Allen West and the Allen West Foundation Toys for Tots Event | Help Give to our Families in need.


Please join 

 Allen West 

 for the 

 Annual Allen West Foundation

Toys For Tots Drive

Join with Allen West and the Allen West Foundation

As we give toys to children in need this Holiday! 

Celebrate with us at our 
Grand Opening Party!
Monday, December 9th:  1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
At the Allen West Foundation office:
The Allen West Foundation
6400 Congress Avenue, Suite 2050
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Please bring an unwrapped new toy!

**Please note: If you cannot attend in person you may mail/ship an unwrapped new toy to the address above. 


Allen West Foundation | Sponsor an event in your city, here’s how!

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Are you interested in sponsoring an event in your city to benefit the Allen West Foundation?  

Host a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner event in your home or a larger social event at a local venue!

Lt. Col Allen West visits with JROTC units all over the country to foster conservative leadership skills in conjunction with Allen West Foundation events.

Please contact Fundraising Coordinator Audrey Dalton at:


Office Phone:  (561) 997-6776

  • Conservative Leadership
  • Serving Minorities, Veterans, Women
  • Engage, Educate, Inspire
  • JROTC Good Works events



Allen West, Kevin Jackson and More | Achieving the America Dream (VIDEO) | Allen West Foundation


Achieving the American Dream:

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Published on Nov 18, 2013 by Allen West

Friday October 18, 2013 at the Five Star Veterans Center, Jacksonville FL. With Kevin Jackson & Chelsi Henry

Allen West Foundation: (Video) LTC Allen West Pre Veterans Day Ride Speech


Allen West Foundation 1st Annual Veterans Day Ride courtesy Boris Balaban

Published on Nov 10, 2013 by Boris Balaban

Allen West’s 1st Veterans Day Ride from Palm Beach Gardens to the National Navy SEAL Museum and Memorial. Pre ride speech.


Allen West Foundation


@AllenWest Tweets and More from Nov. 9th and 10th 2013

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Dr. Angela Graham-West on Twitter: @RepubCCwAngela & Facebook: Republican Coffee Corner w/Angela



You are invited to attend: A Holiday Evening With Allen West

You are invited to attend: A Holiday Evening With Allen West.  

If you are planning to be in the Boca Raton, Florida area the week of December 13th, please make plans to join us.  Space is limited.  Please R.S.V.P.: Event reservations will be first come, first served.   
Dr. Joseph A. Finley, Jr., PhD., CPP
Exectutive Director
The Allen West Foundation



Please click HERE to read the Event Flyer.
R.S.V.P. ONLY.  Once the seats are filled we will close reservations.  
To make reservations contact us:
Phone:  (561) 997-6776 



Look Who’s Gone Social “The Allen West Foundation” @AWestFoundation


The Allen West Foundation is now on Facebook!

The Allen West Foundation has gone social!

Please ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and join in the conversation with like minded people.  We want you to find out about the legacy of Allen West, and to spread the word about who we are and the good works that we do.

Lt. Col. Allen West founded the Allen West Foundation with the primary objective of inspiring and educating the next generation of conservative and minority leaders.

With this in mind the Allen West Foundation’s initiatives include:

  • JROTC Scholarships, which are presented for exemplary leadership skills and academic achievement
  • Scholarships for Young Marines, and Navy Sea Cadets
  • Leadership Launchpads for young aspiring candidates
  • Critical Issue Forums
  • Urban Town Halls

Please join us and watch as we grow and influence the next generation of conservative leaders in our great country!

AWF 2013

Dr. Joseph A. Finley Jr., PhD 

Executive Director

Allen West Foundation

The Allen West Foundation
6400 Congress Avenue
Suite 2050
Boca Raton, Florida 33487
Office Phone:  (561) 997-6776
Interested in hosting or sponsoring an event for the Allen West Foundation?
Contact Allen West Foundation Fundraising Coordinator
Audrey Dalton at:

The Allen West Foundation to donate to the Fisher House Foundation to directly help the families of the Families of Fallen Soldiers.

