Allen West | What I Wish Obama Would Have Said Today


Written by Allen West on October 21, 2013

The unemployment rate for Americans between the ages of 16-24 is at 15% but instead of providing any solutions to that problem, today President Obama took to the Rose Garden to lecture America about the failures of the Obamacare website. I certainly wish the President would have explained to the American people why there are waivers, exemptions, and delays for his cronies and elected officials, but not for individual Americans.

Americans want to get back to work, not be forced to accept part-time hours or see their insurance premiums skyrocket. Americans did not want Obamacare.


5 responses to “Allen West | What I Wish Obama Would Have Said Today

  1. And next we will hear from Obama, this is exactly why we need a single payer system. I fear that is coming because the Democrats are breeding more and more useful idiots that will support it and vote for it while the Republicans refuse to out Obama for the fraud he is.
    You can only imagine how the 2014 elections will totally change the face of America and overnight as America sat by with their eyes and minds wide shut to reality. Damn the pacifist voters and cowards on Capitol Hill.

  2. I just must share with everyone please 😥 — I am requesting that our Rep’s & Senators in D.C. contact Doctors & get them to write letters of facts to the, & or fax’s; & or get them to speak in D.C. 2 of our family Dr’s have told me very clearly that Obamacare IS Communism. Our fam Dr told me that he doesn’t “comply” with the new “orders” & “demands” from the government that he “will be fined 20% of his income. Our Optometrist told me that thru’ Obamacare he could be fined $10,000 for each patient — meaning: if he keeps his normal “list of patient names” on his desk (that he uses to check & see if his scheduled patients kept their appt’s), then he gets hit w a $10,000 fine for each name on the list. And he said that the gov could “place a plant” — a person pretending to a patient, to see if the Dr has that list on his desk. Please, Mr. West, get going on this? Thank you

    • I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I am very familiar with what you have been told as I experienced the same conversations with doctors that are taking care of my 93 yr mother and 87 yr mother in-law. I have also been told by the doctors I served with in the 82nd Airborne who are now working at Baltimore and Virginia hospitals having shared a similar story. Their short story to me was, get the cataract surgery and pacemakers installed ASAP. Obama care was never about delivering medical services, if it were where is the focus on the future number of doctors of multiple skill sets, nurses, administrators and other skilled technicians needed to deliver the medical services. And to the soon to be added 10 of millions of uninsured plus, all the millions of illegal immigrants. There is already a shortage of medical personnel and fewer each year are making a good living while trying to pay off their 8 to 12 years of university loans and now new equipment loans. Currently no doctor knows what their future Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements will be and banks don’t like that business model either.
      If you and I know this, so have our representatives on Capitol hill known of this for years. I say this of our representatives because they have already been told this by the doctors and universities and also asking where’s the money to support their practice. as for the news media, they remain Shariah compliant by lying and misleading us. so who is going to speak for us/ I don’t know but am sure it will be all too few. At this point I and many of my friends and associates are supporting Dr. Ben Carson to be our voice.