@AllenWest “I want the American people to understand that tonight the Constitutional Republic we know as America has suffered a horrible defeat.”


by Allen West via Facebook

I’m watching the spectacle occurring on the Senate floor. They have passed the 60 vote threshold for ending cloture. I want the American people to understand that tonight the Constitutional Republic we know as America has suffered a horrible defeat. Obamacare is not the law of the land. It is an edict handed down by a tyrant, not a President. The US Senate has just voted to affirm a new precedent that the executive branch can amend law without Congressional approval, and Congress allows it. The waivers, exemptions, and delays implemented by President Obama have delineated a separation, not of powers, but between the political elite and their cronies – and you, my fellow Americans. This is reprehensible, and we can expect even more bad behavior from a President that continues to spit on our Constitution and in our eyes…and smile. The incessant government spending continues with no solution for economic growth. Anyone voting for this tonight owes some explaining to Americans….but maybe not. As Obama stated, “I won.”

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      • Mike, I agree 100%. We need to start over with “term limits.”
        The news guys got in but couldn’t help us a lot. The fat azzes in D.C. walked all over them. You know how it is. With just a few new ones…they tried…they really did.
        I have a short video as proof. And, I want you to watch the faces of the “old ones”.
        Watch the faces of the fat, bloated politicians as this man stands up for all of us. This was right at the time of the signing of the NDAA.
        ​They look soooo bored.


      • I’m here for it I was in Nam and fought for these butt heads I love my country BUT I hate the fools that all of these spinless a.h. in D.C. so count me in

      • None of you have enough balls to start or even join a revolution. You just post comments and walk around the house steaming at a guy you fantasize as a dictator. It’s not real! Come back to the earth!

      • You Sir, are on the wrong website. This site is not for creating dialog with Communist/Marxist/Progressive minded as they are our enemy and the enemy of our county which is a Constitutional Republic.

    • It ends when we take to arms, stand and fight.
      Otherwise it will always be business as usual, Men like West, Cruz, and the like are too few to effect any other outcome.

      I really hate to say it and don’t want it to be, but open armed revolution is the ONLY way things will change.
      And that truth disgusts me to no end, but truth it is.

      Why do you think the left is pushing so hard at disarming the public and destroying the 2nd amendment? They know this is the truth as well and the only thing they really fear.

    • No. With the exception of VERY few, NO ONE in Washington represents or actually does ANYTHING to help those that put them in office. Particularly the democrats.

    • WE LOVE YOU, SIR! I would follow you into HELL! “ILLEGITIMUS NON CARBURUNDUM !” Thank you, fellow American Patriot!!

  1. Sad day. The whole lot needs to be thrown out of office. You and I both know what that will take and it won’t be through the ballot box, I fear.

    Mike Shane
    Salem Radio Omaha

      • I am just talking out loud. I have no proof…just a recent happening motivated me to think this.
        He retired/fired(?) another Military Commander….one with the Nuke Codes. I was just thinking…maybe(?) there was a plan to drop it on the Obama household.

      • I think the best thing that could happen is a congressional hearing where Mike Zullo makes his presentation of facts by the announcing all the discoveries he has made during his background investigation the prove Obama is a fraud. Then comes the perp-walk of Barry the non-citizen with all of his puppeteers exposing themselves to defend their puppet, fraud and usurper. That would make my day as well as millions of others. But since we have nothing but cowards on Capitol Hill this will remain on my wish list.

  2. The Republicans left the conservatives behind, and libertarians are just small government liberals, the Constitution Party is where true conservatives belong, to me it makes no difference weather a RHINO or a Dem is in office, they may speak differently but they always seem to accomplish the same thing.

  3. The best Term Limits we have is the power of the active, knowledgeable and determined voter. No sitting at home, ignoring and pretending like politics won’t affect you. Find and support a strong candidate to defeat the same anemic lawmakers calling Washington home.

    • I don’t know what it will take, Karl. Obama did NOT win either time. He got in both times with Massive Fraud. Our Country HAS BEEN Hijacked!

      Even last time when it was clear that Romney did win…Obama still walked back into the oval office. Oooo, yes, that I know of, there was only one person go to prison for defrauding people out of their votes at the voting place…JUST ONE.

