Allen West “The health insurance industry is being decimated due to Obama’s intentional incompetence”

AW Cavuot

Written by Allen West

When a policy is failing how do President Obama and his acolytes solve the issue? Fabricate positive press, of course. The Obama campaign machine is desperately kicking in overtime to combat the truth, or as they classify it, “bad press” on Obamacare.

First of all, Organizing for Action has received marching orders to “get into people’s faces” and talk about Obamacare over Thanksgiving dinner. That approach will give new meaning to the term food fight. (Oh, and by the way, during a conference call with supporters, Obama claimed 100 million people have signed up, which is only off by a factor of …um…a thousand or so)

Apparently event the AARP has been sending out “Evites” to have parents and grandparents guilt-trip the younger generations to sign up for Obamacare, as families gather for turkey day dinner.

Can’t you just see this image, “Bobby and Susie, Grandma made her special pumpkin pie for you. So now you just sign up at and I’ll cut you a slice.” To which Susie responds, ” Sorry Gran, but I ain’t subsidizing you, the website is still down and I never liked your pie anyway.”



5 responses to “Allen West “The health insurance industry is being decimated due to Obama’s intentional incompetence”

  1. I am baffled to understand how the insurance industry is being divided into tens, Colonel. With every person in the country now forced by “law” to buy health insurance the insurance company cash flow has to be on the road to riches.
    Perhaps what people had they cannot afford now so they are just going to pay that penalty, and that is how the IC’s are going to lose? I don’t see it. If everyone is mandated to buy, eventually the IC’s have to be in a cash flow similar to the Federal Reserve Bank, with the exception that the FED gets it all and the insurance companies will have to share amongst each other.
    God I hate using the words as I have to use them to describe this fiasco. That can’t be “law”, can it? How is not buying a product penalize-able? Persons “mandated”… It Is So Hard to get the brain around these lies.

  2. God Bless Allen West a Real Freedom Fighting Patriot. America needs to elect only those Patriotic leaders who truly believe that America, our Constitution is worth diligently standing up and fighting for, like so many before us, leaders who believe it is our turn to guard against those attacking our Liberties and Freedoms. – God Bless America, Israel, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.