Rep Allen West Releases Review of First Six Months of Second Session of the 112th Congress

(WASHINGTON) –  Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today reviewing the first six months of the Second Session of the 112th Congress and his cumulative total of congressional office accomplishments since January 2011:

“The constituents of Florida’s 22nd Congressional district deserve to know exactly what I am doing as I continue to be their voice on Capitol Hill.

I have traveled South Florida over the past 18 months talking with families and small businesses who have been forced to tighten their belts in these economic times.  I promised them, that as a Member of Congress, our office would be doing the same.  Today, I am announcing that I have returned $275,000 from my 2011 budget to the American taxpayers.  This return to the taxpayer is in addition to a six percent cut to the overall 2011 Congressional Office Budget that I voted for during my first few weeks in office.

My pledge to my constituents has never changed.  I will continue to work to improve the fiscal and national security of our nation.  While we still have a lot of work ahead of us, I will continue to be as transparent as possible as to the steps I am taking to ensure the will of the people is heard in the halls of Congress.”

January 2012 – July 1, 2012:                 
Cumulative January 2011 – July 1, 2012:

450 votes cast with a 100% voting record
1,396 votes cast with a 99.9% voting record
333 meetings with constituents
700 meetings with constituents
34 business visits in the district
90 business visits in the district
78 pieces of co-sponsored legislation
297 pieces of co-sponsored legislation
2 pieces of legislation introduced
9 pieces of legislation introduced

*1 piece of legislation passed on House floor, 2 pieces included in the National Defense Appropriation Authorization regarding Department of Defense Reductions,  1 piece included in the National Defense Appropriations Authorization Act of 2013

300 emails received daily to office (average)
500 emails received daily to office (average)
16, 627 pieces of mail sent from office
62,283 pieces of mail sent from office
2 tele-town hall meetings
6 tele-town hall meetings
12  in-person town hall meetings
36 in-person town hall meetings

House Armed Services Committee:
33 out of 38 hearings/briefings: 87% attendance rate
82 total HASC hearings and briefings: 91% attendance rate

House Small Business Committee:
45 out of 50 hearings/briefings: 90% attendance rate
83 Small Business hearings/briefings: 93% attendance rate
24 newsletters written and sent to constituents
72 newsletters written and sent to constituents
42 press releases keeping media informed
165 press releases keeping media informed

49,906 Facebook fans
63,199  Twitter followers
$275,000 (per 2011 budget) returned to United States taxpayers
651 constituent cases open, 1,440 completed

VIDEO- Congressman Allen West – Special Order Speech on the House Floor 11/8/11

“As we enter the final days of 2011, and approach the end of this first session of the 112th Congress, I must take the time to offer an apology to the citizens of the 22nd congressional district of Florida, and to all my fellow citizens across this great nation…

“It is not because we haven’t changed the conversation here in Washington D.C., but because I would have hoped our exertions would have been, as a collective body, a bit greater…

“On the eve of the holiday season, the United States Congress is dealing with some of its most important issues, all while pressed against the desire to be home and with our families and loved ones… members should be willing to stay as long as it takes…”