Allen West “Against All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic.” Newsletter 11/10/13



Today is the 238th birthday of the greatest and most lethal fighting force known to man, the United States Marine Corps.

Tomorrow on Veteran’s Day, a grateful nation thanks those who have been willing to make the last full measure of devotion in service to our Republic. These are the men and women who have been our guardians and stood watch on freedom’s rampart.

But today we must ask, what exactly are those in uniform guarding now? The day has come upon us in America where we accept lies from our president. We accept laws that do not apply to everyone, not even to our elected officials. We find our Supreme Court hearing a case as to whether or not we can pray openly before civic meetings, when our nation’s motto is “In God We Trust.”

The oath of office taken by our men and women in uniform is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The oath of an American guardian has no statute of limitations. We serve, sacrifice, and defend until we draw our last breath.

Don’t forget to thank our veterans, our guardians, on Monday.

Steadfast and Loyal



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9 responses to “Allen West “Against All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic.” Newsletter 11/10/13

  1. Enough is enough when it comes to laws in this country not being abide by or even law breakers not being punished for breaking the laws especially illegals across the nation.

  2. God Bless Us All~! Marinews – Airborne Rangers – Navy Seals – UDT – Green Berets – Coast Guard – Air Force – WAC’s – Wav’s – every one of those who have served including myself.

  3. You bet cha! Anyone who doesn’t think so or who can’t or won’t recognize the How’s and Whys this country was founded, what American values are. ….. please feel free to immigrate to some other country of your choosing. .. like Iran North Korea Somalia Nigeria Pakistan. … but feel free to move or shut your mouth and go back to a real history class. Learn about Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and what communism and islamunism entails. Then ask yourself and answer honestly if you truly want to live under those forms of gvmt. It won’t be fun like you think it will be. Read the article in the NY Times about China’s new cities and ask yourself if that’s how you want to live.

  4. Amen! I took this oath, “To Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I do not wear the uniform of a soldier and officer anymore however, I still live according to the oath. Lead the way Sir!