Allen West gets a little inspiration to “ratchet it up”


by Allen West via Facebook

Friday night 8 pm PST here waiting for my flight back home on Jet Blue to Ft Lauderdale. I went over to get a drink of water and take my daily vitamins. All of a sudden some black fella comes up to me and says, “Excuse me Sir, you are nothing more than a tool”. Immediately I thought, now how do you respond, so I said, “What?” He repeated, “You are a tool.” He then proceeded back to Gladstone’s Restaurant. I suppose this liberal lugnut never read Proverbs Chapter 17, verse 28. Keep it up all y’all. You just inspire me to ratchet it up.” Steadfast and Loyal.

Rep Allen West “As soon as you don’t see someone as a threat, they become one”

By: Michele Kirk – Source: BIZPAC Review
Date: July 29, 2012

Congressman Allen West responded with concern to an audience question about a possible Russian naval base in Cuba at Friday’s monthly town hall meeting.

“We have a soft underbelly right here in the United States of America, as we look to our south, and we’ve got to pay attention to it,” West said.

West pointed out that the only real military presence America has in this hemisphere is the Coast Guard, quoting the U.S. Southern Command in Miami, which oversees the region.

“I have big concerns about what’s happening right here in our hemisphere,” West said. “We don’t have anything in this hemisphere, but yet you have Hezbollah training camps, you have Hugo Chavez, you have the Ortega brothers, and you have narco traffickers in Mexico that are working with Iran and Hezbollah.”

The congressman said President Obama does not think Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is a credible threat, warning that as soon as you don’t see someone as a threat, they become one.

Rep Allen West – 10 amazing athletes from South Florida heading to Olympics, their stories..

(as submitted by Rep. West in the Congressional record Thursday, July 26)






Thursday, July 26, 2012


Mr. WEST. Mr. Speaker, I rise today as a proud American, anxious to support our American athletes who will be competing in the 2012 London Olympics over the next two weeks. Like the vast majority of my fellow citizens, I will be closely following and cheering for each of our athletes as they represent our country—especially those from the state of Florida.

Every two years, when the torch has completed its journey across the world and the cauldron is lit opening up the winter or summer games of the Olympics, we put down our differences for a brief moment and rally around our young American athletes. Each time the Stars and Stripes are raised just a little bit higher than the other flags and as the Star-Spangled Banner is played for the world to hear, we feel the unfettered pride of being an American.

For these next two weeks, American Exceptionalism runs through the veins of every American as we root for our fellow athletes.

The very best of America can be seen in so many of our young men and women who compete to bring the gold home.

Athletes like Lopez Lomong, who escaped unspeakable horrors as a child soldier in Sudan after running for three days, only to end up in a refugee camp for 10 years, before being rescued by an American family. After legally earning his American citizenship in a country he refers to as ‘‘next to heaven,’’ Lopez proudly carried the American flag in Beijing and will compete in the 5,000 meter race in London.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this champion athlete has nothing to do with sports. After learning that he had two brothers still in Africa, he brought them to the United States where he encouraged them to attend a military academy so that they can give back to a country that has given him so much opportunity.

My daughters and I will be rooting for this true American hero and patriot.

This momentous occasion to represent the United States of America is an unequivocal honor for each athlete, the members of their team, their families, and all who have exhibited support along the way. As a member of Team USA, these champion athletes join a select group who will accompany each other in an endeavor to achieve the very best. Mr. Speaker I am extremely proud to recognize the Olympic Athletes who reside in South Florida. I salute:

Venus Williams, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, has won a gold medal in tennis singles and two in women’s tennis doubles. I am proud to proclaim that Venus Williams has won more Olympic medals than any other female tennis player.

Tony McQuay, a three-time NCAA track champion and helped lead the University of Florida men’s track and field team to the 2012 college national title. Tony posted the third-fastest time in the world this year in the 400- meter event.

Sarah Lihan who is competing in sailing. After becoming the 2009 ICSA Women’s National Champion, we will cheer her on as she sets sail to London in her first Olympic games.

