We are pleased to announce that the Delray Garden Center, with the help of fellow conservatives from across Palm Beach County and the rest of Florida, is hosting at our company ‘s Delray Beach location a “GET OUT THE VOTE RALLY ” on Saturday, October 20, 2012 from 1pm – 4pm.

We would like to extend an invitation to you, and all members of the press, who will be in and around our area for the last of the presidential debates, to join us 2 days before on October 20, 2012, and witness for yourself the huge crowd coming together on a Saturday afternoon in Delray Beach to support candidates from many of the campaigns.

Nothing like this has ever taken place in our part of Palm Beach County. The ground swell for this event is amazing! Volunteers and speakers from all over the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Martin… have pledged their time and energy to make this rally a success.

We are expecting the arrival of several hundred guests and will provide plenty of parking. Refreshments and great food will be served, and of course we will have live musical entertainment and professional security.

In addition to the candidates and their campaigns, we will be welcoming to the stage Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of of slain Elite Member Navy SEAL Team 6, *Aaron Carson Vaughn*.

Space will be provided for campaign materials to be distributed during the rally. A secure VIP area is being readied for clergy and celebrities, as well as our candidates from various local, state and federal campaigns who have committed to speaking to the crowd of voters.

For the Hearing Impaired & Deaf  – Interpreter AMY LEIGH HAIR   CI CT….. Member REC-PBC, Pct 3118 will be on hand for the event  

As of Friday, October 5, 2012… we have confirmed the participation of the
following candidates:

Adam Hasner, R-Candidate: US House of Representatives/ Florida, District 22

Cesar Henao, I-Candidate : US House of Representatives / Florida, District 21

Karen Harrington, R-Candidate : US house of Representatives / Florida, District 23

Melanie Peterson, R-Candidate : Florida State Senate / District 25

Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Candidate : Florida State Senate / District 34

Bill Hagar, R-Candidate : Florida State House of Representatives / District 87

Tami Donally, R-Candidate: Florida State House of Representatives / District 86

Sean Kasper, R-Candidate : Florida State House of Representatives / District 90

James Ryan O’hara, R-Candidate : Florida State House of Representatives / District 81

Dina Keever, R-Candidate : Palm Beach County State Attorney

George Black, Jr., R-Candidate : Port of Palm Beach / Commissioner

Cindy Tindell : Palm Beach County State Republican Committeewoman-Elect

The “GET OUT THE VOTE” Rally Committee has spoken with many local, state and federal campaigns… We will announce additions to our list of candidate confirmations as we receive them.

Lou Galterio will also be there at this event – Learn more about Lou here: Lou Galterio – Vocalist

The Delray Garden Center is located at 3827 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida 33444

Location directions at


Chris C. Stray, Member REC-PBC / Pct.7194, Delray Beach Republican Caucus

Office : Delray Garden Center 561-243-6869

Rep Allen West Article for The Sun Sentinel – April 20, 2012

Obama tax proposal would wage war on U.S. economy

April 20, 2012|By Allen West

Photo by BBalaban2012

As a field artillery officer in the U.S. Army, I learned a thing or two about weaponry. Our success in Desert Storm and Desert Shield depended on choosing the correct artillery for each specific objective, whether it was halting the enemy’s forward progress, diminishing the strength of its forces, or completely destroying its capabilities.

Although he has never served his country in uniform, or risked his life to defend its freedoms and liberties on distant shores, President Obama seems to understand a thing or two about weaponry as well.

In the president’s case, the current weapon of choice is tax policy, and the “enemies” are small businesses, investors, entrepreneurs and corporations deemed “undesirable” — in short, the economic engines of our nation.

The president’s planned tax increases seem designed to demonize “the rich,” and use them as a propaganda tool to score political points. But the collateral damage of these policies will spread into the heartland of America. After all, the 160 percent increase in federal cigarette taxes put in place in 2009 certainly affects those earning far less than $250,000 — despite his promise not to raise their taxes.

The fact is, next year, unless changes are made in the tax code, Americans will be bombarded with the largest tax increase in the nation’s history, causing massive economic injury and destruction.

If the Bush tax rates are allowed to expire, the current tax brackets of 10 percent to 35 percent will rise to 15 percent to 39.6 percent. Other tax provisions scheduled to disappear that will hit “ordinary Americans” include the American Opportunity Tax Credit (up to $2,500 per student for qualified college costs), tax exclusion for forgiven mortgage debt, and tax credit for employer-provided child care.

Children of farmers and small business owners, who wish to continue the legacy of their parents, will find it increasingly difficult to do so, as the death tax exemption will shrink from $5 million to $1 million. Further, inherited assets exceeding that amount will be taxed at a maximum rate of 55 percent with a 5 percent surcharge on estates over $10 million.



