Allen West “The soft bigotry of low expectations is now the calling card of the Dem party” @wtcommunities


Monday, October 28, 2013 – Allen West: Out of the Foxhole by Allen B. West for The Washington Times Communities

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fl, October 28, 2013 – The Constitutional conservative grassroots movement called the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party has become the favored whipping boy of the elite class of both political parties, and once again is being attacked as “racist.”

The modus operandi of Washington DC is to attack that which it does not understand or threatens its existence.

What is so threatening about the TEA Party? Apparently the fundamental principles it embraces.

First, the Party believes government should be limited as articulated in the Declaration of Independence and resolved in the Constitution, which clearly restrains the power of the federal government. The Party believes in fiscal responsibility — and who wouldn’t be concerned with this wasteful spending and exorbitant debt? The TEA Party supports the free market economic system that has produced the world’s greatest economy, ingenuity and innovation. But most importantly, the TEA Party believes in and holds dear the immutable American principle of individual liberty and freedom.

What American would not embrace those values? It seems President Obama does not and therefore his supporters and Hollywood acolytes like Robert Redford castigate anyone holding these values in opposition to the President as racist.

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6 responses to “Allen West “The soft bigotry of low expectations is now the calling card of the Dem party” @wtcommunities

  1. I wonder if Grayson is a member or past member of the KKK. He seems to think he knows a lot about the KKK especially the tactics he uses by turning and pointing the finger (blaming) someone else belonging to the KKK.

  2. As I have said in past posts, I am a steadfast Republican, not to be a hyphenate of the TEA Party. With that said…..

    I do believe in , and support, the efforts of the TEA Party especially the financial and/or fiscal responsibility on the part of the government.

    If I were the Republican President, the following would be my agenda:

    – Freeze and cease any and all payments/aid, to any and all foreign countries and yes, that includes friends and allies (or what is left of them after this obama womb reject is done dismantling our foreign policy and agenda). Payments will likely resume after a thorough review and accounting of intent, purpose, and reasoning. Most countries will not receive another penny especially countries like Pakistan. DO NOT tell me it is necessary for “national and regional security”. I don’t give a damn about countries like Haiti who, because they were hit by a potent hurricane, think they deserve American dollars to build upon their already corrupt country. Not happening….

    -The United States, my administration will no longer fund, support in any manner, institutions, agenda’s, symposiums, or agencies such as the National Endowment for the Arts for example. Loans and/or grants that fund simpleminded ventures like “study of frogs who burp and the impact on global warming”.

    – I would end ANYTHING that divides modern America. That includes special civil rights/service, privileges, and anything that createsvacracial divide. In other words, I will put Sharpton and Jackson and the Congressional black caucus out of work. Obviously, civil rights has worked and peaked. Look at the current administration of the United States. The success of civil rights is obvious therefore no longer a need to be a separatist country because of race, making the use of the “race card” a criminal act. Face it, if you cannot be an American in America without reference to black or white, then you really need not partake in the freedom offered, and sacrificed by our military, past and present.

    – The LEGAL dismantling of Obamacare using both Constitutional and Civil law.

    – Maximum funding of our military in every aspect. Declare islam as an enemy of the United States and fund appropriately. Covertly, both Russia and China are not befriending muslim countries, as they themselves have been attacked by islamic terrorists. Contrary to public knowledge, both countries have a need to address islamic terrorism in its modern form. Sure, the socialist ideals exist in these countries, but islam constantly threatensvworld domination through islam. Never would I allow a terrorist, especially a muslim/islamic terrorist, to be brought through our court system as the current idiot obama and his blasphemic boyfriend Eric Holder have insisted stating “they have rights”. NEVER would a terrorist from the battlefield be afforded one second of thought. The Geneva Convention begins and ends on the battlefield.

    – Domestic issues are of great importance. Consumer laws will be greatly enhanced and in fact, adjusted to EQUAL that of American business including banks and financial business.
    Example: being that banks charge a $3.00 dollar ATM CONVENIENCE FEE and seeing as how capitalism has allowed greed to be a favorite pastime, consumers will now charge an “INCONVENIENCE FEE” of $25 per instance of not having access to their account whether it be ATM down or not working, depositing a check with immediate access and no hold… There are just so many inconveniences placed upon conumers in every aspect and consumers have been fraudulently misguided by Consumer Advocacy groups. Banks in particular have STOLEN from consumers simply because they can.

    – The criminal credit reporting agencies will be made to pay Americans billions of dollars for their criminal abuse of information. They will be put out of business. Period!! To replace the credit reporting “rackets”will be as simple as one consumer credit reporting agency maintaining, and to give ANY information would require CONSUMER CONSENT AND LEGAL AUTHORIZATION. If ANY information is released either intentionally or not intentionally, the individual will be compensated $50,000 plus. No, this not outrageous. It is justifiable. Debt collection agencies will be dismantled and deemed a subsidiary to ORIGINAL creditors therefore the debt collector AND creditor will both be liable.

    For so long, we have had to cave into “it is what it is” philosophy of government and business. Hardline, Pro-Constitution, family and patriotic values have been missing and it is time to reboot. PERIOD!!