    • you really still do not get it do you, democracy is moot, hitlery just won 2016 and your life just changed forever more, hope you like sticking your butt up in the vair an a rug singing to allahlalalala. because that is the true scheme of the rest of this country, time was there bear feeds you, well now its your turn to feed the bear

    • Absolutely! Washington will never reform itself. Our focus needs to be stronger on our state legislatures to nullify their usurpations. Article V may be the only way to impose “Term Limits”. Anyone running on a platform to vote in term limits is kidding themselves and maybe the voters too.

  4. I think this demonstrates, as I have always believed, that the true protectors of the Constitution, and guarantors of its principles, are the people. The American public cannot rely on the three branches of government to uphold the Constitution. The Press, as the Fourth Estate, has also sold out. Our political leaders are not to blame. The fault lies with the electorate which has given away its freedom for the promise of security and “goodies”. I think, as did Rome, we have transitioned from our Republican phase to the Early Imperial Phase of America.

    • I think your wrong…We Americans have been becoming more agitated and we are growing more angry each and every day….I think all this corrupt bunch has done is push the go button for all Americans to begin to drag their corrupt asses out of our offices by hand….and by GOD it’s about time…He and this crooked bunch of crooks are not taking my grandchildren’s future…!!!!

      • This is exactly what obama is trying to do. He wants an uprising so he can clamp down with his corrupt army. We must remain peaceful and give him no edge to grip on to. Peaceful demonstrations by the millions around the country are our only hope. Truly, the time to ‘occupy’ the streets is now.

      • Lela, I think it’s already to late. why do you think he has been stock piling Ammunition, there Military tanks running around the east coast moving from one place to the other. They are getting ready for us to do something stupid. Why do you think they are spying on us. Facebook, the internet, cellphones, they know everything we are doing. If we make one wrong move he declares Martial Law and they start shooting. What Boehner did today took away all of our rights and made obama king. Get ready, to wear a rag on your head and you better learn to bow. Personally, I don’t look good with a rag on my head and bent over.

      • with that attitude it will be too late for you. She didn’t use the word ‘was’ and I agree. we are not done yet!

    • Afraid of what exactly? People like you make sick when they espouse the only valid and constitutionally correct form of correction once the breach of trust has happened, it is not the worst thing that can happen, it is the only thing that can happen other than laying down before a dictator and pledging allegiance to one man. May it never be, if it’s time for action, let it be now, if it’s time for you to alleviate your fears and place yourself in harms way for the preservation of the republic from enemies within, let it begin with you.

      • war is inevitable. the branches of the military will not stand with Obama. they are already starting to turn on him. that’s why theyre getting fired and quiting

  5. I am profoundly disturbed at the downfall of the country I grew up in. It no longer exists and what we have now is something our parents would have lectured us badly for allowing to happen. All the blood of our forefathers seems to be wasted at this point.

  6. Obama will continue to “Win” untill we the people stand up and fight. It’s time to IMPEACH him! he can’t be allowed to continue to strip our country of it’s freedom and rights. The consitution has been working for more than 200 years and obama deliberatly defies it! It’s almost civil war time…or revelution time which ever you want to call it.
    The only way to end this is to remove obama from office. Fire his administration and anyone he has appointed. Recommission our military generals obama fired. Start fresh. This country can’t survive any longer with obama as president.
    We need a new party…a “Patriot Party”. We need people like Allen West to be in this party! God fearing,Bible thumping,Gun toten men and women who have ethics,values and morals! There are a few out there left and they could save America if we the people stand up with them! No one person is perfect but I could see a start with Allen West,Ted Cruz,Rand Paul and Sarah…I think they could shake obama out of his ivory tower and put his face in the dirt! Allen West has his military experiance that would be invaluable to this new party, he has the ethics ,the morals and values as do the other 3. Sarah stands up to the libbies like a mother bear on defence, Ted Cruz is a missle and Rand Paul has the experiance. Call me crazy but I think a new Patriot Party is needed! Plus these four would know who is who and who would be good in this new party…we need a good mix of Patriots to go agaisnt obama!
    Enough is enough we the people need to demand the Impeachment of obama!
    We the people want our country back! No amesty for illegal crimnals…let them come into our country like law abiding immigants have. No sharia law ever in our country!
    If we all stand together we can get our country back!

    I wish I could get my hands on the budget…I may not know anything about politics but I can budget to no end!!! I could cut the budget in half with no problems! Okay maybe not half but darn close to it!!!

    Ret LTC West if you read this please share it with Ted,Sarah and Rand…and anyone else you think might be a good Patriot! Thank-you !

