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Allen West talks about what the Dems do right when choosing a presidential candidate

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At a Republican Club meeting in Pompano Beach, Allen West described who the next Republican president should be, and how the Dems get it right when choosing candidates. by Michele Kirk

Video – Rep Allen West “Stop the infighting and the gimmicks, we’re embarrassing ourselves”

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Congressman Allen West at a Republican Club telling who ever wins the nomination we should all get behind them to win back the White House.

Congressman Allen West for US Congress – Florida CD22


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Rumsfeld is listed as a “special guest” for breakfast on Oct. 27 for Rep Allen West Fundraiser

Politico’s lobbying-and-fundraising tip sheet, Politico Influence, reports that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will help Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation raise money next week in Washington.

Rumsfeld is listed as a “special guest” for a defense industry breakfast on Oct. 27. The fundraiser will be hosted by Buzz Hefti.

Another multimillion dollar campaign is underway for the seat held by Allen. Two Democrats are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in an effort to unseat West, and West himself continues to be one of the top fundraisers in Florida.


Is God Maneuvering Allen West to run for President in 2012 ? by Peter Paton

By Peter Paton

Congressman Allen West of Florida 22 is arguably standing at the crossroads of his brief, fiery and meteoric political career, and facing decision points which could determine the future of both the illustrious Colonel, America and perhaps even the State of Israel.

Congressman West, the erstwhile darling of the Tea Party, and great defender of the State of Israel, has run into choppy political waters of late, by angering a section of his Tea Party faithful by two contentious and controversial votes in the Congress, the first being for voting against a provision that would have repealed $100 million in funding for the construction of school-based health centers that were designated by Obamacare, and the second in support of the Speaker John Boehner’s fractious debt ceiling budget increase.Despite these flare ups with the Tea Party faithful, West remains the undeclared leader of the right wing Conservative movement, which is moving and dictating the shape and direction of the Republican Party in current times.

Colonel West has been a constant thorn in the side to the Democrat Party and its Leadership, who view him as their No.1 political enemy, with his well publicized spat with the Chair of the Democrat National Committee Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, still fresh in people minds, and his constant public needling and barbing of President Obama’s administration, which has led to the Democrat’s publicly vowing to unseating Congressman West in the November Congressional elections of 2012.

The political permutations in front of the Congressman are hard to be conclusive about to any point of certainty. Colonel West has already declared that he won’t be running for Bill Nelson’s Florida Senate seat, and has continuously stated that he is not running for President in 2012, preferring instead to defend his Congressional seat in Florida 22. However, his Florida seat is made up of an escalating number of Liberals, who together with the Democrat’s intention to mount a colossal campaign to dethrone him, gives no guarantee West will be able to hold onto his seat, especially at the risk of his star fading in the backdrop of what is certain to be the most , combative and eagerly media covered Presidential election of all time.

In the light of of this, it is tantalizing to suggest that Allen West may well find himself between a rock and a hard place in political terms, and that the hand of God is ultimately maneuvering the influential Colonel West into declaring his candidacy for President in 2012, a move which would surely ignite the Presidential race and make him the immediate Tea Party front runner, and the Liberal’s worse political nightmare, and steer possibly a victorious Congressman Allen West into the Oval Office.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser



VIDEO – Gold Coast Scuba and Congressman Allen West 10/1/11

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Congressman Allen West will support competitive grant requests of merit on behalf of municipalities…

When confronted about the appeals for federal money he publicly opposed, Congressman West’s office said that the funding requests were consistent with the congressman’s stated positions. Referring to the article found here: The Daily Beast 

“Congressman West will support competitive grant requests of merit on behalf of municipalities and local organizations from his congressional district,” spokeswoman Angela Sachitano said in a written statement. Sachitano also said that West consistently votes to reduce the size of government and she reaffirmed West’s frequent statement that “job creation comes from the private sector and not from spending more of the American taxpayers’ money.”

“If funded by the Department of Energy, this innovative program will benefit residents, small commercial establishments, the local economy, and environment for many years to come,” West and his colleagues wrote. “We are proud to support solar power as a smart choice for commercial and residential property owners, as well as the development of new and innovative strategies to reduce market barriers and costs.”

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DNC, DCCC,, unions and others are TRYING to defeat Congressman Allen West


This Friday is a critical fundraising deadline for our campaign. It marks the end of the third quarter, and we need to raise as much as possible so we may file a strong report with the Federal Election Commission in Washington.

I can tell you he has been working very hard to meet with as many supporters as possible. But it’s just not possible to personally visit with everyone. Unlike his opponents, Allen actually has to serve the people of his district and continue all of the crucial work in Congress. He can’t spend every waking hour asking for help.

That’s why our online outreach plays such a large role in our campaign — and why this email is so important.

I hope you will take just one minute to make an online contribution of $25 or more to help our campaign. We count on every supporter at times like this and your financial backing helps us continue to run a lean and effective campaign.

You already know that Democrat groups like the DNC, DCCC,, unions and others are doing everything they can to defeat Allen. It infuriates them that Allen speaks his mind and is so effective at recruiting independent and unaffiliated voters to his side. His secret: he actually tells the truth and stands by his convictions.

As we all know Allen doesn’t mince words or say what is “politically correct”. And while you might not agree with everything he says, you know where he stands. That’s the main reason people from all over Florida and America are coming out to support his re-election to Congress.

It’s also the reason I hope you will reaffirm your support for Congressman West by making a special end-of-quarter contribution of $25 or more to help our campaign right now. I know first-hand how much he appreciates each and every supporter who steps up to help. And I can tell you every gift makes a difference.

Thanks again for all you do for our campaign. It means so much to everyone working here at campaign headquarters.

Catherine Faulkner
Finance Director
Allen West For Congress

P.S. Remember, on Friday at midnight we close the books on our third quarter. I’d like to tell Allen you were a critical part of a successful fundraising effort. Please help me do that by making a special end-of-quarter contribution of $25 or more. Thanks again.


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You won’t won’t want to miss as Rep. Allen West joins Conservative Connection w/Jim Robbins this week. 11am EST
Jim is a wonderful at separating truth from fiction and explaining past into present. If you’re new at this political game or have been around for 50 years following the trends, there is no better way to spend your midweek than laughing and enjoying our very serious issues brought to light or our light-hearted issues brought to clarity. From the belly of the beast (DC) to wherever you are sitting… join us for a greatly informative show via your internet. Phone in or chat with us online but be there and make some great Conservative Connections!

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