Allen West “We need more of our retired Senior General and Flag Officers to stand up and speak out against the decimation of our fine fighting force”


Written by Allen West on October 24, 2013 for

Cuts to the Marine Corps as mandated by sequestration are bringing the force to dangerously low levels. In 2011, the Marines announced they hoped to “right-size” the force after a decade of war from 202,000 to 186,800. But last month, Commandant General Jim Amos announced the Corps would need to reduce the Marine force to a “minimum acceptable” level of 174,000 as a result of sequestration budget cuts.

This week, while speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Major General Frank McKenzie addressed speculation that the force might have to be cut even deeper.

“Based on our review of the existing requirements today and our best-case projection for 2017, 150,000 would be an unviable number for the Marines,” McKenzie said.

While cuts to 150,000 are not likely, the reduction to 174,000 still means a cut to the fundamental unit of the Corps, the Marine Infantry Battalion. Since the Marines have already cut their end-strength (the maximum level of personnel authorized at the end of the fiscal year) from 202,000, which included some 27 infantry battalions, the 174,000 figure would require a reduction to 21 infantry battalions, as well as cuts to armor and towed artillery formations.


9 responses to “Allen West “We need more of our retired Senior General and Flag Officers to stand up and speak out against the decimation of our fine fighting force”

  1. I would like to see that happen. However I do fear for them now going up against Obama in a public way.
    Think: Ex-sniper, Chris Kyle and Breitbart.

  2. breitbart was murdered his atupsy doctor was murdered ; he revaled obama stiring up black and socilist to take usa red army hitler style!

  3. You are wrong Colonel.

    It is the “O” grades that have failed our military. Tis those officers you speak of, having extra corricular ambitions beyond their careers that would inevitably land in the political business of “politics as usual” and a “welcome aboard pat on the back like Shinseki, Hagel, and take a good long look at Powell.

    No sir Colonel, it would be the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers or NCO’s that would put the noose around Washington when it comes to our military and veterans. Rest assured, each and every politician, including Obama and his cast of idiots would know to leave well enough alone.

    Seeking the voice of flag officers, generals has proven to be both weak and inconsistent.

    Again, that has been part of the problem.

    In fact, being a retired Soldier, I can honestly state, without a doubt and with due respect to the U.S. Army of which I served proudly, that the billions of dollars wasted on uniform changes and design because some “O” grade felt the need to show fashion design literacy.

    Look Colonel, if there is one (well, a few) thing I know, it is military, political science, philosophy, and constitutional adherence and surely things need to change… and quick……..

    It is the ranks of E-6, 7, 8, and 9 that can be cause for political argument without regard for future ambitions. To them, it is about the troops..

    Truth is based upon fact……..

  4. Desexitiziing the military is absurd and also a waste of money .. But our POTUS and SOCIALISTS sees this as a way of humiliating our brave men and woman in uniform in order to meet their gay goals.. Seems our ( leader ?), is either delusional or afraid of the real people that are willing to fight and die for our freedoms that are increasingly being taken away . But this band of criminals and terrorists are in the White House , Congress, and Senate. America must rid ourselves of all criminals that are attacking our once great nation from within..

  5. The following is an excellent heartfelt appraisal of Obama and his agenda by Maureen Scott, on 10/21/13:
    How can so many people not see and feel this?…I have, from the beginning of his attack on everything that the USA stands for….it is unbelievable what Americans have allowed him to do to us!