Allen West “More Outrageous treatment of our Military – This is utter BS”


by Allen West via Facebook

More outrageous treatment of our military. Army 1LT Clint Lorance from Celeste Texas, a 28 year old ground combat platoon leader in the 82d Airborne Division was just sentenced to 20 years in Ft. Leavenworth on two counts of murder. In July 2012, 1LT Lorance ordered the engagement of two Taliban scouts who were tracking his platoon’s movements while on a patrol in Kandahar province, a platoon that had recently experienced losses, including the previous Platoon Leader. According to our ridiculous Rules of Engagement, soldiers in a combat zone are told to hold their fire unless there is evidence of hostile action or direct hostile intent. I spent two and a half years in southern Afghanistan, and we all knew the Taliban utilized fighters on motorcycles and cell phones as scout/trackers. If there are enemy combatants reporting your patrol movements in order to facilitate an attack, how is that not hostile intent? CPT William Miller, the government prosecutor, said 1LT Lorance “used his rank and position to harass, intimidate, threaten, and murder Afghans.” What an incredible dilemma for our men and women in combat: fight and kill the enemy and be sent to prison. Or be killed by the enemy and be denied your death gratuity benefits. This is utter BS and I implore true Americans, and veterans, to melt down the White House, DoD, and Department of the Army phone lines and email.

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    • THE NEXT TIME the Military engages the Terrorists, They Need to dispose of ALL the evidence. They try to do their job and then get Prosecuted for it!! SHAMLESS DOD AND OBAMA.

  1. Utter horse s**t. Obama should be impeached over fostering this kind of climate in the military (a field of service he wasn’t good enough to enter, but mysteriously good enough to run into the ground). Miller should also be ashamed of himself, and be facing dishonor.

    • Impeachment is NOT the correct punishment for a sitting President who has committed Treason against the United States of America.

    • Please tell me you served in the military before you made this stupid comment. You think ROEs come from the POTUS? LOL nope. Also how many Afghans on dirt bikes and cell phones do you think there are in their major cities? NO MILITARY is or should be allowed to shoot random people based on incomplete Intel. Its one thing to be being fired at, its a whole different thing to shot an innocent person using the phone the back of a dirt bike. He was told NOT to engage, he MURDERED two people. Did it turn out they were scouts?

      • Unless I am misunderstanding you…IF I am, please write more.
        This is not the first time that our military has had Muslim people they were supposedly training to protect themselves and their country — only to turn around and kill the Military people who were there “for them.”

        About a year ago, our Military had two Muslims in the “safe zone” with them discussing their next attack when they were shot by the very people they were training.

        This is common for the Muslims to infiltrate then shoot their own trainers.

        I think it was about a year ago that they had murdered one of the Military Men that had been training them….after he was dead, they stripped him and drug him through the city streets as their trophy.

      • Not everyone commenting here has served in the military but they are seriously trying to understand how this could happen. So since you call people stupid…tell us who DOES set the Rules of Engagement if it is not the Commander In Chief so that we can blame the right person for such rules that a soldier who is fighting a war is not supposed to try to keep his men alive. To call him a murderer when he is a soldier in a war does not seem reasonable to the American people. Also, as far as how many afghans on motorcycles and on cell phones in major Afghan cities….I do not think that is a questions a whole lot of American citizens could answer. And your question of “Did it turn out they were scouts?” is one that none of us can answer…Can you? These combatants are not the same as in other wars. These ones sneak and hide among their own then attack our troops…all the while knowing our rules of engagement and that is exactly why they get away with it. In this war it is HARD TO IDENTIFY THE ENEMY. That is exactly why there are more of our troops dead. Remember the previous platoon leader was killed and others in the platoon because it was too late to wait to be fired upon. This is a different kind of war…and it needs different rules of engagement. Let me ask you a question Glenn. I see you have a family sir….if you thought these two characters were going to harm you or your platoon would you just let them have their way? If this were your relative would you feel the same?

  2. This has to stop if you can’t defend yourself why are we there? More left wing persecution of our troops. You fight a war to win not with one hand tied behind your back. If O was president during WWII all the Bomber crews would have been in jail.

    • Even civilians know this! It is well known that these people that are trained to protect and/or fight for their own country have been killing our Military Men in locations that are supposed to be a “safe zone.”

      Now This? He is NOT on our side!

  3. Allen, U.S. Soldiers are guarding Poppy Fields, and Heroin Paste Labs implemented by Senators Lieberman & McCain. These labs are called “dry cleaners.” Afghans are earning money from this biz with Obama. US Military call Afghanistan a “Soft War.” Meaning it’s a drug business deal, applying to the greed of the puppet President of Afghanistan. Soldiers are told this Heroin is for Morphine, in surgery. I’ve soldiers saying this.

