Audio: “The Dark Side” with Kira Davis talks with Allen West Republic about Election Fraud and More

This evening Tanya Grimsley of Allen West Republic – Joined Kira Davis on “The Dark Side” to discuss Congressman Allen West and the election issues and voter discrepancies in Florida’s 18th Congressional District as well as the rest of the nation.




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Rep. Allen West “The Real Fight Begins”

Dear Friends,

I want to thank everyone who supported and voted for me in last night’s Republican Primary. With your help, we achieved an overwhelming victory. It’s an honor to have your trust.

The real fight against the Obama/Pelosi/Murphy agenda begins today and we’ll have to fight back against millions of dollars in false negative attacks. Will you help me start the general election strong by making a contribution of $5 or more here: AllenWestForCongress.Com

I look forward to continuing to fight for constitutional conservative principles, getting government out of the way so the economy can grow, and putting an end to President Obama’s failed left-wing policies.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC (R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

P.S. Patrick Murphy is running a reprehensible campaign of lies and smears to distract from his support for $700 billion in Medicare cuts. Help me defeat the Obama/Pelosi/Murphy agenda by contributing here.

Rep Allen West – Weekly Wrap Up, Legislative Low Down and District Highlights 4/9/12

Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, it is time again for my weekly report back.
Congratulations to the University of Kentucky for winning their eighth NCAA Men’s College Basketball championship — only three more to catch UCLA!

This weekend, I was finally able to get back out and enjoy the underwater world off the coast of Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. About nine of us braved some 3-5 foot seas early to get in some really nice Easter weekend SCUBA diving. However, it was in driving back from the South Florida Dive Headquarters marina in Pompano Beach that I saw something disturbing.

There it was — a purple banner flying in the wind at a gas station just east from I-95, “Now accepting EBT cards and SNAP.” For those of you who do not know these abbreviations, the EBT is the Electronic Benefit Transfer card, which is a plastic means by which one can utilize the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

This is not something we should be proud to advertise! Truly it seems the safety net is slowly becoming a hammock.  This program has expanded well beyond its original intent and expanded to a far greater percentage of Americans.  Now we see a growing number of businesses in this country, including sit-down and fast food restaurants, standalone and gas station convenience markets, and even pharmacies eager to accept SNAP benefits.  The number of businesses certified in the SNAP program has gone from around 156,000 to more than 200,000 in five years, and food stamp benefits have ballooned from $28.5 billion to $64.7 billion.  This is a highly disturbing trend.  Food stamps were intended to provide a safety net for the small percentage of Americans who needed assistance. But since President Obama’s inauguration, the number of Americans receiving assistance has increased by 45 percent.

We continue to see polices coming out of the White House bent on dividing, not uniting America. The rhetoric of no blue and red states has now been replaced by divisive rhetoric and actions focusing on class, 1 percent vs. 99 percent, race, and gender. We are witnessing the degrading of the American individual citizen to being viewed as part of various collectives, and even referred to as units in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The real group waging a war on women are liberals. Their fiscal failures evidenced by the growing debt burden threaten the future of America’s children and grandchildren. Their ineptness in keeping gasoline prices in America at a reasonable cost is resulting in harming the many soccer, hockey, and lacrosse moms who are struggling to get their children to tournaments.

Let us not forget the constant foreign affairs missteps that are resulting in a diminishing global influence for our country, and subsequently the children who shall inherit this degraded state.  Think about the rockets and missiles that were launched from the Sinai desert into Eilat, which the media is not covering. Jewish mothers fret for the future of their children who now live under threat from a new front, now out of Egypt.  This is the same Egypt now clearly under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, to whom President Obama sent almost $1.5 billion in foreign aid because of their threat to Israel, and paid $5 million worth of American taxpayer treasure to Egypt to release some 19 Americans held hostage.

I reject this divisive rhetoric by the Obama administration because my focus is on our economic, energy, and national security. What can be more beneficial to men, women, and children in America?

The President’s criticism of the House GOP budget is almost pathetic when you consider the “support” he received for his own budget. Let me refresh your memory. The President’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget failed 0-97 in the Senate and the Fiscal Year 2013 budget just failed 0-414 in the House. Furthermore, it has been some 1,074 days since Harry Reid and the Democrat-led Senate has passed a budget.

