Allen West “It just never ceases to amaze me how liberal progressives never address the issue or the point being made.”


by Allen West via Facebook

My dad taught me an interesting maxim, “Never read your own press and never drink your own tub water.” It was advice I didn’t understand as a young fella, but fully comprehend today: don’t get full of yourself. I never read articles written about me. However, when I can, I read your comments to see what y’all are thinking. Thanks for your words. It just never ceases to amaze me how liberal progressives never address the issue or the point being made. Calling me Uncle Tom, saying I’m a war criminal who should be in prison – what a bunch of chuckleheads. All they’re doing is proving liberals and Alinskyites are devoid of the intellectual rigor to engage in valid debate and would rather engage in petulant whining – just like their Dear Leader, President Obama.



21 responses to “Allen West “It just never ceases to amaze me how liberal progressives never address the issue or the point being made.”

  1. I would compare this Congress to a demolition derby, and the press continue to point at us for blame. Nobody wants to mention the truth; if the senate and president had done their jobs, as required by law, over the last five years, and passed a budget every year, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. There would be no need for a continuing resolution, no reason for a shut-down. But this regime believes it is easier to lie to us while continuing to follow an agenda unknown…

  2. ACA-So now women who desire to can now get paid to prevent and abort LIFE per Obamacare. Law is in Direct Violation of Religion, Moral and Constitutional rights and beliefs. Our Great Nation has sunk to an all time low with this Obama Abort and Prevent Life Law. Our Fore Fathers and Mothers are surly churning in their graves, not to mention what are Father Above must think of us. Govt. has allowed fraud and overspending. They are giving away tax payers money to the lame and lazy abroad and at home. Double counting the money to fund Obamacare. THIS MIGHT BE WHY AMERICA IS BANKRUPT, White House math. Country is in debt (bankrupt) Senate needs to vote on EACH BILL as it is sent to them. This is a Needed House Effort to control spending and keep this country open and running. At this point I don’t care about abroad. Americas have to take care of their families and country First and insure there is a Future for both. Republicans stay strong and stand together we are one step from the going over the edge. DON’T give the Democrats and POTUS anything. Its time too reel them in. Hold the Line Stop the spending and ACA now!!! Thank You Republicans for your service. What a TEAM do not let up. You gentlemen are what America needs. Leaders “The greatest leaders are those who listen to the people and respond to their voice” Amen and God Bless to all of you for listening.

    • Your Welcome, the first order of Business should be to “IMPEACH” this COWARD POS obummer! and get the mess he created cleaned up right after his trial for countless “surrenders” from this “DUMBASS”

  3. Its past time to purge the Republican Party of the John McCains, Lindsey Grahams and other Marxist-oriented, Big Government RINOs and have honest folks like Allen West represent us in Government.

  4. Would have loved to have met your Father, he sounds a lot like mine. Sure do miss the pearls of wisdom he constantly taught his 4 children. Keep up the fight to save America, and know there are millions just like me who teach our children and grandchildren to see the truth.

  5. Unfourtunitually, thanks to obummer I’m “BROKE”, and thanks again obummer my private health ins has gone from $119. per month to well “OVER” $475.00 “PER MONTH” for me one person!!!

  6. Mr West. I just posted almost the some wording you did on a liberal sight at Huffington. Obama has a cult following of seemingly very lost not nice or educated, souls. What does that say about the people who raised them?

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  8. I am a 68 year old Mother of four. I am embarrassed at how little I know about our government. I know about honesty loyalty, integrity, living by spiritual principals my Mama taught me. I am also aware when someone is lying. I believe the men who are running our country are criminals and liars., all the way from the bottom to the top. I would never be ashamed of my country only the men that run it. May the lord bless you Mr West and thank you for the work you do. You are a true man of God.

  9. Dear Doris, I am 76 yrs. old and was on the Board of Elections in Illinois. That is where I discovered just how corrupt the Democrats are. They even bought votes in my neighborhood. People told me about being approached and offered boxes of candy with money in it. Many took it and enjoyed both, but didn’t vote the way they were told to. It is time for true Americans to stand firm against the growing corruption in D.C. from both Parties.