Allen West “I intend to answer the call to arms for my republic.”


by ALLEN B. WEST via PJ Media


In February, we launched the Next Generation TV project as part of PJ Media and PJTV in order to highlight the pressing issues facing future generations of Americans. We sought to make the connection between the generations of parents and grandparents and their children and grandchildren, an endeavor to educate and illuminate the spectrum of generations. As Plato stated: “Those who refuse to participate in politics shall be governed by their inferiors.”

It is now time to take the Next Generation TV project to its next phase: truly engaging the millennial generation. It is rather challenging for a salt-and-pepper-haired man such as myself to make a strong connection, regardless of having two daughters aged 20 and 16. I do hope we have been successful in challenging you to “stand up for the future,” and to have conversations with your children and grandchildren.

The promise of America is at stake: the promise that inspires us to the “pursuit of happiness” now faces a competing belief, namely that the government can “guarantee your happiness.” This past week on The O’Reilly Factor, Bill posed an interesting question to guests Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham:

Can we punish some in order to enable all?

This question addressed the heart of the ideology confronting America, and reminds us of Karl Marx’s creed: “From each according to their ability to each according to their need.” Marx championed government redistribution under the guise of economic equality, fairness, and “social justice.” Juan Williams’ response represented the emotional basis behind some people’s belief in redistribution — essentially, we should want to help people. Yet America is the greatest country the world has ever known because it was established to foster “equality of opportunity.” Such a government emphasizes setting the conditions for the success of the individual, the preeminent entity in our republic.

America is now embroiled in a fight against an ideology that favors “equality of outcomes,” and elevates the collective over the individual. The leading progressive thinker John Dewey stated:

The state has the responsibility for creating institutions under which individuals can effectively realize the potentialities that are theirs.


Freedom is not something that individuals have as a ready-made possession. It is something to be achieved, natural rights and natural liberties exist only in the kingdom of mythological social zoology.

With such ideological impetus, it amazes me how the classification of “progressive” retains a connotation of cool. Progressivism is antithetical to the American idea. In our collective ignorance, America is falling for something that has never succeeded on the face of the Earth. Per Thomas Sowell:

 We have exchanged that which works for that which sounds good.

Why must we stand up for the future? We currently are the first generation of Americans that will leave less for subsequent generations than we inherited. Reversing this tragedy is our challenge. Today, I am committing myself even more to taking this message across the U.S., in person and via media — an Allen West liberty and freedom road show of sorts is on its way. I intend to answer the call to arms for my republic.

I look forward to seeing many of you out and about. By mid-October you will be able to keep up with my mission on Next Generation TV will refocus to wholeheartedly engage with our millennial generations, as my daughters Aubrey and Austen constantly remind me that I am not terribly cool. However, they know their Dad fights to ensure their future has more opportunity than the one my parents fought to establish for me.

I humbly implore all of you: Go “All In” for America, for your legacy and our next generation. They need us to display courage, competence, commitment, conviction, and character, to never falter, surrender, or retreat, and to hold hearing the following words as the ultimate goal:

Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Granddad.

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  1. Sir you have an army of followers who would gladly follow you through hell and back while carrying a gas can in each hand. We are measly waiting for you and other actual LEADERS to lead the way. For the record, what you do for America, you are very cool, one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. I would love to see you on an overpass with us some day!

      • I will not allow personal vile, foul mouthed attacks on West. So I review comments as they are left. 98% of them are fine and they go right through but the other 2% that the leftist trolls come over to leave. I will not give them the satisfaction of seeing their vulgarity published. Once again, its approval, to moderation. I believe even people who don’t like him can come post, I just won’t late the viciousness when it is a website I control.

  2. I beleave we are late but like they say ” better late that not at all” . Lets getter done!

  3. Mr. West, I am a 62 year old great-grandmother. I’ve got a big mouth, a love for my country, and I also hit what I shoot at. My husband and I spent 20 of our 44 years of marriage in the Army. My 7 children, my 21 grandchildren, and my 4 great-grandchildren are all depending on someone like you to lead us. Show us the way, Sir. Tell, me where, when and how.

  4. The American Revolution required military action in order to quell the intent of the English. The intent of the obama administration is no different. I’m 72 yrs young, let’s gitter dun MR WEST – ’cause “When Shall We Be Stronger?”

  5. Colonel, I would follow you to and through the Gates of Hell if only to fight for the rights of ONE American citizen. My fellow veterans would do the same in a heart beat. Keep up the fight, sir. We NEED people like you on the front lines of the political battlefield.

  6. I hope you also have a following of leaders as yourself across America to follow under your command. I’m 71 and a 100% disabled veteran, but if and when it comes to it, count me in and my two healthy boy’s, 26 and 33!!!!

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