Bottom line, President Obama presents a budget and policy which raises taxes, and never ever balances –but it does result in more debt, $15.6 trillion today, $26 trillion in 10 years.

President Obama must come to a very clear realization that his economic policies have led to the longest streak of consecutive months of unemployment at eight percent or higher.  This is the longest “losing streak” in the history of America. I am glad that some 165,000 Americans were able to find a job in the last month. However, we still have close to 13 million Americans unemployed. There are around eight million Americans who fit the category of “underemployed.”  Don’t forget, one of the interesting reasons why unemployment dropped from 8.3 percent to 8.2 percent is because more Americans simply fell off the radar.

The question is, how many Americans have given up and are no longer being tracked by the Department of Labor? Some say this number is in the area of 1 to 1.2 million Americans.

Along the same lines, it seems that President Obama does not clearly understand the 1803 Marbury vs. Madison case, which established the premise of Judicial Review for the Supreme Court. It is the Supreme Court’s job, their raison d’être, to interpret laws against the supreme law of the land, the United States Constitution. Judicial activism, on the other hand, is legislating from the bench, creating laws, or over-turning the referendum of the electorate. In some 209 years, the Supreme Court has ruled approximately 150 laws as unconstitutional.

This was not a good week for the President’s administration, and  lets not overlook the news reports that the Obama administration leaked information about Israeli air base usage in Azerbaijan.

In closing, I offer a Bravo Zulu to the two Unites States  Navy fighter pilots aboard the F/A-18D on which they did their best to avoid creating a greater catastrophe. If this crash ends up being maintenance-related, perhaps this is a result of the excessive budget cuts to our Military, which are hitting our operating forces.

I am sad to see a Marine Sergeant may lose his career because he dared to criticize the President on a Facebook page. Should we have disciplined this young NCO? Yes. But to end this Warrior’s career with a less than honorable discharge is not the answer. This Marine had served nearly nine years in the Marine Corps and was planning to reenlist. Maybe if America had leadership that gained the respect of our military, instead of simply using them as stage props for speeches, this atmosphere would not exist.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Congressman Allen West – The Weeks Highlights, Wrap Up & Legislative Lowdown

Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, it has been quite an eventful week.

A real highlight of the week was meeting with local farmers and ranchers from Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties to discuss their concerns for the South Florida agriculture industry. The top issues were developing a legal workforce, the adverse effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexican produce dumping, agriculture research funding,  invasive insects and other pests, and the invasive tax and regulatory environment emanating from Washington DC. I was joined by special guest Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) who is the Chairman of the Agriculture Appropriations subcommittee. I encourage you to read more about the roundtable discussions here and look at photos here.

The week began with the AIPAC policy conference and of course the prevailing issue was the Israel-Iran relationship. Sunday, Israel received more than 100 rockets and missiles coming from Iranian-backed Islamic terrorists groups in the Gaza Strip. We heard President Obama give a quite firm speech before AIPAC last Sunday and the rhetoric of “having Israel’s back” and “not bluffing around” dominated the news waves. However, by the time Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was returning home, the rhetoric had changed to negotiations, giving more time for diplomatic solutions, and patience.

I would say Israel, and indeed the world, has been overly patient with Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed this same issue intensely some 16 years ago. Time is not on our side in contending with this issue, as Iran continues its march towards having a nuclear weapon capability. History has shown repeatedly that when one tries to compromise, appease, and negotiate with a madman it never ends up well. History remembers Churchill more favorably than Chamberlain. Further, the theory of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) does not work with a radical regime that is based upon a theocratic-political totalitarian ideology.

The point by which we must take Iran seriously for its word is drawing closer. The ramifications are immense for our children and grandchildren. This cannot be cast aside as an election-cycle issue, as was the case with the Keystone XL Project.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was quite clear in stating that Israel is a sovereign state with every right to defend its people. There are precious few modern states such as Israel which share the same principles, dreams, and enemies with the United States.  We must demonstrate a unified position that is unwavering and sends a poignant message, “there shall NEVER be another Holocaust event.”