      • No offense lady but shut up! I think they have a great idea!! If there was some way of implementing it that would be awesome. I think you should take this further and see if you can possibly talk to one of them somehow. Share your ideas with them. I’m betting you have something going on there that Obama should fear!g

      • please shut thfk up lady,, you r doing nothing to help.all you do is hurt with your comments,,my god;; read what these men are saying, nothing more will ya !!

  7. OK, so now what… To many it seems a “revolt”, of some sort is in order, a protest that leads to what? I believe that the most impactful means would be huge organized series of protests in every city across the country simultaneously, to protest the way this country is being run, the need to fire every senator & congressman ( maybe some freshman aside) have new elections with max 4 year term limits, then you back to a regular means of earning a living. We get back to basing everything on the constitution! Deal with the deficit, STOP giving $ to most countries, (Israel and a few other exceptions ) SERIOUSLY, IF ANY COUNTRY CONFLICTS WITH OUR SOVERIGNTY & or is a TERRORIST nation ” NO, NONE ABSOLUTELY NO $ FROM THE USA PERIOD, figure it out your selfs… WE HAVE TO GET THIS HOUSE IN ORDER, FORGET ABOUT BEING P. C. START DEPORTING MANY FOLKS. YOU ARE EITHER FOR THE CONSTITUTION, AND ARE 199% for this country on founding principles of YOUR OUT A HERE, PERIOD!

    • now that is funny, a protest, you dont really get it do you, you just got told by someone you think cares about you, he is actually telling you, the jokes on you,and to thank you for believing in him as he helps the rest to stick it to you in a very vile way, is that worth a protest, you just got raped

      • TWWC: your viewpoint is now mute, invalid and worthless to those who have the means, resources and motivation to do what u r saying is a lost cause. hush up, get outta the way and watch it happen…the sleeping majority is waking up in a bad mood!

      • Your funny sometimes, however [you] more then anyone else finds you amusing!
        You forget what happened in Egypt pal! And that can happen just as easily here and no drone, no muslim military leader taken over in place of our fired generals can come close to stopping it!
        Please, rap your legs around your neck and sit on your head, squeeze out that pathetic liberal brain fart that keeps oozing out your mouth onto your screen and stfu!

      • STFU you lazy, non supportive crazy bitch. Your probably one of the many fat asses in America who take advantage of the freedoms that I myself have been fighting for, for the past 9 years, and don’t do a damn thing to try keep those freedoms. When was the last time you exercised one of your rights, besides running your fuckin mouth on here. Maybe if “pukes” like you would get up off their asses and help do something about this situation instead of rolling over and giving up, then our country wouldn’t be in the shape it is.

  8. “The US Senate has just voted to affirm a new precedent that the executive branch can amend law without Congressional approval, and Congress allows it. ”

    This is against the Constitution of the United States. You know, the system of checks and balances????

  9. I cannot freakin’ believe this…. We are on our way to a communist country… and the republicans have been sucked right in with the democratic lies…. and as for our President? He has lured them all in…. WTF over….

    • They caved. Shame on no-balls, McCain. Too old, career politician. McConnell is a whimp-cave-in, not a conservative and they are both out of touch with reality of the American People. These folks have no idea how pissed we are.

      • It’s a shame. Now the dimwits made sure we have no debt ceiling so now it’s spend spend spend. Typical dimwit ideas. Shameful.

  10. If we are to ever get our country back we have got to rise up now or we may never get another chance. They are attacking us on every front and the sad part is a lot of my fellow Americans are completely oblivious to the traitors they think its just another day, God help us please!!

  11. Mr. West we need a leader and you sir should be that leader. We need a leader to lead us to do what we need to do as true Americans. The traitors in DC are selling us out and taking away everything that so many have died to protect, this just makes me sick.

  12. One by one the defeats will continue as we continue to be diverted away from the real problem. That core problem is we have a Progressive Communist minded president that has committed ID fraud and therefore is a usurper of the presidency of the United States. Not until some congressman/woman stands up in the well of the house and says I have seen the proof that Obama is not whom he claims to be and demand congressional hearings to begin. That first hearing must have Detective Mike Zullo in attendance with his presentation of facts for the frauds Obama has committed. No more closed sessions to discuss any so to speak sensitive discoveries to be hidden from We The People.
    Every congress person knows of the investigations the Sherriff Joe and Mike Zullo have performed so who wil standup for us? to me that means we have no representation.
    Anybody want to bet on what the new comprehensive immigration hearings and laws will yield fo us.

