Allen West joined O’Reilly | “Tea Party perception being shaped by hostile media”


Published on Nov 8, 2013 by WeNeedASavageNation

November 8, 2013 – Bill O’Reilly Interviews Allen West on The Tea Party Status – Fox News

Tea Party Trouble?
“Some political observers say the Republican Party is being dragged down by Tea Party conservatives. Former Congressman Allen West assessed polls showing that a plurality of voters oppose the Tea Party. “The numbers reflect the fact that the Tea Party has been demonized,” he theorized. “If you were to ask about excessive government spending, onerous taxation, or growing debt, you would see people supporting those positions in a positive way. The Tea Party people should sit down and come up with a platform that says what they are for.” The Factor advised West that the Tea Party is losing the public relations war: “You’re right that the perception of the Tea Party is shaped by a hostile media. There’s no spokesperson for the Tea Party, it’s fragmented by design, so there’s nobody to fight back on the national level to get out the message that the Tea Party isn’t a subversive organization.” via O’Reilly Factor

4 responses to “Allen West joined O’Reilly | “Tea Party perception being shaped by hostile media”

  1. Mr. Allen West, it was an honor to meet you in Valdosta Ga. at the Allen West Guardian dinner held in your honor. I watched you tonight on Bill O’Reilly show, and do believe you sir, can bring the Tea Party and the Republican Party together. We need a leader to lead us to victory in 2016. I rather see you in the White House, but we need you to join these two parties together!!! Allen West for the Wing, Come 2016 God Bless Kelley Seward

  2. i have never heard bill be so wrong about something , no amnesty for illegals at all , and if passed its not just mexicans that get a free pass. what they are not telling you is 60% is mexican but 40% is arab. why do you not mention this fact. the true figures are not 11 million its 33 million mexicans and 23 millions arabs. and you people at fox know this. so you talk a lot about bringing out the truth, START DOING IT.

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