On Saturday, I was standing by waiting to begin the Fort Lauderdale St. Patrick’s Day parade talking to my friends John Ropes and Police Chief Frank Adderly. One gentleman who was marching came up to me directly and stated, “Thanks for your service, but your politics suck.” Well, the three of us looked at each other and smiled and I replied that, “What I stand for is about America and its Constitution, and sir that does not suck.”

But I would like to share with all of you is something that definitely does suck.

This week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that 227,000 jobs were added in the month of February, but the unemployment rate remained stagnant at 8.3 percent. While the announcement of these new jobs is positive, other aspects of the report demonstrate that Americans continue to suffer through a painfully tepid recovery made even slower by the President’s failed economic policies.

For instance, the labor force participation rate, which measures the percentage of able Americans working or looking for work, was near a 30-year low in February. If the percentage of Americans in the work force were as high today as at the beginning of this recession, unemployment would actually be 11.2 percent. In addition, the number of unemployed Americans looking for work in the month of February increased by 48,000 from January. And unemployment is once again above 8 percent, now for the 37th month in a row, further extending the worst unemployment crisis since the Great Depression.

Compare that to what we, as Freshman class in the House of Representatives, have been able to accomplish.  In just one year, my colleageues and I have:

·         Passed a vote to repeal Obamacare

·         Repealed the burdensome 1099 reporting provision from Obamacare

·         Brought a vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment for a vote on the Floor of the House

·         Put an end to endless spending on Continuing Resolutions (CR); Insisting that a CR be accompanied by significant cuts.  This was a first for any modern Congress.

·         Changed “PAYGO” to “CUTGO”:  It is no longer acceptable to justify more spending with tax increases.  If Congress wants to increase spending in one area, they must provide matching cuts to federal spending in another area.

·         Authored bills that give more authority to the states instead of Washington bureaucrats.  For example, including an option for states to add drug testing to their unemployment benefits programs.

·         Eliminated Earmarks.

·         Protected the doctor patient relationship by insisting on a two year Medicare “Doc fix.”

·         Put a stop to the harmful “cap-and-trade” legislation, further protecting job creators and Americans.

·         Fundamentally changed the conversation in Washington from one about “how much more can we spend?” to “how much more can we cut?”

We must continue to restore this Republic with pro-growth economic, monetary, tax, and regulatory policies, which will promote wholehearted private sector investment, ingenuity, and innovation. That means developing legislation which sets the conditions for growth, not regulatory constraints and tax policies which promote more uncertainty and lack of predictability for America’s job creators and hardworking American taxpayers.  I am certaintly committed to making sure this happens for as long as I am honored enough to be your elected Representative from the great state of Florida.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Legislative Update:

-Tariffs on Chinese Imports- This past Tuesday, the House approved HR 4105 to apply the countervailing duty provisions of the Tariff Act of 1930 to nonmarket economy countries, and for the purposes by a vote of 370-39, I VOTED YES. The bill would allow for countervailing duties (CVD) to be charged on certain imports from a nonmarket economy (NME) country.

– Hydropower Development — On Wednesday, the House approved H.R. 2842, the Bureau of Reclamation Small Conduit Hydropower Development and Rural Jobs Act, by a vote of 265-154, I VOTED YES.  H.R. 2842 would jumpstart hydropower development on Bureau of Reclamation canals and pipelines by reducing unnecessary and duplicative administrative and regulatory costs. The legislation would authorize the Bureau of Reclamation to permit private entities to develop small hydropower units on all irrigation canals and conduits under the agency’s jurisdiction. Under current law, the bureau or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has jurisdiction over hydropower development at such facilities. H.R. 2842 would clarify that the jurisdiction for small hydropower development on all bureau irrigation canals and conduits lies solely with the bureau.

