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The Allen West Foundation is now on Facebook!

The Allen West Foundation has gone social!

Please ‘Like’ our Facebook Page and join in the conversation with like minded people.  We want you to find out about the legacy of Allen West, and to spread the word about who we are and the good works that we do.

Lt. Col. Allen West founded the Allen West Foundation with the primary objective of inspiring and educating the next generation of conservative and minority leaders.

With this in mind the Allen West Foundation’s initiatives include:

  • JROTC Scholarships, which are presented for exemplary leadership skills and academic achievement
  • Scholarships for Young Marines, and Navy Sea Cadets
  • Leadership Launchpads for young aspiring candidates
  • Critical Issue Forums
  • Urban Town Halls

Please join us and watch as we grow and influence the next generation of conservative leaders in our great country!

AWF 2013

Dr. Joseph A. Finley Jr., PhD 

Executive Director

Allen West Foundation


The Allen West Foundation
6400 Congress Avenue
Suite 2050
Boca Raton, Florida 33487
Office Phone:  (561) 997-6776
Interested in hosting or sponsoring an event for the Allen West Foundation?
Contact Allen West Foundation Fundraising Coordinator
Audrey Dalton at: Audrey@allenwestfoundation.org

6 responses to “Look Who’s Gone Social “The Allen West Foundation” @AWestFoundation

  1. I’m so pleased to be able to message you Sir. Along with many millions of Americans I hold you in high regard. I have followed your career for a while and I’m proud of your service to this country. If I could get a response to one question that puzzles me. I would like to know why, with all the evidence of fraud and abuse of power and treason committed by Barack Obama, you would not be willing to back Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his attempt to expose and charge Barack Obama with fraud and treason? Good luck in the future, if you do decide to run for President, I am very likely to pull the leaver for you Sir.

  2. MR WEST …… Sir please consider running for president of our country PLEASE this country needs a no bullshit ( sorry ) president like yourself before its too late