Palms West Republican Club Invites you to come meet Adam Hasner running in Florida District 22 – 3/21/12

Palms West Republican Club Invites you and your friends:

WHERE: Binks Forest Golf Club: 400 Binks Forest Dr., Wellington, FL

WHEN:   March 21, 2012

TIME:     6:00pm – 8:00pm

Please join us on Wednesday, March 21 as we welcome Adam Hasner, US Congressional Candidate for D-22.

We also ask that current 2012 Members please try to attend as we have 2 Amendments to our Bylaws which we need to pass at this meeting.

We will also have a 50/50 drawing and several door prizes!

Doors open at 6pm
Buffet Dinner 6:15pm
Meeting begins 6:45pm

$15 Members, $20 for Guests
Firm RSVPs to

We look forward to seeing you! Please bring a friend!





Sen Marco Rubio endorses Adam Hasner for Florida District 22 – US House of Representatives

Adam Hasner’s campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives seat in Florida District 22 today announced the endorsement of United States Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Senator Marco Rubio said, “As my Majority Leader in the Florida House, Adam Hasner and I worked side-by-side taking on the status quo in Tallahassee and together we can do the same thing in Washington. He is a passionate advocate for American values and will fight tirelessly for the needs of Floridians. Adam’s proven record of cutting red tape and wasteful spending is well known and his leadership on energy policy and critical national security issues will make him immediately effective in Congress. I am proud to endorse and stand with Adam every step of the way in his bid for the United States House. His conservative, common-sense approach is sure to help us restore our nation’s prosperity.”

Adam Hasner said, “I am honored to have the support and endorsement from my friend, and my Speaker, Senator Marco Rubio. Serving as his Majority Leader in the Florida House, I was proud to work alongside him to tackle tough issues and advance a conservative reform agenda. Senator Rubio has demonstrated why he is recognized as an inspiring leader for Florida and our nation. His message of opportunity, and his belief in America’s greatness, transcends party labels and is embraced by all who dream of brighter futures for our children and grandchildren. I am thankful for his support and look forward to working with him in Washington on behalf of the residents of the coastal communities in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.”

Florida Congressional District 22 is a newly drawn district in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Adam Hasner’s campaign has been endorsed by former Governor Jeb Bush, Congressman Allen West, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, NRCC Chairman Congressman Pete Sessions, State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff, State Representative Bill Hager, State Representative George Moraitis, and local elected officials including Palm Beach County CommissionerSteven Abrams, Palm Beach Town Council Member Bill Diamond, Boca Raton Deputy Mayor Susan Haynie, Ocean Ridge Mayor Kenneth Kaleel, Mayor of Village of Golf and former Chair of the Palm Beach County School Board Tom Lynch, Lake Worth City Commissioner Scott Maxwell, West Palm Beach City Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell, Manalapan Town Commissioner Bill Quigley, Palm Beach Town Council President David Rosow, Highland Beach Town Commissioner Dennis Sheridan and Boca Raton Mayor Susan Whelchel.


Elect Adam Hasner – Florida Congressional District 22 – Here are his stands on the issues

If elected to the United States Congress, I pledge the following commitments:

I will stop Washington’s unsustainable spending. Job creation and real economic growth begins with stopping Washington from spending money Americans do not have. I will oppose earmark spending and will vote to ban it.

I will oppose tax increases. Taxes are too high already. I will oppose any attempt to raise taxes and work instead to institute real tax reforms that will make our tax code simpler, flatter and fairer.

I will fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment. As Founding National Co-Chair of Pass The Balanced Budget Amendment, I have been fighting for a balanced budget amendment for two years. I will continue the fight in Washington for a real Balanced Budget Amendment, one with teeth and spending caps to attack the debt.

I will repeal Obamacare. I will work to defund and repeal Obamacare, and I will work to replace it with a healthcare system that puts patients in control of their own health care choices.

I will work to make America more energy independent. I have been a leader for more domestic energy exploration for oil and natural gas as well as nuclear, coal, and renewable sources of energy. Lessening America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy is a natural security issue. We must do it without job-killing policies like cap and trade or carbon taxes.

I will only serve two terms, and will fight for Congressional term limits of 12 years. Career politicians from both parties are making it impossible to make the changes that need to be made in Washington. I will fight for term limits.

I will insist on National Security Based on Peace through Strength. America faces serious threats from radical Islam and a nuclear Iran. I will not let political correctness get in the way of confronting our national security threats at home or abroad. I will make sure our men and women in uniform have the best training, equipment, and support for the fight, and the services and care they deserve when they return home.

I will oppose all taxpayer funding of abortion. I am pro-life. I will vote to defend life, and to ensure that not one penny of taxpayer money goes toward funding abortions.

I will continue to stand up for the Second Amendment. I am proud of the A+ rating I earned from the National Rifle Association during my time in the legislature, and I will continue to defend each individual’s Second Amendment rights in the United States Senate.

I will vote to secure our borders and oppose amnesty and amnesty-like proposals. In addition to being an economic issue, making sure our laws are followed and that we have an immigration system that works is a national security and a moral issue.