    Actually; Morphine is not a good post surgical pain med. It’s worthless. This is about drug trafficking by the POTUS, plain and simple. An avant-guard gang tactic now used in U.S. Soft Wars.

    This soldier is a far better man, than Obama and his merry band of idiots and thugs. I salute him, will pray for him. Self defense of his platoon and himself, was and is honorable. You know it and I know it. Obama demonizes right judgment, right thinking soldiers and generals. Obama is weeding out the flowers and leaving in the weeds.

    But, GOD sees this, and eventually will weigh in. (In the meantime, pray your daily prayers, and pass the ammunition.)

  4. It is absolute high time, calls for impeachment proceedings begin.

    Against Obama!!

    Demand the resignation of Eric Holder.

    Demand that those responsible for 1st Lt. Lorance demise, be held in the highest contempt for battlefield missions and “rules of engagement”. I deplore this administration’s handling of foreign policy as a whole, but when the integrity, loyalty, and patriotic values of an American Soldier is challenged and punished, it is time……..

    And most importantly, to the military brass sitting on their “virtues” and coddling the obama policy of appeasing our enemies before standing up for, and reinforcing, American Soldiers and their very purpose, I state the following…

    ” I, with no due respect, am ashamed to be associated with thevranks in the Pentagon. Their patheticism riles my very core and frankly, pisses me off. You have failed four great Americans in Benghazi and those of us with a lick of sense and moral guides, know, you have failed countless times though not made public. You lie, as does YOUR commander in chief and his cast of idiots. You should be relieved of your rank, title, and retirement. Given the politically correct environment you now reside, you will be applauded as having served justice.

    Realize this, my enemy is islam in its entirety including its followers and supporters. However, I have more respect for my enemy than I do you, the military “wisdom” as you sit in the Pentagon awaiting that slap on the ass from YOUR commander in chief. You see, my enemy, though ignorant of any value system, is steadfast in their mission. You, on the other hand, sway in the direction of “what can I do to” get favor from the politically correct and oriented administration. My enemy does not sway……

    I hope that Lt. Lorance realizes that he has become one of the many political prisoners here in the United States of America, because the current administration and ALL OF ITS SUPPORTERS and pathetics, are in bed with our islamic enemies.

    Lt, I am but one Soldier, however, you sir, are a silhouette of Patriotic values representing all of us. Sir, your freedom is to be had very soon.

    To our enemies abroad, and for that matter, our friends and allies around the world or, what is left of them. Do not be mislead by the Obama government, as it does not represent our truest of values. You must begin to deal directly with the American people for they are the government. If you are aggressive towards America and/or its Soldiers, your demise cometh, as seen by the actions U.S. Army 1st Lt. Lorance..

    He said “Follow Me”. And that we shall..

    Colonel.. Thanks for being there!!!!!!

    I Am A Steadfast And Loyal American Soldier….

    When you hang the defender of your country, you simply hang yourself…

  5. This is what happens when you let a “Community Organizer” play POTUS and General! We have lost more than Twice the number of soldiers under Obama than during Bush. Its the Stupid “Rules of Engagement”! Obama is a FAILURE at Eveything he pretends to do! I hope the Active Duty Military are Watching this case! Remember Your Oath Servicemembers!

    • Well said Bruce, it is another modern phenomenon that O could run the country IN TO THE GROUND. In Bob Woodward’s new book, O is quoted saying he has no trouble swaying the American People. Like we are a herd of sheep waiting for the slaughter. believes we have no intelligence or capability to think or do on our own.

      the system cannot prosecute a military soldier on combat duty and be just. all fight against this tyranny. PMHogan – Proud US Citizen and supporter of our US Military.

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  7. It is a sad day for American US forces to have to be prisoned because thy kill the scouts that are setting up an ambush to kill them. What happened to common combat that say kill before being killed which wins wars . Just like VN no ammo allow request permission to fire back at some trying to kill me .

    • Exactly…how can the DOD prosecute this platoon leader when the previous platoon leader was already killed along with his men. This CPT William Miller should be prosecuted himself for even making a case to send a true soldier to prison. When these soldiers are committed to win a war and they know who the enemy is then they need to protect their soldiers and that is what he did. Isn’t the purpose to win? Shame on this Army CPT prosecutor for his actions against our own 1LT Clint Lorance…as in wars that were won by the free world he MUST intimidate, harass, threaten and kill the ENEMY. That is how you win a war.

  8. What vile SCUM the Democrat party has put into power with their ignorance, voter fraud, and Islamosocialism!

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  10. The Obama Administration is Castrating our armed forces with his BS!! I think he is intentionally trying to break the will of our armed forces!!

  11. I wish you could be our Secretary of Defense now. Mr West , I believe you could straighten out these people who don’t know a thing about how to run our country or our Military.

  12. We need to fund our military and NEVER tell them HOW to protect us… ROE should be a local theater commander issue, never political.
    Give them Strategic instructions, NEVER tactical ones.

