“Americans must hope Allen West is correct in his assessments” via @wtcommunities @Dan_Gray_


Monday, October 14, 2013 – The Gathering Storm by Daniel Martin Gray for the Washington Times Communities

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2013 — At the American Majority New Leaders Summit in West Chester, PA on 10/11/13, I asked Lt. Col. Allen West, former Congressman, distinguished Army career officer, Tea Party favorite and potential candidate for President in 2016 a three-part question.

Given the Obama administration’s willingness to usurp powers Constitutionally mandated to Congress and their contempt for courts, did he believe that President Obama would go so far as to use a real or false-flag event as cause to abrogate Posse Commitatus, and use American troops against citizens on American soil?

Would Generals give illegal orders directing the military to act against peaceful citizens?

Would American soldiers follow illegal orders or mutiny?

West immediately scoffed at the first with a flat “No”. He strongly denied the second, citing high professional standards and ethics of military leadership. He entirely dismissed the third as even a possibility, praising the servicemen and women of our nation as dedicated and devoted to their oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Perhaps West is right.

He certainly knows firsthand the character of those who serve as leaders and volunteers in our Armed Forces, and many of the patriots that now rise to meet the challenges of a government that knows no limits in pursuit of raw power. He is no stranger to conflict in service of our country, whether with deadly force abroad against foreign enemies, or in peaceful politics at home against domestic ones. He has become a touchstone of the movement to restore constitutional government. Americans must hope he is correct in his assessments.

But Americans must also recognize the factors that turn a peaceful protest into a violent mob; that make dedicated public servants behave like monsters. Emotions run high. Restraint by citizens and training of officers only runs so deep. With the Executive so eager to execute, how far will they push before they push too far? How far will the American people allow themselves to be pushed?



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5 responses to ““Americans must hope Allen West is correct in his assessments” via @wtcommunities @Dan_Gray_

  1. Mr. West I remember Kent state shooting, the troops can be called out on Federal property only if a shot is fired they will return fire?

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  2. How can you say that when they are already in violation of their oaths by not removing this administration for Treasonous action?
    Obama has and is openly supporting advancing and supplying the Muslim Brotherhood world wide. Egypt was armed with 125 M1A1 tanks and they support systems just when the Brotehrood was taking over, that was soon followed by a wing of F-16 fighter bombers and their support systems, and the deal for two new German submarines as well.
    The inclusion of the brotherhood inside of our Security network, resulted in the deaths of the CIA agents in the Middle East at a critical time. The continued efforts by Obama after the Benghazi incident to supply the weapons and funds to the murders of four Americans.
    Obama current efforts to seclude Egypt because they kicked out the Brotherhood.
    His continued funding supplying of our enemies should have cause the military to step up and remove his administration for Treason, where are they why have they not acted on their oath to the Constitution and the people of the United States of America?

  3. I looked Posse Commitatus up and it said Obama can call out troops to protect Federal property, I a shot was fired as in kent state, Boston 1775. Will the troops fire? And could imam Obama call for martial law?

  4. If you run 2016, I will vote for you! I am a disabled vet and I’d work to get you elected, your are a great American