– JOBS Act — On Thursday, the House approved H.R. 3606, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, by a vote of 390-23, I VOTED YES.  This legislation is a compilation of bipartisan House bills that will provide real solutions to encourage job growth by removing some regulations impeding small businesses and startups.  These bipartisan measures will increase capital formation, spur the growth of startups and small businesses, and pave the way for more small-scale businesses to go public and create more jobs.  According to the Office of the Majority Leader, “The JOBS Act represents an opportunity for both parties to work together and deliver results on areas of common ground that boost small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. These measures have broad bipartisan support from Congress, President Obama, and successful entrepreneurs like Steve Case, the former Chair and Founder of AOL and a member of the President’s Council on Jobs and Economic Competitiveness.”  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that implementing Title I of H.R. 3606 would cost about $50 million over the 2012-2017 period, assuming appropriation of the necessary amounts.

This coming Week:

Constituent Work Week — I hope you’ll be able to attend one of our monthly town hall meetings, for details, clickhere.

Highlights of the Week:

– Monday, 5 March, met with COL(R) Lee Kichen and members of the VFW to discuss legislative priorities, recorded video for the South Florida Manufacturers Association recognition of excellence banquet, met with Rabbi Uri Pilichowski and his students for a Q&A session prior to AIPAC Conference, attended the AIPAC Policy Conference Gala and speech by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

– Tuesday, 6 March, attended HASC full committee hearing on FY 2013 NDA posture statement from Commanders, USSOUTHCOM and USNORTHCOM, met with AIPAC representatives to present perspective on issues facing Israel and discuss their legislative priorities, met with representatives from the Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) reference Fiscal Year 2013 funding for Intracoastal Waterway, met with West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio on legislative priorities on economic development and transportation initiatives.

– Wednesday, 7 March, attended HASC full committee hearing on Fiscal Year 2013 National Defense Authorization (NDA) posture statement from Commanders, US CENTCOM, US SOCOM, and US TRANSCOM, met and spoke with Coral Springs Middle School 8th Grade Class- picture here, met with Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, participated in Small Business Committee legislation markup on Fiscal Year 2013 Views and Estimates and improvement to small business contracting programs, met with Jewish War Veterans to discuss legislative priorities, met with senior leadership of Allstate to discuss the upcoming Safe Teen and Novice Driver Uniform Protection (STANDUP) Act press conference to be held at Jupiter High School this week- more information on tomorrow’s event, click here, ended the day conducting a joint Special Order speech on the House floor with colleague Rep. Burgess (R-TX) on implementation of Flat Tax system. Watch the video from the House Floor here.

– Thursday, 8 March, participated in Small Business subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight, and Regulations covering government regulation impeding small energy producers and harming energy production and security, attended the promotion ceremony for Army Military Fellow Captain Dave Spanton who was promoted to Major, met and spoke to 5th Grade students from Calusa Elementary School in Boca Raton –they were more interested in the Capitol Hill Police and their M4 Carbines.  Flew back home to South Florida.

– Friday, 9 March conducted 2 Agriculture roundtable forums with local farmers and ranchers from Palm Beach and Martin County and was accompanied by special guest Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), Chairman of Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee. Read news articles on the event here and here.

– Saturday, 10 March, walked in the FortLauderdale St. Patrick’s Day parade for the second year along with my family, attended the Caps for Chemo BBQ fundraising dinner at the VFW Post 4141 in Delray Beach Fla.

– Sunday, 11 March, attended the wedding for our Congressional staff Legislative Director, Josh Grodin, to his fiancée Lauren. Mazel tov!

Rep Allen West has stood up to the elitists and so must we.

“LITERALLY UNBELIEVABLE” is when your brain understands what you’re seeing, but cannot accept it. To watch an illegitimate Marxist make promises of providing liberty from tyrannical means while witnessing truly corrupt officials on both sides applauding or condoning the outright lies in the SOTU speech is more outrageous than Orwell’s “1984,” “Atlas Shrugged” and “Road to Serfdom” combined because those USED to be just prophecies. REALITY: We have a mere NINE MONTHS to save our country.

Allen West has stood up to the elitists and so must we. PLEASE prepare your hearts and minds to join the fight to preserve the freedom for which past generations fought and died to defend. We must educate our peers and expose our enemies if we are to defeat this threat to our Constitution and our families.

ALLEN WEST WILL LAUNCH on Tuesday, February 7. Using a simple rating system and some high tech tools, we are going to condense our already incredible news feed and discussions to printable and digital formats so that the FACTS and opportunities to take ACTION may be shared easily with our fellow Americans.

