Allen West “Failure to have a trained and ready military is potentially catastrophic, if not treasonous.”


Written by Allen West on October 23, 2013 for

The most important responsibility of the federal government is, as the Constitution states, to “provide for the common defense.” However, based on a recent assessment from the Chief of Staff of the US Army, General Raymond Odierno, we have an Army that is woefully unprepared and unready to meet the nation’s call.

It seems this administration’s priority for the US Military has been to ensure gay soldiers can openly serve and opening up combat billets to women. In keeping with his promise (perhaps the only campaign promise he has kept), Obama is fundamentally transforming the US military by way of liberal progressive social engineering.



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    US Military budget cuts indicate that America, by word of the Commanders, has only three, combat-ready brigades. In July of 2013, Janet Napolitano, unlawfully signed a pact with Russia, where Russian troops will come into America and be used as combat forces to put down rebellion and “mop up” opposing forces. Why is Janet Napolitano not in prison for unlawfully entering into a pact with Russia. She lacks Congressional powers to sign any pact without Congressional authorization.

    • Janet Napolitano clearly does not have the best interests of America at heart–she has already demonstrated this through her policies at our southern border that allowed American security to be compromised & ultimately led to the deaths of 2 Americans serving this nation: US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry & ICE Agent, Jaime Zapata. Napolitano’s DHS has also targeted returning Military Vets as possible ‘terrorist threats’ & appears to view various Muslim groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood & CAIR, etc in an extremely benevolent light. It also appears the admin has been actively engaging in a purge of our Military leadership, much in the manner of Hitler or Stalin did prior to their seizure of power.

      • Relieving any commander where there is Just Cause, I will never argue against. Issues involving bribery indicate a possibility of blackmail and endangers not only a naval vessel but the crew as well. The first priority is to that ship. The ship must continue on, the ship must keep fighting. Second priority is the crew. I understand this. The Job comes first. The Mission comes first. What I do not care for are the allegations against some, for their answering questions of, would they disarm the citizens of the US; Would they Open Fire on citizens of the US; Their opposition to homosexuality; Their opposition to not Muslims, but jihadists. Any radical, regardless of religious affiliation is a problem, as terrorists can be any religion. Those who are openly jihadists are never to be acceptable. Questions revolving around the integrity and character of leadership is inappropriate as they should be comfortable with the people prior to naming them for command, and especially under enemy fire, you do not, second guess command. I must question the motives of those ordering any commander to be relieved from command, when it is not a conflict of interest or issue involving their loyalties.
        While some commanders may have been relieved for issues meriting the action, it brings into question the massive numbers of those recently relieved and a review of every case is necessary. The Secretary of Defense, in my opinion, should either resign, or be fired. I’m Old School. I do not care for the politics involved. The president is unqualified to be the position he occupies. You can only “fake it”, for just so long. He is obviously running, but he is certainly not hiding. Command requires being squared off, and being on the level.
        Aside from this computer, I am asocial (not anti-social). I have learned over the years from my profession to be a listener. I need to know from people, what is going on. What just happened. What is happening, and so forth. From that position, it helps me make a better determination of things and what proper action to take. The president, never listens. He runs his big mouth non-stop. He does not have a clue about anything. His decisions are usually incorrect, if not plainly and outright, wrong. He surrounds himself with imbecile, idiots, and corrupt people. Everything backfires on him. His legacy will be a mess, just like everything he puts his hand to, will be a mess. He has no business being the president. He is a despicable street hustler, and nothing more.

      • I agree with everything you posted. In addition, I would only like to add that Obama’s inept performance in the WH thus far & his lack of leadership qualities are highlighted for me by something I read today, that indicated Obama has in his admin the fewest number of individuals (8%), who had any actual business experience. Most of those appointed to positions in his cabinet or in key appointments have NO actual experience of anything outside of academia, ‘community organizing’ (professional agitating), or governmental positions. So all those devising & implementing policies telling companies how to conduct business have NO experience on which to draw; they’ve never worked in the private sector.