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    What a great man Mr. West is. I wish he would lead us to the front lawn of the White House to take back our country!

  14. I am a Conservative (too ashamed to say Republican anymore after the folding of the party today) from Texas. I read all the different political posts and am shocked at the hate being shared between the Democrats and Conservatives. By hate, I mean juvenile name-calling which turns into “Teatards I hope your children die,” or worse. I am a firm believer of our Constitution and really fear it is in danger along with our rights. Everyone talks about revolution, taking back our Country etc., but I don’t see the action and I’m afraid we are going to be too late. We can’t rely on politicians and Obama will continue this assassination of our Country if he is not stopped. What do we really do? How, what, & when?

    • I am a Conservative as well. I will tell you that when Obama-nation takes over these young folks have no idea what’s in store for them. We all need to fear the take-over. I agree that “We the People” talk about taking back our country but we don’t have any representation in Washington except for Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. They are trying to send us the message and tell us that they are the only ones. But the elites in Washington…the career politicians are fighting tooth and nail….it’s a shame. These two true patriots who are standing up against the Washington elitists are called names because they are in touch with Americans. We need to stand behind those who believe in the constitution. I am asking as well…what are we going to do?

  15. Its over. There is no revolt. Its just business. The Tea Party didn’t have a plan and a lot of people went without pay checks, for what? There won’t be a republican president for a while (thank god).

    • It is very evident you were once a useful innocent and now you have matured into a useful idiot. Or we should consider to pray asking God to forgive you because you know not what you know, due to your ignorance.
      Remember knowledge is powerful but only when it is shared with those willing to receive it.

      • So sad that there are so many of those “useful idiots” around now. They were brain washed in school and now they are slack jawed starbucks coffee drinking Iphone toting droids with no will to “cause conflict”.

  16. I am getting the hell out of dodge. I’ll go get some gun training and come back when the revolution starts with my family and guns on our hips.

  17. The absolute worst part of it is that the executive branch can now amend a law without congressional approval. That violates the constitution. Is this a permanent change?

  18. Mr. West, please begin by looking in your own party’s back yard. Republican’s have shut down the Government and have held OUR Country hostage. Republican’s changed the long standing House rules and have made it so ONLY the House Majority Leader is able to bring a motion before the House to end the shut down. Our entire County is held in the hands of 1 person and that one person is NOT the President! Please tell the House Majority Leader WE want our Country back and end this shut down now! Shame on all of you, Republican and Democrat. This is a Republic United by Individuals (remember the pledge of allegiance?). Senators, Congressmen, even the President are there to serve US, not their personal agendas. Your job is a temp job at best, but your actions (all of you) effect US for a long time. Stop pointing fingers at each other..WE DON’T CARE! We want you all to do your jobs! Americans are tired of hearing BOTH party’s excuses and blame game. OPEN OUR COUNTRY BACK UP !

  19. Alan, this is the beginning of a new revolution. It is so sad that this has to happen to take back our country. B.O wants this so he can have his martial law so he can take away our firearms. This is all this is.

    Amnesty will be next and that will most likely be the icing on the cake for American citizens. Fight the good fight!

  20. >You just post comments and walk around the house steaming at a guy you >fantasize as a dictator. It’s not real! Come back to the earth!

    Denials like this one will continue right up to the point that the power grab is complete. Left and Right will be replaced with Elite and Screwed.

  21. I believe the American people got just what they asked for…a King…we are the Children of Israel 2013 God help us and save us.

  22. Wire whisperer you are scary.a.re you for Hilliary being the president or not.

    If yo are better do more research and stop posting on this true patriots web site please. If you don’t lets try to be more positive and put our heads together. The republicans are going to pressure congress to impeach Barry. I think we have a few democrats on our side..We can only pray. I am not afraid of Bohner but Barry has shown his wrath on the American people so he must be watched very closely.

  23. I find it incredibly frustrating that absolutely none of this is true.

    “Obamacare is not the law of the land. It is an edict handed down by a tyrant, not a President.”
    Did all of 2010 just pass by with no one paying attention? The bill was voted on, and passed, by both chambers of the congress and signed by the President. I recommend you revisit the educational video of “How a Bill Becomes a Law” [ http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h3590/actions ]

    “The US Senate has just voted to affirm a new precedent that the executive branch can amend law without Congressional approval”
    Besides the fact that the Senate alone can not pass a law on it’s own because the House must also pass a bill in order for it to become a law, I still tried to find proof of this online, but to no avail. I only found articles quoting this. So, Allen, would you mind showing me where you got this information?

