Allen West “Election night wrap-up: what next for the GOP?”


Written by Allen West on November 5, 2013

Well, the results are in and so it’s time for a little assessment.

Let’s start with New York. Good luck, you just voted in a Marxist/socialist, and you thought David Dinkins was bad? I know there are some very eclectic folks in New York City but what were the free market capitalists thinking?

Next door in New Jersey, everyone pretty much saw this woodshed coming for Governor Christie.

Election night wrap-up: what next for the GOP? – Allen B. West –

5 responses to “Allen West “Election night wrap-up: what next for the GOP?”

  1. Mr West, you are a great AMERICAN! If we only had you and more like you we would be in much better shape.. Praying for this country.

  2. The two party system is not working. Let us all abort them and join the Constitution Party. We can win back our nation if all disavowed voters join up for the Constitution! Spread the word. It is our only hope.

    • Were you not paying attention to the VA election? A third party ringer (libertarian funded by Obama’s big bundlers) cost a true conservative the election! These third party candidates are usually nothing but Democratic or GOP shills used to force a specific candidate on the public.

  3. Just think what could have been if the Republican party had properly funded Cucinelli’s campaign. That really would have sent a message about Obama care.