Rep Allen West – Supporting Our Troops

There he goes again.

President Obama has decided he needs to cut the budget.  But he’s trying to do it on the backs of our brave men and women in uniform.

More than ever it is critical that I run an effective campaign to help fight for our values.

Here are the facts.  The Administration recently jacked up the prices our soldiers will pay for health insurance.  But civilian employees — union members — won’t have to tighten their belts one bit.

This is an affront to our soldiers who risk literally everything so we can remain safe and free.  But in President Obama’s world, it makes sense.

You see, it’s an election year.  Obama and his political advisors know that federal employees are already pro-Democrat.  They have a vested interest in government getting bigger.

And the last thing he wants to do is alienate a voting bloc that he needs in November.

But buying votes with military benefits is just wrong.  And we shouldn’t stand for it, or other policies which run counter to what we believe as Americans.

I’ve always worked for a leaner, smaller government.  We must do more with less.  Our debt and deficit are out of control.  That’s why one of my first acts was rooting out waste in the Department of Defense.  There are no “sacred cows” when it comes to saving taxpayer dollars.

But forcing those who make the ultimate sacrifice to pay more doesn’t line up with what is true and right about our country.  We should be honoring our military, not penalizing them.

Thank you for all you have done for the campaign, the nation, and the values we hold dear.

Steadfast and loyal,

LTC(R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress


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