    What is truly “reprehensible” is that you are providing false information, with no citations, to the American public. But what is more disappointing is that it appears no one commenting on this has even bothered to perform a basic google search and are willing to take what you say as true. It’s disheartening.

    • A reading comprehension problem for Obama Care and what is considered the law of the land for that bill written in 2010. Where does it state anywhere you can give special exceptions to differant classes/groups of people after a bill becomes law?

      Plus Obama absolutly can’t prove the signiture Barack H. Obama II belongs to him. He has no legal documents in the name Barack H. Obama II to prove that.

  24. Kristin I applaud your mind as well as your writing. Politicians want to think of us “sheep” – unintelligent, absent minded fools who will follow them blindly.

    Unfortunately for them, by their own mishandling of our Country’s affairs, more and more Americans are becoming informed.

    I no longer can identify myself as a Republican nor Democrat. Both parties have wronged us. While the Senate (Democrat controlled) just passed this legislation which I find against the Constitution, the House (Republican controlled) passed a edict that was in direct contradiction to their own rule of any representative could bring a motion to end the shut down so as to allow only the majority leader (Republican) the ability to end the shut down.

    So, in my eyes both parties are guilty of treason. Both parties have declared war on the American people.

    You may find that sentence high handed or that of a person who has an axe to grind, but before you pass judgement, look up those 2 charges and see if they do not fit our current situation and the acts of both parties.

    While in means am I saying we need a call to arms or to riot,I am saying we need to start electing those that are willing to serve the American people and stop serving self or special interests.

    It is my hope and sincere prayer that we as Americans will vote a lot better in 2014 and start holding our politicians accountable and servant minded.

    • Thank you. Your post alone helped restore a bit of optimism! I too identify with neither party. I know which House rule you are referring to, with which I also disagree, but which legislation did the Senate pass? Are you referring to the one mentioned in the post? If so, I am having trouble locating any reference to it. Could you guide me in the right direction?

      • I agree and also refuse to be a part of Obama’s economy. I will make my way providing for my family without touching the Obama economy. It is the generation of my children that I pray for.

  25. I think it is a shame that our “so called” President has our country in such turmoil.
    The President is elected to protect and support…not divide. A President of a Free Republic is elected on behalf of the American public to unify our free nation uphold our constitution that our country was founded on. We are the greatest free nation and people love living in this free nation. People wanted to come here to be free. So many generations have lived good lives here in this great country. But now we have a problem. The problem is: We have a POTUS that refuses to follow our constitution, breaks our own laws, breaks his law and our elected officials whom we have elected are allowing him to do whatever he wants. Some do not recognize what he is doing. They are caught-up in what is best for them but at some point they will realize that none of the wrongs are right. Some are so afraid of sticking-up against him that they can’t see right in front of their face what he is doing to our country. They just want to appease him. HIM, OBAMA. They are scared of him…not the American People. McCain and McConnell are out of touch with the American People. They are elite and do not live their lives like we do. They have no idea about paying bills or a budget. If they did they would have past a budget in the last five years. Nope…they just raise the debt ceiling! Can you or I just raise our debt ceiling? No…we have to budget. They are out of control. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were trying to do something about this out of control government but these career politicians decided that they need their career more than we need fair government and accountability within our government.

  26. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat…. why should I choose to be one or the other when both are literally the same thing these days? Every time I watched the two CSPAN channels currently available to me on campus, all I could hear were our so called Representatives throwing temper tantrums like a kid who didn’t get their way and throwing blame at each other much like a monkey throws feces.

    I say that each and everyone of our so called Representatives… ANYONE who claims to be a Representative of the American people should have to go before the American people and explain why, in plain English, why they did what they have done. Explain in plain English with the condition that if they start ‘talking fancy’ with big words than they lose their job without question. Basically make it so they have to earn the privilege of being able to keep their jobs. At the very least they should be required to do so for the area they claim to represent.

    I’d say this should be the rule all the way up to the ‘Commander and Chief’ but at least he can only be in office for 8 years… no, he should have to do it as well.