AWF 2013

The Allen West Foundation to donate to the Fisher House Foundation to directly help the families of the Families of Fallen Soldiers.

The Allen West Foundation Announces – The First Annual JROTC Challenge

The Allen West Foundation to donate to the Fisher House Foundation to directly help the families of the Families of Fallen Soldiers.

For Immediate Release:

The Allen West Foundation is honored to announce that it is donating $2000 to the Fisher House Foundation. This donation will go directly to help the Families of Fallen Soldiers that the administration has indicated it will not pay the Death Gratuity benefit too. The Death Gratuity payments to these families of our fallen warriors was deemed as a non-essential need during this “shutdown”.

In a statement via Facebook, former Congressman and retired Lt. Col. Allen West stated: “I don’t have the words to express my outrage. Just learned that part of the Obama administration’s shutdown strategy of inflicting pain on the American people has sunk to an incredible low. It seems our Commander-in-Chief has deemed death gratuity payments to the families of our Fallen Warriors as non-essential. The President deemed FLOTUS “Let’s” website essential but the families of the four Americans killed this weekend in Afghanistan are not essential. I am disgusted. As thankful and benevolent Americans, let’s raise money for these families. All In.”

About The Allen West Foundation:

The Allen West Foundation was established in January 2013 to inspire, educate and engage the next generation of conservative veteran and minority leaders. In addition to directly supporting organizations such as Young Marines, Junior ROTC and NROTC, the Foundation conducts various forums, educational events and leadership training seminars across the country. For more information, visit

@AllenWest Foundation wants you to learn how you can help inspire the next generation of conservative leaders.


The Allen West Foundation is a non-profit corporation that was established in December, 2012 to educate, engage and inspire the next generation of conservative leaders…Specifically, the Foundation encourages and supports minorities, women, and military veterans that desire to serve their country.

Please Like The Allen West Foundation on Facebook & share with others as well.

To Find out more you can also visit the website: Allen West Foundation


Allen West Foundation: We face a great catastrophe if we don’t do something now to bring in more conservative veterans to lead this country!

AWF 2013

Dear Patriot,

There’s no doubt about it – we have an extreme shortage of veterans who are conservative in our government.

It’s no coincidence that the suffocating liberal policies of years past have come from those who haven’t served in Iraq or Afghanistan . . .Barack Obama doesn’t know what it’s like to put his life on the line for freedom. Nancy Pelosi has never surrendered an ounce of comfort for her country. Bill Clinton only knows how to make decisions from a desk chair.And with our World War II veterans no longer having an influence in Congress, we’re quickly losing the Greatest Generation and the values of hard work and sacrifice they taught us.We face a great catastrophe if we don’t do something now to bring in more conservative veterans to lead this country! That’s where the Allen West Foundation comes in. We will inspire and equip our current veterans to fill the void . . . to transition from leaders in the battlefield to leaders in public office.Did you know that the current Congress has the fewest veterans since World War II?

  • The number of veterans in public office has been declining for 40 years
  • Only 20% of this Congress have served in the military, compared to 80% in 1977
  • Of those 106 veterans currently in Congress, 23% are liberal and 77% are conservative We need our veterans now more than ever!
Before it's Too Late, We Must Equip More Veterans to Lead. Join Us!

We can’t risk having any more politically correct individuals in office who don’t know the first thing about the military. We suffered the consequences of their incompetence in Benghazi last year . . . and now we’re facing a potential disaster in Syria!

Liberal groups recently revealed they’re targeting veterans too. They said, “[Recruiting liberal veterans] is a concerted effort, and it’s part of a surge of veterans running as Liberals in the last few years” (Politico, 9/17/13).

The Allen West Foundation is the ONLY organization that harnesses the talents of veterans and motivates them to become leaders in the conservative movement. We do this year round.

The future of our country depends on our success – and your support

Wake up, Patriots! We must be courageous. We must do our duty. We can’t risk losing our freedoms because we’ve forgotten about the ones who faithfully served our country.

Will you join us?

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West
Lt. Col. USA (Ret)