Allen West “We are descending into a very scary abyss”


Many in America believed the election of the first African-American president would be the cleansing of past sins this country has sought for so long. They believed we would enter into a “post-racial” period in America where we would all truly realize that anyone can achieve whatever greatness they desired.

But as I look back on the events of the past week there is one word that comes to mind: racist.

This week demonstrated the elevation of Barack Hussein Obama to the highest office in the land (twice!) was still not enough. It seems the achievement itself, which could not have been attained without white Americans, still falls short of the true desire, which was blind allegiance and submission.

President Obama has shown he is not up to the standard of leadership for which Americans expect, but criticism of such is met with the retort of racism. Castigating people as racist just because they disagree with proven failed policies is simply despicable.


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  1. Mr. West, I so appreciate what you have opened our eyes to, but I’d like to know, what can WE do about all this? I see all your comments, news etc…some people don’t want to listen, especially the younger people, whose mindset is not of ours now…not all the young, but a very large percentage of them..I would love to see you post what we can all DO about this. I KNOW what is going on, YOU know what is going on, and many others do as well, yes, we should all unite, but HOW, give us something, something we can do about these lies and total disregard of this nation’s constitution. There has to be something done about all this, just talking about it and telling us what we already, most of us anyway, already know, isn’t going to do anything! We all need to hear some encouraging words of WHAT WE CAN DO NOW. Yes, we can call our congressman, or congress women, but they all don’t agree with what you say either. So, where do we turn? what is our option? This is such a sad state of affairs. I weep for this country, I weep for the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy, but I weep more for our current situation. I pray, that our Father in heaven shall give us all the courage, as you have, Mr. West, but I don’t see any changes, I don’t see anyone telling us what we can do, and when I do see something written about it, it never seems to happen. Please advise, all of us, we need you, and God, in our lives right now. I certainly hope that what you are writing is not for political gain, I don’t see that right now, but you have to forgive me for my mistrust of any form of government in this day and age. Please reply to me, personally. Thank You, Maureen Poulin Germain.

  2. Allen, I agree with you concerning what the people wanted, and what Reid, Pelosi Schummer, and Obama have given us. I’d like your feelings on what “Obama” has done to the country. We are liable to see strife in the streets, and silly demands from the likes of black Senators, and Congressman. My fear is this, I fear they have SET BACK the cause which we all thought we would have a mutual respect for anyone of any color., based on their ideas and knowledge. I’m afraid that it will be many years before another black man will achieve the Presidencie because the first one was a thief, and BS artist. Hell, next year they might run Harry Belefonte. As for you, I can not wait until you take your rightfull place in Washington. I have said many times to my wife, “I would follow Allen West in any battlefield. Sincerely, Joe Swift

    Joseph A. Swift

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