Allen West “Is America willing to forego the faux historical moment of the first black president for the survival of our Republic?”


Written by Allen West on November 14, 2013

Recently former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote that “Barack Obama is guilty of fraud — serial fraud — that is orders of magnitude more serious than frauds the Justice Department routinely prosecutes” which in the private sector is a punishable crime.

new Fox News poll reveals 50 percent of voters believe the President knowingly lied regarding Obamacare, and 40 percent believe he just didn’t know — but both of these figures are troubling.

The American people have been constantly lied to over the past five years, but have rewarded this bad behavior and therefore it continues.




Andrew McCarthy Obama Committed Serial Fraud Impeachment Is a Remedy November 13, 2013

by LIVELEAK Published on Nov 14, 2013


7 responses to “Allen West “Is America willing to forego the faux historical moment of the first black president for the survival of our Republic?”

  1. Black or white , this guy is a JOKE. What I REALLY can’t understand is this: As the first black president, one would THINK that he would not treat black America any different than white America. Because after all WE ARE ALL AMERICANS! Secondly, one would think that the first black president would strive to IMPROVE the conditions, character and appeal of his race and others by making sure that did things to change “entitlement” attitude that so many Americans have . ALL races included. That alone would go a long way toward getting this country to come together and move forward. ……..but then again…if he did that…he would have to answer for NOT doing the things that would improve JOB opportunities.

  2. As an American who loves his country very much, I would be honored to stand alongside the first African – American President, provided that the man had the qualifications to rebuild the terrible mess that we have been given to hand off to our children and Grandchildren. There were and are so many great lovers of this country who would be just what we needed to begin to look like America should and I am speaking of African American men. Why would people choose an unqualified, uncommitted person, who obviously does not love this country and why should he. His father hated America and all it stands for, his mother was a Communist, he reflects on the Dreams of a Father and how anti-colonization brings hatred to the table, he has not achieved any sort of advancement for the African-American people and for whatever reason, they do not see it yet. I would love to be a part of a historical first African-American President with integrity, ethics, common sense, a love of this country and it’s Constitution and a lover of the truth. There are many who fit this bill, but unfortunately President Obama does not even come close! Sad time for the United States of America! Mr. West, please consider re-entering the political arena for the sake of our Country ,

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    Everytime I have heard this man speak, my thoughts are always, “Now here is a man who should be President of the United States.” Along the way when we as a nation wanted to prove to the world that an individual, any sex, any race, any creed, could be President of our country, we forgot to add an individual of vast intelligence and insight with a burning desire to “Serve All the People of our Great Country.”

  4. Charges of impeachment will take to long delayed by political infighting.
    Charges of Treason for his advancements and support of the Muslim Brotherhood and China should be easy enough to support the charges and far easier to prove with out the political infighting and it would allow us to clean out the rats nest of unconstitutional actions by his regime.

  5. Obama has been nothing but a fraud since the beginning. He is illegitimate. He is a usurper. He is a wannabee dictator. I look forward to the day that you sir become the First Black American President.

    Newt Gingrich/Allen West 2016/2020 succeeded by West/? 2024/2028