Allen West “You Know You’re Over the Target When You’re Catching Flak”

by Allen West via Facebook

The liberals who can’t get signed onto have found their way to Welcome! I suppose they’re soooo excited to have found a website that works – that’s why they’re leaving me such nice love notes. Keep it up chuckleheads. As I always say, you know you’re over the target when you’re catching flak. Truth is good medicine. Get ready for an overdsose!

24 responses to “Allen West “You Know You’re Over the Target When You’re Catching Flak”

  1. Isn’t that the way it goes, I’m just glad to know that the liberal party hasn’t only invaded the first nation people with their nonsense. Find an Indian thinking for him/herself, many attack them as traitors and all other such things, as well. Actually, leaving the Democratic Plantations, or the Democratic Reservations, which I personally know something about, and is done for good reasons, because a truly intelligent person knows that these places are only for indoctrination into a helpless and hopeless mentality, one that seeks to keep you with your hand out to big brother, instead of going out and finding your own destiny. It also ensures your keepers, and often times their children, life long careers and prosperity, while you and your family waste time blaming the ” man ” for all your woes. But there is some truth in the part about the ” man” but that man/woman are the Democrats, not the Republicans.

  2. It does appear as if the government is working hard to weaken our own military. None of it is logical unless this is the case. If there ever were a time when a nation needed a strong and ready military, it is this time that we are living in.

  3. Sir,
    As a former SPC and a two time Iraqi Freedom Veteran, I would like to convey my gratitude for your service. I find it hard to believe that our service is being spat upon by this administration and its unconstitutional actions. I am disgusted with the racist comments on the Tea Party and applaud your response to the ignorance of someone who doesn’t understand the cost of freedom.

      • Keep getting the conservative word out sir. There are many like you who love this country and are very concerned about the direction we are going under the liberals. I am a 6 year Army veteran and thank you for all your career service to this great country and for honoring our oath to “protect and defend the constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.” Even though I have been a civilian since 1979, I still honor that oath as do many veterans.

  4. I’m so thankful to know that there are still men like you, Mr. West… w/a backbone and a fear of the Almighty. I pray for you and your family daily, that you’ll remain steadfast…..God bless you sir!

  5. Funny how they call you a “House Negro” in their self-righteousness but yet vote for a party that seeks to control us more by government control. Look for more handouts while real leaders like yourself have given back and worked to make something of yourself. Racism isn’t as scary as ignorance; which there is too much of these days.

  6. THe leftist progressives truly represent hate and ignorance. The democrats entire platform is right out of Saul Ailinsky’s “Rules for Radical”. Don’t debate the opponent because it humanizes them and Ailinsky’s mantra was to humiliate the opponent with lies, vitriol, and false vicious character attacks. The latest stunt by Alan Grayson, whose best part of him ran down his mother’s backside years ago, is just the latest example of the Democratic Socialist Party’s vitriolic attacks.

  7. When I look at the events of the past five years, laying them out and then seeing a pattern, a definite calculated reason for each event along with connection; that connection being the elimination of all opposition. I also see a President that is literally spending America into the poor house while attacking true patriotic Americans for their beliefs. He is doing this with practically zero opposition-why is this. Are his intimidation tactics being used on people to make them do his bidding? What are we arguing about; Democrats & Republicans? A website that doesn’t work or a socialist program that will end up stripping all of us, Democrat and Republican of our freedoms and cost all of us in the end? We need to start talking about how much money Obama is throwing away, while asking ourselves how his spending ties into his plan. Then we need to look at how this horrible (Un-Affordable Careless Act) is going to remove from us our Constitutional right to choose our own health care, among other things. I also have to ask why we are sending aid to our enemies? Why are we seeing more violence in this Country now than we have had for a very long time?

    The question that is most pressing on my mind though is- How and why was Clinton able to send an unarmed drone to the site in Benghazi by 10:30 PM and yet they couldn’t save the lives of our Ambassador and the other brave Americans that were murdered there? Why was the drone unarmed? Not to mention that I know someone was watching the live feed from that drone- who and why did they do nothing?

    I am grateful for you Sir and for Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Dr. Carson and Rand Paul. You are a rock star! At some point we have to force Congress to stop holding hearings and start taking action.

    If there was fraud connected with targeting by the IRS for political reasons; doesn’t that give us cause for concern regarding the election? Perhaps a recount is in order, the vote may have also been tampered with.

    Stand strong Sir, we do not have a voice without you.


  8. Rose, you are RIGHT on point! I couldn’t agree more! The establishment Republicans are so far off the mark… who cares if the web site doesn’t work when the law is based in tyranny??

    Mr. West, I could see you and Cruz or Lee on the ticket and WOW! What a difference you could make. I pray for your safety and health and continue to hope that the general public wake up to the lies by this Administration and the manipulation on ALL OF US by Congress.