagement, as we learned from the folly of Bill Clinton against the Serbs in the Balkans. I still remember the pictures of Serbian forces giving us their version of the “finger” as they conducted their retrograde operation. Their systems were intact.

There are no good guys

Some people believe that bombing Assad’s airfields and air force would be just punishment for using chemical weapons. Well, do that and you may tip the balance of the civil war to the rebels – and we may not want to do that.They are no different from the rebels we assisted in Libya. The Free Syrian Army, led by Col. Riad al-Asaad, initially defected from the Syrian Army and Assad regime. The problem is that the FSA has been sorely neglected in armament, capability and logistical support. If the United States were to somehow find a precision means to support the FSA, we would have to fight Assad’s forces and the Islamists under command of Brigadier Gen. Salim Idriss and the Supreme Military Council.Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood (i.e., al Qaeda) support the SMC. The two most prominent of the Islamist forces are the Jubhat-al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. These are not organizations we want to tip the balance toward, as we did in Libya.

And no better, Iran and Hezbollah are aligned with Assad. This is really a schism between Sunni and Shiite Islamists. The window of opportunity for our intervention closed some two years ago.

Is the use of chemical weapons against civilians horrific? Yes. But the level of brutality and beheadings that occur in most of the Islamic world are just as horrifying. One can read daily about atrocities being committed from Nigeria to Egypt, to the Gaza Strip, to Iraq and to Pakistan.

We cannot embark upon a venture under the guise of having a responsibility to protect unless we want to be all over the world – and the Obama administration has severely decimated our military capability.

We also cannot talk about Syria without examining the unintended consequences of Obama’s ill-conceived operation in Libya. Motivated by far fewer casualties than in Syria, Obama, without congressional approval, provided air and naval power to Islamists. They later showed their gratitude by attacking our consulate and murdering Ambassador Chris Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith, and former U.S. Navy SEALS Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty.

The Islamic terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, was a true national security interest, yet Obama showed no indignation, save against a crude video that his team said inspired the attack. He ordered no response or military action, and now he wants America to forget Benghazi even as he insists that we must act in Syria.

Obama actually referred to Benghazi and his abandoning of Americans under attack and dying as a “phony scandal.”

We’re playing chess, not checkers

I will not be guilt-tripped into believing we must act in Syria because President Obama went off teleprompter. World War I began based upon miscalculations and a series of uncontrollable events that were set in motion.Syria is not our problem; it is the problem of President Vladimir Putin and Russia. If they want to maintain a warm weather port in the Mediterranean Sea, let Putin decide whether he wants Syria to fall into the hands of Islamists.Putin has shown himself the master strategist and outmaneuvered Obama this week, even writing an op-ed in The New York Times. The Obama spin masters cannot twist this into a favorable position for their confused community organizer.

Strategically, if Obama wanted to have an influence, he would have maintained a residual force in Iraq, but campaign promises override strategic vision. Obama plays foreign policy checkers, not chess. He said his foreign policy involved “pivoting away from the Middle East,” and he has abdicated American influence in the region, to the detriment of Israel, by doing just that.

The real fight in the Middle East for America is against the Muslim Brotherhood and their spawn, and against Iran. They must be defeated.

You want to do something related to Syria? Provide logistical support to Jordan and the Syrian refugee camps. Start supporting the Egyptian Army in crushing the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist forces in the Sinai Peninsula. And at some time we will have to conduct a strategic strike against Iran, but let’s not tell them we are coming and what the targets are!

We must develop better alliances with the minority ethnic groups friendly to America – Assyrians, Copts, Kurds and others. Yes, I support an independent Kurdistan, which would be a great friend to America.

We also need to promote American energy security. That means developing our own resources and telling OPEC and the Organization of Islamic Countries to take a hike. Lastly, let’s reaffirm our commitment to our best ally in the Middle East, Israel.

America needs strategists and leaders who know how to play chess, not checkers.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West

@AllenWest “We now see what a second term of Jimmy Carter would have looked like”


by Allen West via Facebook

The Chinese have a proverb: “may you live in interesting times.” Well, my fellow countrymen and women, ponder these events of the last 48 hours. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times where he chastises America regarding following international law, the use of brute force, and downplaying our concept of exceptionalism – on that point he agrees with Obama. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accuses America of arming and supporting Islamic terrorists and threatens to not surrender his chemical weapons unless we abandon any pursuit of military action. Lastly, today, the head of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, will meet with the President and Vice-President over Obamacare, demanding it be fixed or repealed unless they get a tax subsidy for their membership. Now what option do you think Obama will take? Elections have severe consequences and now we see what a second term of Jimmy Carter would have looked like. America will survive this folly into liberal progressive socialist weakness, but it is going to hurt.


