Allen West “The difference, Mrs. Clinton, is that not only did we allow Americans to be murdered, we destabilized Libya”


Written by Allen West on November 7, 2013 for

Regarding the abandonment and murder of of Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department IT Specialist Sean Smith and former US Navy SEALS Ty Woods and Glenn Doherty, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton infamously ranted before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “what difference does it make?”

Well, beyond her and President Obama’s obvious negligence, there is a new threat,: the proliferation of shoulder- fired Man Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS), one of the world’s most deadly weapons.

According to a Washington Times article these shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles are making their way into Syria and falling into the hands of al Qaeda as well as US-backed Free Syrian Army.


8 responses to “Allen West “The difference, Mrs. Clinton, is that not only did we allow Americans to be murdered, we destabilized Libya”

  1. yes, and the gov has approved $250 million in small arms to the syrian rebels (al qaeda) SHOULD THEY DO A BACK GROUND CHECK? do they think that they will keep these arms only in syria, duh no. and the gov knows that, some will wind up in the hands of other al qaeda factions, maybe even in somalia. obama is trying his best to dismantel America, because he is a muslim, queer and not even an American

  2. Allen, always never to forget that it was Hillary and Bill Clinton that enabled Obama to become president. This should never be hidden from We The People. To verify their knowledge of the usurper you can view the Jerome Corsi’s interviews (videos) with Hillary Clintons election staff members. They all knew Obama was a fraud and bailed out in reporting this to the press. All on Capitol Hill knew Hillary was the first birther investigator. After you view these videos you will find why the press including Shariah Compliant FOX News would not help America either. All that have knowledge of Obama’s background and are doing nothing to help expose it and him are also enablers of Obama. Therefore you get what you wished for in seeking your self-serving needs.

  3. Wake up America and when Mrs. Clinton runs for President remember her words…What difference does it make and that tells all of us what her leadership will be like. She and Obama are cut from the same cloth.