Allen West “How can an entire administration be this incompetent? Is there is an intentional nefarious design at play?

Too much incompetence from Obama to believe it’s not intentional
Written by Allen West on November 20, 2013


I’m back in DC for three days and therefore did my usual early morning run. As I ran past the Capitol and along the mall, I had an interesting thought. Since everyone has Oprah on the mind right now, remember when she referred to then-Senator Barack Obama as “brilliant”?

While running, I thought about the Obamacare disaster and if President Obama is so brilliant, how do you explain this abject failure? I began to ask myself, is this truly incompetence or possibly intentional — or both?

Obamacare is facing countless issues and the website is not really the most critical of the issues. The whole plan is based upon the flawed premise of forcing more young and healthy into exchanges to actually fund and subsidize, lower income and less healthy Americans.

More and more it appears that Obamacare has an intentional purpose of destabilizing and destroying the insurance market. There seems to be evidence of full knowledge of the adverse effects of millions of Americans being dropped from their individual healthcare plans, even as the President was stating Americans could keep their plans.


Allen West and Juan Williams Weigh In On Syria Rebels – Hannity

Published on Sep 5, 2013 – Mass Tea Party

Radicals & Rebels – Allen West & Juan Williams Weigh In On Syria Rebels – Hannity

Allen Juan Sean

I am Not Simply “Documented”: New Language for an Old Problem: by Kira Davis for IJ Review


by Kira Davis for IJReview

I am an immigrant. I was born in Canada to a Canadian mother and an American father. I made my first trip to America at the age of 10. At the age of 13 my father secured for me a Social Security number. When I was 18 I came to school here in America on a student visa. When I was 22 a very kind customs agent (yes, they exist!) informed me that my visa and SS number were no longer enough to help me pass over the borders. It was time to declare my citizenship and get a passport. I figured this would be easy, considering my father is American and I had been living and working in the country for quite some time. Far from it. To my shock the process (even for someone with an American parent) was excruciatingly long and unbelievably expensive. For years I tried to navigate the immigration red tape circus alone. I’d fill out one form, pay $500 for “processing” and wait 6 months only to receive word that I needed to fill out forms A, B and X before I could submit form C. They all came with a processing fee. I didn’t leave the U.S. for 7 years. I couldn’t predict the movements of my application process or which border agents would be unsatisfied with my U.S. license and Canadian birth certificate and which would let it pass. Then came 9/11 and everything changed. I didn’t want to wait any longer. By that time I was married with a child and we were a little more financially stable than I’d been in the past. My husband agreed that we should hire a lawyer. For a couple of thousand more dollars I was finally able to get what I needed to say I was an American. In total the process took 12 years and nearly $10,000.



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Allen West talks Immigration Reform on “Your World with Cavuto” Watch the discussion

by RightSightings Published on Mar 5, 2013




Allen West “Gotta give it to the President, he knows how to seize the day and make himself “


by Allen West via Facebook

I hope the American taxpayers realize it cost them $1.6M for President Obama to fly to Nevada for a campaign rally speech. I think he could have stayed in DC, with his beloved teleprompters, and saved us the money.

Actually, he could have saved us another speech and just let the legislative branch do their work. Gotta give it to the President, he knows how to seize the day and make himself the focus of attention. It just killed him to see a bipartisan group of eight US Senators have the stage.


Allen West “Yesterday the ghost of immigration reform past reared its ugly head”


by Allen West – Facebook Status

“Yesterday the ghost of immigration reform past reared its ugly head. In 1986 we went down this exact same road with amnesty for 2-3 million illegal immigrants. I heard the word “contingent” used often. Furthermore, the Senate Judiciary Cmte is headed by Bernie Sanders of Vermont.The final decision on immigration could mean a permanent dependent class and a permanent electoral block for the next generation. One can only estimate where political loyalties would lie, and imagine what happens to job opportunities for those here in America legally.”

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