Anna Tunnicliffe also competing in sailing. After winning gold in the Women’s Laser Radial class in the 2008 Olympics she is back on Team USA to hopefully bring home another gold medal.

Christie Rampone is a defender on the U.S. Olympic soccer team. She has been an invaluable member of the Olympic team and this will be her fourth Olympics.

Becky Sauerbrunn will compete on the U.S. Olympic women’s soccer team in her first Olympics. She currently resides in West Palm Beach and we look forward to seeing her succeed as a defender alongside her teammates.

Andy Roddick a native Floridian is competing in tennis for his second Olympics. He proved over and over that he highly excels in his discipline which is singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Sanya Richards-Ross is track and field and will be competing in the following events: Women’s 4  ×  400m Relay, Women’s 200m, and the Women’s 400m. In the 2008 Olympics she brought home a 4  ×  400m bronze and a 400m gold.

And finally, Foluke Akinrakewo a first time Olympian competing in the volleyball tournament. She was previously the starting middle blocker on the gold winning U.S. Women’s Junior National Team.

As the world’s attention shifts to London for the next two weeks and our nation turns its attention to the very best American athletes it is an honor to offer my congratulations and best wishes to all these great athletes on their journey in competing in the 2012 London Olympics.

I extend my best wishes for all around success in the upcoming London 2012 Olympics as their hard work, dedication, and perseverance is put to the test!

Go U.S.A

Rep Allen West “This is going to be a dogfight for your country” – Video Conservative New Media

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Congressman Allen West gave a fiery speech to supporters at a Republican Party event in Delray Beach Florida. Congressman Allen West talked about his race and the importance of the entire 2012 election saying, “This is going to be a dogfight for your country”



Rep Allen West to Join Divers in Martin and Palm Beach Counties to Clean Up South Florida Reefs


Fifth Annual Treasure Coast Waterway Cleanup at Pecks Lake Reef

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Dive boat will depart from Pt. Salerno Commercial Fishing Pier

SE Park Drive

Port Salerno, FL

*Pecks Lake Reef is an offsore shallow water reef that runs for approximately four miles south of the St. Lucie inlet in Martin County to the Hobe Sound Refuge.


Palm Beach County Reef Cleanup

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Jupiter Dive Center

1001 N. Highway A1A Alternate

Jupiter, FL


The Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative is organizing a series of reef cleanups throughout Southeast Florida this July, including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties. See flyers for the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County events.


Christian Values, Morals, and Conscience Count – by Joseph M. Ryan

by Joseph M. Ryan

Headline Egypt; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s motorcade was met by protestors pelting the car with tomato’s and screaming Monica, Monica. 

We all know what these Muslims meant by Monica referring to her husband taking advantage of a young intern in the White House while he was president. Forget the people shouting who also have no Christian values. You see they have no problem with women being raped during their protests.

The problem though as I see it the democrat party has sunk into such a moral cess pool that a Clinton is our Secretary of State. She never showed any public outrage about her husbands actions. Other then try to blame a right-wing conspiracy (thank God for the blue dress). She lacks, like her husband values, morals and conscience.

This problem of the democrat party goes back at least to Ted Kennedy. In 1969 on July 19th the married Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge in Chappaquiddick. He was at a party most of the evening drinking, and had a young passenger with him at the time. Her name was Mary Jo Kopechne age 29 years. The car wound up in a tidal basin where Kennedy extricated himself and left Mary Jo to die. He did not summon any one for help, instead he swan across the bay back to his hotel room and thought about his political career. He did not notify police until the following morning after consulting with advisers.

You would think this incident would be a career ender. Wrong not for a democrat. He went on to serve in the U.S. Senate until his death in 2009. Even tried a run for the presidency in 1979. Kennedy lacked any values, morals, or conscience.

The same is true of the electorate that kept him in power. 