@AllenWest “We cannot afford to destabilize another Middle Eastern country in favor of Islamists and establish terrorist sanctuaries.”


by Allen West via Facebook

Just watched President Obama’s press conference, post G-20 summit, and am even more concerned. When you study history and understand the series of uncontrollable events that began WW I, we find ourselves not too far from that position now. It’s not just about taking military action against Assad (which in the press conference Obama seemed reticent about), it is about the unintended consequences. President Putin has vowed to continue arms shipments and support, and Iran is issuing orders to its Islamic terrorist dogs for release. The window of opportunity for a quick’ decisive response against Assad has closed. We cannot afford to destabilize another Middle Eastern country in favor of Islamists and establish terrorist sanctuaries. My recommendation? Instead of President Obama delivering a weak’ politically-scripted speech on Tuesday, read “The Guns of August” and learn something about leadership and strategic policy making.


@AllenWest “Mr. President, you have not earned anyone’s respect to follow you, May I remind you of the result of your unilateral actions in Libya?”


by Allen West via Facebook

Listening to President Obama in Sweden saying he never set a red line and that his credibility isn’t on the line, but rather the credibility of America, Congress, and the International community. It never ceases to amaze me how Obama never takes any responsibility for his actions. He is the leader of the United States of America and he sets the tone, not Joe and Jane. As a leader, he did nothing for all these months and now wants to enjoin everyone in his abject failure and abdication of accountability. I am not buying into Obama’s weak attempt of guilt-tripping us. Mr. President, you have not earned anyone’s respect to follow you, May I remind you of the result of your unilateral actions in Libya? Also, is it not perplexing that within the last 6 years, Pelosi, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton all sat with and praised Assad, but now they want to blow him up?

AW obie


@AllenWest ” If Obama launches an attack against Syria, a series of unintended consequences shall ensue”


by Allen West via Facebook

Listening to Sec. of State Kerry address the Syria chemical attack incident, and he is not convincing at all in his bloviating diatribe. What is the strategic, operational, and tactical objective? If we are not going for regime change, then what is the purpose? If we are just going to fire off some missiles — and understand Assad has already shifted his resources since we told him what the targets are — what is the purpose? A year ago President Obama fired off his mouth and now he wants to fire off missiles. To borrow his own words, he “acted stupidly.” If Obama launches an attack against Syria, a series of unintended consequences shall ensue over which he will have no control. Obama’s strategic incompetence was evidenced when there was no Status of Forces agreement to keep a residual force presence in Iraq. Now we see the consequences from that faux pas.

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Allen West’s Weekly Wrap Up via @Next_GenTV “Its all an Embarrassment”


The embarrassment of Obama’s convictions – His failures are on painful display abroad and at home

Five years ago, candidate Barack Obama pranced out with an arrogant swagger to take the stage before hundreds of thousands in Berlin. Last week, President Barack Obama, walked before a crowd of less than 5,000 Germans and, with feigned arrogance, strenuously attempted to be convincing as he discussed reduction of his own country’s nuclear-deterrent capacity.

The audacity of hope has been overwhelmed by the reality of failure, faults, despair, and scandal – basically the manifestation of incompetence and ineptness. We are witnessing the embodiment of someone possessing a complete lack of conviction – a state senator, a U.S. senator, a president who is still voting “present.”

Obama’s conviction exists but not for the exceptionalism and strength of America. Instead, his conviction is for advancing an agenda not of peace through strength but rather appeasement through egalitarianism. His conviction believes America’s image improves by being liked, not respected, or, in the case of our enemies, feared.

Obama’s conviction believes the U.S. military exists not to uphold its stated mission “to fight and win the nation’s wars” but rather to become a tool for an ill-conceived and misguided vision of social justice. He believes it is better to lift the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy against gays in the military than to have naval vessels that can depart port. He believes it is more important to open “job positions” in the military in close-combat special operation units, Army Rangers and Navy SEALS than to keep Air Force combat squadrons flying.

Obama’s conviction believes Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an oxymoronic title, must be allowed to castigate as seditious and treasonous the Christians in the military who profess their faith and to condemn them of categorically enacting “spiritual rape.”

It is all an embarrassment.

A weak international stage presence

Last week we watched the audacity of Obama trying to be liked while on stage with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin’s abject disdain for the “leader of the free world” was evident in the look on his face, and he followed the meeting by allowing U.S. National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden to fly from Hong Kong to Russia and then to South America.

We witnessed Obama stand before the German people, who still remember the Stasi secret police, and try to defend the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program. Obama found himself quietly being reprimanded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the subject during the press conference.

It was an embarrassment.

Obama told us in May during a National Defense University address that our current war must end. We all know he has never been comfortable with the idea of a war on terror; he prefers the term “overseas contingency operations.” And then Obama decided in Ireland it was up to him to redefine who the Taliban must be, in essence telling the Taliban not to be Taliban, in order to promote peace negotiations.

The Taliban responded by opening a political office in Doha, Qatar, and, as they always do, by attacking and killing four American troops at Bagram Air Base. As Russell Crowe’s character Maximus stated in the opening scene of “Gladiator” when the headless body of his peace envoy returned upon a horse, “They say no.”

Taliban spokesman Shaheen Suhail further said the group wants five top former Taliban leaders repatriated to them for Army Soldier Bowe Bergdahl.

