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Friday, November 1, 2013

Allen West: Out of the Foxhole

by Allen B. West for Washington Times Communities

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., November 2, 2013 — There are some encouraging signs that black Americans are beginning to understand that liberal Democratic leaders and the policies they support are doing far more harm than good to their communities. And conservative black issues are becoming a part of many black — and white — political platforms.

There is a conservative black candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia — E.W. Jackson. Jackson is a former Marine, a Harvard educated attorney, and an ordained minister whose conservative values should be warmly embraced by those who will most benefit from them.

Just last week, NBA Star, future Hall of Famer, and Newark native Shaquille O’Neal officially endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In July, the Black Ministers Association of New Jersey also blessed Christie with their endorsement.

So what are the key issues for black voters? Education for one.

Christie’s support of choice in education for all children, including black children, has made him a poll leader in the New Jersey governor’s race. That is especially interesting since President Barack Obama cancelled the D.C. school voucher program in February 2009, immediately after his inauguration.


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Allen West “Refuse the Borg, resist the Collective, and remain Steadfast and Loyal!

Obama Borg

by Allen B. West

If you followed any of the various Star Trek incarnations, you no doubt have been introduced to an alien race called the Borg. These creatures have been turned into cybernetic organisms which function as drones of the Collective hive mind. The Borg force other species into their collective via a process called “assimilation” which entails violence, abductions, and injections of microscopic machines called nano-probes.

These creatures have been turned into cybernetic organisms which function as drones of the Collective hive mind. The Borg force other species into their collective via a process called “assimilation” which entails violence, abductions, and injections of microscopic machines called nano-probes.

The Borg’s ultimate goal is “achieving perfection” – at least as far as they define it.



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Allen West, Michelle Fields and John Phillips discuss #Twitter Turns 7, The Ft. Hood Shooting Case Fail and Bill Maher Makes Sense


On today’s Next Generation TV, Allen B. West, Michelle Fields and John Phillips weigh in on the Ft. Hood Shooter case, and what an outrage it is that the Army Psychiatrist who killed and wounded 42 people at the Ft. Hood Army installation in Texas isn’t permitted to plead guilty.

Plus, what happens when the editor of men’s magazine Esquire is honest and tells a panel on feminism in media that: “The women we feature in th emagazine are ornamental, that is how we see them.”? Sparks fly on the set.

And Bill Maher said something that the Next Generation Team actually agrees with. Find out what it was.


Twitter Turns 7, The Ft. Hood Shooting Case Fail and Bill Maher Makes Sense

Next Generation TV’s Allen West and Michelle Fields discuss Obamacare rising costs with Hadley Heath


ObamaCare is only three years old and health care costs keep rising. Hadley Heath of the International Women’s Forum talks to Col. Allen B. West and Michelle Fields about the high cost of insurance, and the failed promises of President Obama’s controversial health care law.


Happy Birthday, ObamaCare! Three Years of Health Reform Has Only Raised Insurance Costs

Next Generation TV’s Michelle Fields talks with Allen West and Terry Jones about US Education and it’s current state.


Terry Jones of IBD and Col. Allen B. West talk to Michelle Fields about the state of U.S. education. Tuition is on the rise, and so are grants. Is the federal government to blame for the increase in student debt?


The Federal Government Is Destroying Education

Allen West talks to Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union at #CPAC2013 @AlCardenasACU


Col. Allen B. West talks to Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union. Cardenas talks about the next generation of conservative leaders. CPAC is attracting thousands of visitors, many of them very young. Cardenas wants to attract a broader coalition of conservatives. Hear how.


CPAC: ACU Chairman Al Cardenas Sees Promise in the Next Generation of Conservatives



Allen West “Today I’m thrilled to introduce our new PAC, the Allen West Guardian Fund”



I’m not known as one to mince words.

On FOX, CNN, Meet the Press, and every TV show I’ve ever been on, I’ve said what I meant and meant what I said. That’s why my life of service is rooted in leading. It’s why people like you respect me for saying what I think – candidly, hon­estly, and succinctly.

As a Member of Congress, I was only one vote out of 435. But I was one of a few who once wore the uniform of the United States Military and who understood how to wield and preserve American power.

We love our great nation too much to sit back and take our loss in 2012 as the final verdict on America. That’s why I intend to use the newfound freedom I’ve been given to take my efforts to defeat the Obama liberal progressive agenda to the next level.

Today I’m thrilled to introduce our new PAC, the Allen West Guardian Fund. When I give the opening keynote address at CPAC on Thursday, I will outline the Guardian Fund’s plans to double our efforts to expose and combat the Obama Administration and its progressive plans, but I wanted you to be the first to know about this exciting news.

Join me in building a grassroots army to help elect 12 new hard-charging constitutional conservatives who either have a military background or are minorities committed to taking a stand against big government and President Obama for the next four years.

But this isn’t about me; it’s about America. And I can’t do it alone. So I’m asking you to stand firm as we continue this fight because that’s what our country needs and what the next generation, our children and grandchildren, deserve!

Will you stand with me by contributing $25, $50, $100 or more to the Allen West Guardian Fund today?

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. But which one will prevail over the next four years depends on you, me, and how we together fight to win the battle for our beloved country. That’s why we’ve set an ambitious goal of raising $5 Million in the next 24 months to fund this operation. 

As a soldier, I know what America needs to secure the future for the next generations.

  • First and foremost, Americans want to be safe. Safe at work, safe at home, safe from radical Islamic terrorism.
  • Second, Americans want to be free. Free to start a business and to reach for the American dream. Free to do what they are promised to be free to do in the U.S. Constitution. Free to retire without debt, without remorse, and without bankrupting their children’s future.
  • Third, Americans want to be respected and told the truth by the leaders they elect. President Obama does not tell the truth nor is he trustworthy. He’s lied about Obamacare, he’s lied about raising taxes, he’s lied about spending, and he’s lied about putting Ameri­ca first.

The bottom line-America is heading down the wrong path. The liberal progressives in Washington view the United States of America as their experimental laboratory for their failed left­ist policies, and we must stop them. That’s why I’m asking for your support of the Allen West Guardian Fund today. Please follow this link to contribute $25, $50, $100 or more today.

Thank you in advance for your support and God bless America.

Steadfast and loyal,
Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

P.S. Now that I’m not constrained by my duties of as a Congressman, I can focus my efforts on revealing the truth about Barack Obama’s dangerous plan for America and the left’s progressive social experiments. I’m thrilled to announce the Allen West Guardian Fund which will help to elect 12 new Constitutional conservatives and defend our Constitution. But I’m counting on you to help us raise $5 million over the next 24 months. Please follow this link to contribute $25, $50, $100 or more today.