Allen West “We must stay focused and unified “


This week’s plummeting approval ratings are bad news for President Obama, but they signal bad news for America as well, because we’re stuck with him for three more years.

As more and more information comes out about the disaster that is Obamacare, as well as lapses in national security that have allowed Islamist bomb makers into the US as “refugees,” one really has to ask if all of this is symptomatic of incompetence or something more sinister? As the picture continues to reveal itself, I have trouble believing someone can be that consistently stupid.

At least the truth about Obama and his progressive agenda is emerging, but we must stay focused and unified to ensure we elect principled conservative leaders who will be able to turn this ship around.

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12 responses to “Allen West “We must stay focused and unified “

  1. Absolutely, there has to be something more sinister at work. Obama in 2008, before he was elected, said he wanted to bring America down to the level of our Middle East adversaries, so that we could hopefully negotiate peace with them, presumably because we would no longer be seen as a threat. Only a fool would see wisdom in that folly. I don’t think peace was the objective. Islamization of the US is the goal, in my opinion. He is weakening our military and our economy, and there is no doubt in my mind it is intentional and part of a much larger plan. Why must we endure three more years of this administration? Isn’t there something that can be done to force Harry Reid and John Boehner’s hands in beginning impeachment proceedings?

    • I have been saying this very same thing all along…he has an agenda and we should be very aware of whats going on…or we might become an Islamic nation…something to think about.

  2. Alan, There has to BE a ship to turn around. We don’t HAVE 3 more years to wait. Obama needs to be REMOVED from office NOW.

  3. Allen West, I just bought my ticket to the Republican Conference 2014 in New Orleans. I am so thrilled to see all the great leaders come together such as yourself, Herman Cain, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and many more. We need to stand united, and show what real Leadership is about. Obama must be stopped. We can do this together in the 2014 elections. Hope to see you again, we met in Valdosta Ga. through one of the brightest young man I have ever met. Nick Bufford. I attended your ‘Guardian Fund’ dinner. God Bless you and God Bless America

  4. Are you really just figuring that out? Really? This is so scary…he has actual been very effective to his agenda

  5. It is my personal belief that Obama used the democratic process to get himself into the position where he could impose his own socialistic agenda of change with the goal of inflicting as much damage as he can to the American citizenry, causing the most civil unrest, and creating an atmosphere where “he” feels the need to impose Martial Law.

    Keep your eyes open on or around mid 2015.

    • Keep your eyes open NOW. Don’t wait for more proof. He’s already done too much damage…get him out now.