Allen West “Clearly President Obama lacks the resume and qualifications to lead this great nation”

Out of the Foxhole

by Allen West “Out of the Foxhole” for Washington Times Communities

America elevated Barack Obama to the highest position in the country to eradicate any sense that this nation judged anyone based upon the color of their skin.

However, this great nation was so dedicated to pressing forward and forgetting past injustices, we allowed affirmative action to take hold at the highest level.

The fundamental thesis of Shelby Steele’s book White Guilt aptly applies to the case of Mr. Obama. The guilt that white America – primarily white liberals—wanted overcome and wash away created the first affirmative action presidency. It is not that standards were simply lowered; they were, and remain, non-existent for the first African-American president. And any questioning of President Obama is deemed as racist.


WEST: Affirmative Action, not ability or experience, elects President Obama | Washington Times Communities.

10 responses to “Allen West “Clearly President Obama lacks the resume and qualifications to lead this great nation”

  1. Obama doesn’t have the resume to be dog catcher. Bill Clinton couldn’t be accepted as a chaperone on a senior prom. The inmates are running the asylum

  2. People like David Corn of Mother Jones and Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post along with Chris Mathews got their marching orders from President Obama to throw everybody off the scent that something stinks in DC. Now they are a/in perfect choreograph of how the deal with Iran is so good and Obama forced Iran to the table with the enforcement of sanctions put in place years prior to his election. Using qualifying comments like “probably did help” and “perhaps” will yield results and with Chris himself saying we can always go back to the sanctions which is all but impossible, we are really in for a tough road ahead.

  3. Patriots….”We CAN SAVE AMERICA”, and Our Freedoms !

    There is a SLEEPING GIANT, within the SILENT MAJORITY… be we of any color, ethnicity, or belief,(to include of SOME of the Muslim faith). However,…the end result of the present calm or unrest MAY logically result in a CIVIL WAR….OR….the Diligence of KNOWLEDGEABLE and ACCOUNTABLE VOTERS to Make SIGNIFICANT ‘Electoral Changes” in the 2014 Ballot Box …”Will reduce, restrain, AND IN SOME INCIDENTS “ERASE”, the Disastrous “Socialist/Marxist”, DEMOCRATIC STRANGLEHOLD, on Fair and Balanced Legislation being Highjacked by Obama….and “MUTE HIS EFFECT of the MONARCHY he is forcing upon America’s Freedoms and “Halt Obama’s Corruption”, of the Morals, Values, and Ethics, woven in to the Fabric of the Foundation and Cornerstone of Our CONSTITUTION, and YES’, BARRY, …” Built”,… By the Founders of This Great Nation.
    “Obama…(aka… LIAR and FAILURE in CHIEF)”, …..Sarcasm falls out of my mouth like……..Disrespect to Our Creator falls from yours, PERIOD.
    Some people just need a High Five in, In the Face…With a Chair, PERIOD.
    “Lord, Give Me Patience”, Because if you give me STRENGTH, I’m Gonna Need BAIL MONEY to go with it”, PERIOD.
    I’m NOT as INTELLIGENT as a DEMOCRAT, I’m MORE INTELLIGENT, …Because I’m NOT AFRAID TO “TELL THE TRUTH of What’s Happening NOW”. Our LYING, and Failed Leadership of OUR Commander in Chief, aka: B. Hussein Obama, “IS”, also a “Muslim Brotherhood Commander”, “DISGUISED as the POTUS.”…PERIOD.

    *** PLEASE COPY AND SHARE***….”Thank You Patriots”.***

  4. First of all it would help a lot if Obama was a legal citizen; just search out his true history. Second, this fake president and anti-American staff in the White House has broken every law of the land and world law to the point of murder; drone killings as one example. They used the Federal Reserve, a private banking system, to steal over 17 trillion dollars from the American people. When Congress asked the Fed what happened to the money they arrogantly responded that they didn’t have to tell Congress anything and they didn’t. He has all but destroyed our military, illeaglly brought into ths country and funded well over 100,000, and still counting, foreign enemy troops. He has opened, funded, and manned prison and internement camps that will hold, against their wills, 10’s of millions of Americans. He has written hundreds of illegal executive orders making him a king instead of president, and all the American people have to protect them from all of this criminal activity is a cowardice misguided congress and supreme court. It is the responsibility of the American people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and correct this miserable police state government we now have.

  5. There was a candidate in the 2012 election cycle that had the knowledge, hands on, and the wisdom to be the next Executive Officer of the United States of America. He had created a surplus of federal revenues during two cycles while he was the then Speaker of the House. If it were not for the smear campaigns created by Romney backers, if not Romney himself, which influenced Reince Preibus of the RNC to back the loser (Mitt Romney) that lost to the last loser (John McCain) that lost to Obama in 2008 our great nation would not be where it is right this very moment. That candidate was Newt Gingrich. But just like Ronald Reagan, who lost in his first grasp at the White House, Newt too can win in a landslide of a decision in 2016 against any democratic opponent.

    Newt Gingrich/Allen West 2016/2020 succeeded by West/? 2024/2028

  6. Standards and accountability have been lowered to facilitate this lying President. If we question his motives, actions and beliefs, we are called racists.