This pledge is the foundation of our campaign and the principles on which we’ll build a platform of solutions in the coming weeks and months.

I look forward to having a conversation with all Floridians about the ideas we need to solve our nation’s challenges.



Find him on FacebookAdam Hasner

Follow him on twitter: @AdamHasner

Subscribe to his YouTube Channel: Adam Hasner


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Adam Hasner Interview, Allen West’s and Marco Rubio’s Reinforcement in Palm Beach

The man stepping up to the plate for Florida’s District 22 – Meet Congressman Elect Adam Hasner

Adam Hasner is lifelong Republican deeply committed to limited government, free markets, American values and a strong national defense.

Adam has over 15 years of private sector business experience in the healthcare industry working with hospitals and healthcare systems to acquire and manage physician practices.

Adam was first elected in 2002 to serve as a part-time state legislator representing Palm Beach and Broward Counties. Serving alongside Marco Rubio in the Florida House for six years, in 2007, Adam was selected by then-Speaker Rubio to serve as Majority Leader for the Republican caucus, a position he held for four years until being term limited from office in 2010.

Adam has a lifetime “A” rating from the National Rifle Association, a 98% rating from the Florida Chamber of Commerce, and is a winner of the Christian Coalition of Florida’s Faith and Family Award.

His strong, principled conservative leadership in the House made him a natural to lead key fights for eliminating property taxes, protecting employees right to secret ballots in the workplace, reducing government spending (including his own salary as an elected official), and for accountability and choice in public schools.

Adam believes energy independence is vital for America’s national security. He supported legislation for domestic exploration for oil and natural gas off Florida’s coast and co-sponsored legislation to unravel Charlie Crist’s Obama-style “cap and trade” scheme in Florida.

Adam is an unwavering national advocate in support of Israel, and has also become a recognized voice in warning about the dangers of radical Islam. In 2007, he led the effort to pass Florida’s first in the nation law to divest state pension funds from companies that do business in Iran.

In 2009, Adam fought against the impacts of the federal stimulus and successfully rejected nearly $500 million in unemployment funds that would have resulted in a tax increase for Florida businesses.

In 2010, well before the issue became part of national headlines, Adam led the House Republicans in demanding the United States Congress pass a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and then served as the founding national Co-Chairman of the citizen action group, Pass The Balanced Budget Amendment.

Adam is endorsed by FreedomWorks and Concerned Women for America, and by national conservative voices Mark Levin, Erick Erickson of and Monica Crowley of Fox News.

Adam and his wife Jillian live in Boca Raton, Florida.

Officially Endorsed by the current sitting Congressman of Florida CD22 Allen West “Adam Hasner has my full endorsement and support to run in Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. Adam was a fine State Representative and Majority Leader of an area which overlaps this Congressional district. I wish him the best, believe in him wholeheartedly and look forward to working alongside of him on Capitol Hill.”



Find him on Facebook: Adam Hasner

Follow him on twitter: @AdamHasner

Subscribe to his YouTube Channel: Adam Hasner

EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS – Rep Allen West, Tom Rooney, Opinion on the Political Roller Coaster via @MicheleKirkBPR


by Michele Kirk for BizPacReview

Elected officials shared in the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming primary election while enjoying the annual Republican Lincoln Day dinner held at the Kravitz Center on Saturday. Some of the local favorites voiced their opinions about the political roller coaster ride that will hit its peak in Florida on Tuesday.

  1. Do you predict a clear winner in Florida?
  2. If you could have picked any Republican to add to the field who would you have chosen?
  3. Who is your choice for VP? 

We asked Rep. Allen West, Rep.Tom Rooney, CFO Jeff Atwater, Vice Mayor Susan Haynie, County Commissioner Steven Abrams, Senatorial Candidates Adam Hasner and George LeMieux and  District 20 candidate Ozzie DeFaria, the following questions. Hear their thoughtful responses:


FL Republicans getting wise to Islam & CAIR! Hassan Shibly Attacks Adam Hasner and Allen West

By Randy McDaniels of Colony Rabble

Is the Republican Party becoming wise to the tactics of CAIR and the true nature of the Islamic Movement in America?

If so, I think Floridians in particular owe a great deal of gratitude to the bold leadership of Congressman Allen West and former House Majority Leader and Senate Candidate Adam Hasner, as well as groups like ACT! for America, The United West, and the SIOA.

Thanks to the near “Rock Star” status of Congressman Allen West and his ACCURATE historical knowledge of Islamic conquest, many in the nation are hearing truths which are often suppressed in the mainstream media, whitewashed in public school textbooks, and until recently, would never have been discussed by PC Politicians, men guilty of malfeasance due to their unwillingness to fulfill their oaths to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic.

Adam Hasner, has been leading the charge on this issue for over five years, sounding the alarm about political Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood in America and their self identified goal of implementing an Islamic Legal System (Sharia Law) in place of the US Constitution.


CAIR's - Hassan Shibly