Allen West “I’m darn glad my parents taught me right from wrong, and that skin color should not determine your character”



Allen West is interviewed on the “Knockout Game” crimes being committed by youth gangs.


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I do believe we can restore Camelot, but it will require honorable Knights of the Round-table and someone with a servant’s heart and impeccable visionary character as possessed by King Arthur, and exemplified in the short life of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was not a perfect man, but a principled American leader. – Allen B. West




10 responses to “Allen West “I’m darn glad my parents taught me right from wrong, and that skin color should not determine your character”

    • Character does not have anything to do with skin color and it really is the missing link in our young people today. How did this happen. Even children raised in Christian homes seem to lack the Character needed to do right and to work harder and to make a difference. I see them expecting everything to just come to them and they are disrespectful to parents and elders….just shocking……way to many freedoms and privileges they don’t deserve to have.

  1. My parents taught me right from wrong and told me that who ever I married “black, white, yellow or red” they would love them as much as they loved me.

  2. Yes Mr. West, your parents did raise you right. I don’t see you throwing the race card. I’m sure being raised in the south ( I’m from Georgia too) you could hold hate in your heart, but you chose to raise up and fill the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind for this country. We are all Americans. Thank you for keeping his dream alive. God Bless you and God Bless America!!!

  3. this is what happens when we’re not allowed to discipline the kids in home and school.
    this is what happens when we’re not allowed to defend ourselves and softening criminal punishment.

    everybody knows by now, that person can die from a single punch by 14 year old now a days…we should charged this crime as at least tempted murder, and murder when someone does dies.

  4. What is it going to take to get through to these people? And by “these people” I mean people who hold on to hatred for the color of someones skin when it is not the same as their own…I have witnessed black parents in my childrens gradeschool encouraging their children into racial violent agression against fellow students and disrespect and violence toward teachers…I have witnessed white parents use the n word in discussions with their children or in chastising of their children…please let the word and the hatred that goes with it die! why are “parents” doing such a disservice to their children? A disservice to SOCIETY??

  5. GOD Bless you, Mr. Allen West and God Blessed us with you as an example not everything is black or white “we are one”.