Next take a look at Al Sharpton. 1987 he perpetrated and out right lie that Tawana Brawley was raped by six white men. He named officials of Westchester County N.Y. As the rapists. He was later sued by Steven Pagones and lost for his defamation, ordered to pay $65,000. in restitution. Al wasn’t done just defaming people, in 1991 his inflaming rhetoric led to the Crown Heights riots and the death of Yankel Rosenbaum. One death not enough. In 1995 Sharpton led protests against Jewish business owner Fred Harari in Harlem, calling him “white interloper”. This led to the death of 7 store employees. Do you think these appalling actions would lead to disgrace and put Al’s con man organization out of business. No he’s a democrat he ran in the presidential primary of 2004 and since has been given his own TV show on MSNBC.

Elliot Spitzer Ex Governor of N.Y.. A big law & order guy tough prosecutor also a big fan of illegal prostitution. After his scandal broke did he go quietly into the night? Nope, Client #9 also got a TV show on CNN.

Lets not leave out Anthony Wiener (could anyone have a more appropriate name). Caught exposing himself on Twitter, forced to resign his seat in congress (Thanks mainly to the late Andrew Breitbart) is now considering a run for N.Y.C. Mayor. The man and his supporters have no values, morals, conscience, or shame.

A look at a few republicans and their piccadillos and what happened to them in the aftermath.

The biggest of all President Richard Nixon Watergate Scandal. Resigned his office went into a secluded retirement was hardly heard from for the rest of his life.

Charles Colson Watergate Scandal. Went to prison, on release he started a prison ministry.

Congressman Randall Duke Cunningham. A 20 year Naval aviator only Navy pilot to achieve ACE status in the Vietnam war. Plead guilty in 2005 to receiving bribes went to prison hasn’t been heard from since.

Congressman Mark Foley congressional page scandal. Resigned his seat just before the scandal broke and went back to Florida to hide. Later when it became known that then Speaker Denny Hassert had knowledge before hand the Washing Times and other prominent conservatives called for his resignation.

Governor Mark Sanford once on the top list of future presidential contenders now a disgraced ex-governor over his illicit adulterous affair. The republican state representatives of S.C. tried to bring impeachment proceedings against Sanford also a republican but were blocked by the democrats. His wife Jenny unlike Hillary Clinton divorced him and publicly denounced him.

The difference between the democrats and the republicans is that liberal progressives will continue to support anyone no matter what their crimes or indiscretions as long as they toe the left ideology. Where as conservatives will not accept this type of behavior from anyone no matter how conservative their policies and beliefs have been.  

We have Christian Values, Morals, and Conscience. They on the other hand do not. Which is why we now have representing us as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (don’t think world leaders are not laughing at her behind her back) and the most immoral of all Barack Hussein Obama as President. Who in his own book Dreams of My Father enlightens us on his drug use and his speaking out of Marxist and radicals. 

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The first point:  I am against ALL SuperPacs because their intent is to mislead at times and go nearly to the precipice of slandering a candidate so voters can be bent to their persuasion.  The candidates themselves cannot control what the SuperPac does “in their behalf”.


BUT it is a sad state of affairs, when groups and individuals can put together a SuperPac with the intent to SHUT UP a person’s voice in American politics.

That is exactly what is happening to Rep. Allen West.

Rep. Allen West is a Conservative that Says What He Means……and Means what he Says.

That is WHY the Communists/Progressives/Democratic Socialists within our Congress and other Leftist Groups want to silence his voice about America’s Liberties and the Freedom to CHOOSE.


Why I continue my steadfast and loyal stand with Congressman Allen West – My brand of Conservatism

By Tanya Grimsley

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Watch “Congressman Allen West Discuss The Problems of Obamacare with Doctors “



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** Breaking News ** – World-wide exclusive from John D. Villarreal of Conservative New Media.

Congressman Allen West has a wide-ranging frank discussion of the potential problems of “Obamacare” (Affordable Care Act) with many doctors at the Florida Orthopaedic Specialists clinic in Port St. Lucie, Florida.