  2. There are two ways to destroy a Nation:
    “Through Debt and Through the Sword”
    (paraphrased) John Adams

  3. They (Obama+Friends)…are looking for ANY reason to get rid of those who are loyal American people who have served our country honorably and believe in the LAWS.
    I don’t put it past him to take a crumb of gossip and expand on it to get rid of the good people so he can replace them with “his.”

  4. I just can’t understand why he’s still being allowed to destroy our country. Didn’t our military take an oath to protect our constitution? He(Obama) is destroying everything we hold dear, and had hoped to pass on to our children and grandchildren. Three more years of this and we will not make our way back. He is giving away our country, can’t we do something about it?

    • I do NOT know if this was the actual reason, okay?
      The Russians were here training with out people (which I will never understand that either)…..There was a plan in place by the Military IF he got back into office. “Loose Lips Sinks Ships.” Seems an eager beaver was so excited he told one or more of the Russian Troops. It got back to Obama…that was the beginning of getting rid of the top commanders replacing them with “his.”
      Then again after he “allowed” those in Benghazi to be murdered…so many commanders stepped forward to chastise him. He got rid of them too.
      You know when you are sitting at your monitor and a “response” from a blog site comes into your inbox? You read it to see if you want to respond or not, right?
      One night last year, I was reading a response to see if I wanted to respond to it when I read something that surprised me.

      It seems that Obama has had new uniforms made up in “polyester.” Polyester was banned years ago. It is too hot for the Middle East; and when close to any type of hot metal, or fire, it bursts into flames and burns into the skin causing horrible burns, of course, but also causes serious infections. so…it was banned.

      Obama had new uniforms made up in polyester. So? My question was, “Who will be wearing those? You can only tell they ARE NOT OUR MILITARY when you are up very close. Again…who is wearing those uniforms?

  5. Correction, second sentence:
    “The Russians were here training with OUR people (not “out”)…”

    • Really I would put nothing beyond Obamageddon & his evil little minions; I believe there is no level of depravity & diabolical duplicity to which they will not stoop. They represent everything that is anathema to this nation & all the principles & ideals on which our (formerly great) nation was founded. IMHO I also believe that there was a systematic purging of our Military leadership after Benghazi, after Camp Bastion, after the horrific slaughter of a large percentage of SEAL Team 6 on an outdated/obsolete helicopter in Wardan Province in Afghanistan on a botched mission. It appears to me as if our leadership is being decimated & replaced with those loyal to the poser currently occupying the WH.

      • I fear they have waited too late. Their “strength” of discipline, following orders, etc. from a command system is now working against them.

        Their own strength is being used against them….so? They are going to have to use their weakness (taking control without permission) and save our country.

        I do hope they have not waited too late. Obama is following right in the footsteps of Stalin, Hitler, getting rid of those who were “righteous” leaders.

  6. I am publishing this article due to my continued frustration at getting America to wake up to the very real evilness that is our current Administration, especially when it comes to our beloved military. Obama is purging daily high ranking patriot officers that he knows would never fire on the American people, nor would they obey an unconstitutional order, even one given by the current usurper Commander in Chief. Adolf Hitler did this as well and we saw the result, a German officer group that followed orders blindly resulting the in murder of millions of Jews and other groups deemed un-needed in a perfect German society……//…….OBAMA’S JIHAD ON AMERICA IS IN FULL SWING: So Far 197 Officers have been Removed from the Military During the Purge. (BROTHERHOOD TAKE OVER)………….…/

    • Believe us, we do know. Unfortunately, not everyone in the U.S. knows. They work, get off work; pick up kids and/or grand-kids at school.

      They go home and watch the news believing they are keeping up; and as we all know…they are only getting the tip of the iceberg of what is happening in our country.

      How do I know this? A friend of the family called me from Arizona in a panic. “Did you know Obama is a Muslim!!??? She asked me to send her the most important articles of the damage he is doing.

      She works two jobs and has 3 children. I would imagine there are many, many people in the same shape. I’ve heard terms like, “America is asleep.”
      They have been living their lives like we all should be able to do vs. staying online all of the time to see how much damage he did today, yesterday and know he will continue day after day.