Allen West |PLEASE READ”The best defense against liberalism is the truth”



I hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Halloween and I hope you didn’t forget to “fall back” one hour as we exited daylight savings time this weekend.

It seems appropriate that in this week when our kids celebrated the time-honored tradition of “trick or treat,” we grown-up Americans were introduced to the same from the Obama administration. But it was mostly tricks – especially about the reality of the (not really) Affordable Care Act.

We do actually have a small treat for you though – our ever-popular Data Cards are now available for download and will be uploaded monthly. You can download the latest one here. As always, the best defense against liberalism is the truth.

Steadfast and Loyal


4 responses to “Allen West |PLEASE READ”The best defense against liberalism is the truth”

  1. That might be true of “just un-informed” people…the truth?
    They don’t recognize it when they see it. Their perception of reality is skewed.
    Even when hit hard with a disappointment in life:
    1) It was someone else’s fault;
    2) They don’t seem to recognize reality vs. fantasy.
    3) They seem to expect others to “fix it” (whatever “it” is) AFTER they broke it.

    Are they Mentally Ill?

  2. God Bless you Colonel West, God gave you the wisdom,heart and character to Lead. America desperately needs you during these troubled times.

    Thank you for your service and battles you are fighting for us. Just to shake your hand would be a great honor. Fight on brother, my heart tells me you are a gifted leader destined to make a impact wherever you go…..!!!