It was an embarrassment.

Israel’s nightmare in the Middle East

Obama said America would pivot away from the Middle East and just like turning the lights off in a home, the bugs came out. These bugs we know as radical Islamists, and they are populating the region from Nigeria to the Maghreb, to Egypt, across the Levant, through the Middle East and over into Pakistan.

Within that incredible restoration of the Islamic caliphate and the drive toward a unified Sharia state is that small beacon of liberty, freedom and democracy – our strongest ally, Israel. Thanks to the past five years of Obama foreign policy, Israel now finds itself in the most dangerous situation and neighborhood it has faced in quite some time:

  • Against congressional dictate, Secretary of State John Kerry gave the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt $1.3 billion taxpayer dollars.

  • Hezbollah is engaged along with Iran in supporting Syrian madman Bashar al-Assad.

  • Al Qaeda in Iraq has joined forces with the Al Nusra Front in Syria and formed the Islamic Force of Syria and Iraq.

  • In Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is driving toward an authoritarian Islamist state, against the intent of Kemal Ataturk, and supporting arms flow to the Islamist rebel forces in Syria.

Obama has said “Assad must go” from Syria and drawn red lines but it all comes down to one thing: We intervened in Libya and set up radical Islamists to take power; we dithered in Syria. Talk is cheap, sounds nice and makes folks think you are in charge, but in the end you are just a bystander to deplorable global events.

What an embarrassment.

Domestic tranquility? What’s that?

The embarrassment is evident at home, too.

This past week, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke said the policy of quantitative easing is going to end. That means America will not be printing $85 billion per month to prop up the economy, and the markets reacted.

The Senate and the Congressional Budget Office are trying to make us believe that “legalizing” some 11 million illegal immigrants – this is their guess – will boost our economy. Shame on anyone trying to sell this lie to the American people!

It is summertime and since January 2009, the average price of gasoline has increased by 98 percent, from $1.84 a gallon to $3.64. I am sure Americans will be taking lots more “staycations” this year as a result, yet the president is still chatting us up about climate change.

The U.S. debt, meanwhile, continues to grow and is estimated to hit $17 trillion by the end of this fiscal year, an almost $7 trillion increase since Obama came to power. He certainly is not governing.

Oh, and the welfare state continues to grow.

When Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan spoke at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, their speeches were about liberty and freedom, not adoration and capitulation. They spoke as inspired American leaders who reflected the strength, greatness and promise of America. They energized generations.

I know some people are enthralled with President Barack Obama, but his misguided conviction is not working – not for this generation and certainly not for the next generation. And Americans do not like being embarrassed.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West

A Generation Blind To The Threat Of Islam

Brigitte Gabriel knows the hatred of radical Islam firsthand because she experienced it as a child in Lebanon.

She told NextGeneration.TV that her 9/11 happened in 1975 when radical Islamists bombed her home and burned her under the rubble “as they shouted ‘allahu akbar.’ I ended up in a hospital for 2 1/2 months and later lived in a bomb shelter for seven years of my life, underground in an 8 x 10 room, robbed of my youth.”

Memories of those years motivate Gabriel now in her role as president and founder of ACT! for America, a group that aims to not only educate but also empower citizens determined to help ensure national security.

“I lost my country of birth to radical Islam,” she said. “I do not want to lose my adopted home, America.”

Gabriel said it’s difficult for Americans, especially the next generation of them, to understand how Islam influences many of its followers to kill people because it is so foreign to our religious heritage. A key tenant of Judaism is to repair the world and make it better, she said, and Christianity is built upon Jesus Christ’s messages of love forgiveness and prayer for enemies.

By contrast, she said hatred is “embedded in the religion” of Islam. “There is no such thing as tolerance in Islam. And I’m not talking about a handful of radicals. I’m talking about nations.”

Gabriel said her goal is to awaken Americans to the dangerous state of affairs in the Middle East these days. She said the “wishy-washy” policies of the Obama administration have left Israelis frightened as they see radical Islam making inroads in Egypt, Syria, Jordan and elsewhere.

“We are asleep, and America is blind,” she warned. Learn more about the dangers from her interview with Allen West.

America Must Remove Bashar Assad of Syria – Conservative Papers – Peter Paton reports

By Peter Paton

It is in the greater interests of super power America and Nato to remove the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad from office as soon as possible. Assad is guilty of the most heinous crimes against his own people, murdering and slaughtering tens of thousands of his own Syrian people to earn the brutul nickname of the ” Butcher of Damascus “, just like his cruel father Hafeez Assad who ruled Syria with a  rod of iron, and who is infamous for paving the road to Damascus with the corpses of thousands of Syrian freedom fighters, who dared to oppose the autocratic Baath rule of the Assads.

The Assad Regime is the one of the few remaining obstacles to real time peace in the Middle East, the other being Iran under President Mohammed Ahmadinejad, and Assad has long been fomenting terrorism against America and Israel in the Middle East.