    • You hit the nail on the head. Obama told us he would have clearly transparent government. He told us he would have everything in writing on the web so all could see it. He boasted that his government would be the most transparent unlike Bush. It is everything but. There is no plain English, no transparency, no posting of legislature. Plus he passed a health care law that doesn’t apply to any of the politicians…only to us. He has given exemptions to his special interest groups and companies but there is not any exemptions for we the people. He made changes to his own law which is against the constitution. This government thinks they know everything about every area of our lives, including what we eat, drink, spend, health, cars we drive and now the President is telling us that we shouldn’t blog or listen to talk radio. When did he become a dictator or a king? I can not believe he even had enough nerve to actually say that about what we blog or listen to. Seriously there is a problem when our POTUS says that we shouldn’t be blogging or listening to the radio. Disturbing.

      • I agree with you, now how do we get this message of discoveries out to the people nationwide? How do we do this? I not sure at the moment but for a revolution.

        I think too many people are stuck on what Obama says to the American people in general and not what he says to College Students, the Union members and what he said in his Cairo speech to Muslim world and especially his praise of Iran and Turkey in his comments.
        However, as far as Obama being transparent, he did say to the general public as a promise he was going to fundamentally change America. Plus, saying he would start with health care. In regard to health care he said a single payer system would be best but it is too soon to do that and it may take 5 to 10 years but it will be implemented. We need to understand that to fundamentally change America means to change the lives of all Americans and now we know he meant except for those he exempts. We must always remember he is not talking to you or I. It is the useful innocents and idiots plus all the college students who are uninformed children in adult bodies.
        Obama/Soetoro or whomever he is, is all about power and control of We The People meaning he must control our basic needs. To do that, business foundation changes must take place by government control/ownership and/or other controls.
        We have forgotten or don’t know of Obama’s history make up that molded him into what he is today. Plus this grooming and invention of him started in his college years. He was the perfect putty to be shaped into what was needed by his college Socialist, Marxist and Progressive mentors as he was abandon by every person close to him in his formidable years. His mother, both Muslim fathers and grandparents were all gone early in his life as the perfect socialist/communist candidate. He was even molded into a narcissist while writing about himself to aid him for believing whom he is or to be.
        So now we have a Puppet POTUS and everyone is too much coward to expose him and his puppeteers and his following appointees and friends as the future face of America.
        Arif Alikhan – currently the Deputy Executive Director for Homeland Security and Elibiary, Mohamed: Homeland Security Advisory Council.
        Shora, Kareem: Homeland Security Advisory Council
        Shora, Nawar: Senior Advisor to the Civil Rights and Liberties Office of the Transportation Security Administration
        Rashad Hussain is the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.
        Salam al-Marayati the founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council.
        Imam Mohamed Magid is basically Obama’s ‘Sharia law czar.’ Know that Imam Mohamed Magid also serves as the president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).
        Eboo Patel is a member of Obama’s inaugural Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships. Also we know, Eboo Patel spoke at a Muslim Students Association and ISNA convention, appearing on a panel alongside Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, and Siraj Wahhaj.
        Barack H. Obama Foundation: Headed by President Obama’s half-brother, who oversees the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investments.
        And then there is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s closest aide, her deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin, “has three family members … connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” (In fact, Abedin herself spent 12 years working for the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a Saudi-based Islamic think tank whose agenda was—and remains to this day, “to grow an unassimilated, aggressive population of Islamic supremacists who will gradually but dramatically alter the character of the West.” Note; this is only a sampling.

        So when me and my cohorts working as a semi retired and active FSO’s following up on Hillary Clinton’s birther claims in 2007-08 till 2013. This is what you discover (Fraud) when you perform a mock background investigation on Obama as if he were to be applying for a position at a defense contractor requiring a TS/SCI security clearance needing a passport to work in the Middle East.
        we have tried to get any and all in Congress, Senate, Military leaders, VFW Post Commanders and Ret. Brass to meet with Mike Zullo and listen to his presentations of his discovers yielded from his background investigations of Obama. Silence from the cowards for committing to listen to the facts.

        Those who read this, the question is how will those claiming to be conservatives/republicans cast your vote in 2014 and 2016. Will you clean house of those not performing as a Constitutionalists or just be complacent and vote for a incumbent Rino left leaning self serving politician?

        The remaining We The People of the U.S. Constitution must perform the corrective action required to saveour country.