The site will be easy to use and unique in that anyone can freely access the most relevant information on the topics that interest them to support their “Case for Conservatism.” We will of course serve as a complete repository for Allen West info, and spotlight conservative causes as well as feature national writers, speakers and sister organizations.

2012 is going to be a war of disinformation like we have NEVER seen. We MUST move beyond isolated discussions and reach our communities! Allen West has publicly called upon conservatives to arm ourselves with information and get into the fray in our taverns, churches, schools and newspapers. will be an “armory” of information to use in following his lead. If YOU are committed to serving on the front lines, chances are we can use your talents. Please contact Tanya Grimsley orJohn Swetland or you may leave a comment here on this post, to see how you can contribute. Much more info coming soon! Please spread the word, rally your troops and may God be with us.

Adam Wilhoit  – Florida CD22 – Website Creator/Patriot of Conservatism



Rep Allen West STILL does not respond enough to Nezar Hamze CAIR-FL Leader so attacks continue

From BNI (Bare Naked Islam) Nezar Hamze, director of CAIR-FL has tried to engage Allen West with in-his-face confrontations and mail campaigns to which West has responded, but apparently not to Hamze’s liking. Having been denied membership on the GOP Executive Committee of Broward County, Hamze is now threatening to start a Muslim Republican club (Gee that should attract about 2 or 3 members)

This is one of the repeated attempts to rattle Congressman Allen West – Allen West stands firm and does not waiver in his stand against Islam

Taken from NPR Article found here – NPR ARTICLE -(There’s no member of the Republican freshman class in Congress more outspoken than Florida Rep. Allen West. Since he was elected last year, West has become a strong voice on Capitol Hill for fiscal restraint, socially conservative values — and responding to the threat posed by Islamic extremists.

Hamze says it was with that purpose that he went to one of West’s town halls in February. It was captured on video and posted to YouTube (see below) by a West supporter.

Hamze brought with him a Quran. In an interview recently, he said he wanted to ask West to explain a statement he’d made at a conference while serving on a panel discussing national security. “A Marine … stood up and asked him, ‘Why are these people twisting their religion, or perverting their religion, to attack America — as an excuse to attack America?’ West said that the people that are attacking America are not twisting their religion. They’re doing exactly what the Quran is telling them to do,” Hamze says.


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What in the world is the “Allen West Republic”?

We recognize the unwavering spirit that Allen West brings to the political arena and we will fight to hold all American statesmen to his standards of honor and loyalty.  We will support Allen West in his campaigns, offer him our opinions and help promote his positions when needed.  We will engage mainstream America and present our case for Constitutional values and the Allen West brand of conservatism, which is to remain Steadfast and Loyal to our Republic.

Our Philosophy:

The Allen West Republic will promote and engage in civil debate and fact-finding research.  We are more than a fan club.  We are here to emulate the qualities that Allen West personifies in our fight for the restoration of America’s Constitutional Republic.    Please recognize that not everyone approaches an issue the same way.  Some follow their heart, some their head, and most use a mixture of the two.  Trust and reason are both valuable.  Play your part and allow others to play theirs. 

Our conservative principles demand that we hold ALL representatives accountable for their words, decisions and votes.  Accountability does not equal disloyalty.  Debate is essential and civility is required.    We must remain focused on our common goal of self-governance.

The direction of Allen West Republic:

So now that you know how we got here, let’s talk about where we’re going.  While we all would like to see Allen West as president, that theme as a sole focus has proven insufficient to sustain continued growth and even has alienated some of Rep. West’s constituents who support his re-election to Congress.   We can happily remind him of America’s dire need of his leadership, but if we want to build a relationship with the official West camp itself, we should provide aid, advice and support, not a polarizing position.  We must engage ALL conservatives and educate mainstream America about the West style of conservatism.  To truly support Allen West in the long run, we should strengthen our resolve and collectively create a body of work that advances our mutual cause: to fundamentally restore our Constitutional Republic. 

The fight to take our country back from radical leftists is about to get very intense.  Our goal is to create and maintain a platform from which to engage our fellow Americans; one that is resolute, informative and fun – just like Allen West.

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