    Clearly the tango termination was required for the unit’s safety; lets get him out of jail and give him a medal.

  13. It’s better to be Judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    You troops are doing a fine job, keep up the good work and do what ever it takes to protect yourself and to hell with the stupid ass RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. You can bet the enemy will use whatever they can against YOU.

  14. This is sickening, sickening! As a combat veteran and service member for over 28 years this administration is pathetic, treasonous and out of control. Why are the American people setting back and tolerating this Dictator and his Islamic support of terrorists world-wide. Is America so emasculated that we now support treason and low life bottom feeder parasites of the likes of Obama and his gang. Our nation is doomed! God save us, obviously we are unable to save ourselves.

  15. Welcome finally to reality Col West. This has been going on for a long time. I have sent you dozens of messages highlighting how Obama’s General Amos is decimating the Marine Corps, to include violating the justice system and fair trials. Maybe now you and Fox News will wake up and start reporting on what is going on.

      • Wait a second, if this site is not run, owned, or operated by Allen West…. Then who?? A few posts earlier, it was alleged that ONLY ALLEN WEST or his protege, approves, not moderates comments on this site.

        Explain!!!! In fact, identify……

      • How do the folks on here get their comments directly to Allen West? Do you give him our thoughts and comments or do we need to go to another site to let him know directly. Most commenters here believe they are telling Allen West directly how they are thinking. I read your “about me” and understand that you facilitate this outlet but while reading these posts, it seems these folks think they are talking directly to Allen West. They call him “Col West” , “Sir” and so forth but it is not him directly who they are blogging with.
        And now with Obama’s speech about how we shouldn’t be listening to bloggers or talk radio because he doesn’t want any freedom of speech against him…this is exactly how history has proven is another step in a socialist takeover of countries. So although this site is not run by, owned or operated by Allen West…we need to know if he gets these comments from us.
        Thank you

      • Thank you for the info. I am so glad you are here for him and us. I have a lot of respect for anyone willing to stand-up for what is right for WE THE PEOPLE. Thanks for what you do.

    • Mrl….

      I too, am slowly learning that FOX is having an identity crisis. A white American Soldier was killed by a group of black thugs outside Ft. Lewis, WA and very little, if any attention was given to this racist hate crime. The media as a whole, is ignoring most, if not all issues regarding military and/or issued of importance.
      The media ignored the Egyption military coup against Morsi and the muslim brotherhood because it made obama look like an ass. Certainly, an American Soldier getting killed is not as important as Reid and obama tossing around shameless slander against Republicans.

      Killed American Soldiers not receiving death benefits for doing what most democrats, including that womb rejected obama, have notvyhe courage to do

  16. We had some of the same rules of engagement in viet nam and more then 1 soldier died because of it and alot of guys didn’t because we ignored it! To me, when you can start making rules to have a war, then you have a game that doesn’t need to be played. War is hell and should stay that way so all people coming to the party understand how serious it is. This soldier should never been tried but then look what they are doing to christians and even their own chaplains now! I believe that the military commanders better start standing up for their people because they are helping obama undermine the military as his plan is to destroy America.

    • Is time to bring back our troops, before they get kill because this administration is so involve with the enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood and Jihad because our president, or so call, Obama belongs to it. Why be there if you can’t defend yourself? “BS” Time for this administration to fail and cave in. Our Military means much more to us. We have a very corrupt government.

    • It is such a shame that men have fought and died for this country and now we have this “so called leader of the free world” who is so involved in bringing our free country down in so many ways. Who believes this BS anymore? We need to take our country back.

    • Carl…you are so right in so many ways. First, this is a different kind of war as was Vietnam. With this war…we have sneaky, bomb toting terrorists and they are aware of our rules of engagement. So they can make their pipe bombs, exploding vests, IED’s and have evil guys on motorcycles on cell phones telling the ENEMY where our soldiers are so they can kill us but with the POTUS and the DOD setting these ridiculous rules of engagement our soldiers can’t defend themselves. This administration has no accountability for the lives lost due to their utter dis-function. Proven over and over again. Plus now the Commander-In-Chief doesn’t want us blogging or listening to talk radio.

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  18. It was the veterans in our country who created the most powerful and respected nation in the world through their blood shed and devotion to our Constitution,otherwise there would be no freedom, only chaos and division as we are now experiencing in our nation. As a veteran, I call on all veterans and active military people to get involved and let’s get our country back, hopefully in a peaceful and concerted effort. I am a veteran, along with three older brothers who honorably served. Call your veteran friends and ask them to peaceably get involved. Our children and grand children will not enjoy the freedom and opportunity we have had if an effort is not made on their behalf by us. Start by calling your congressmen and the White House and make your feelings known.

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  20. Does murdering non-direct people with drones ordered by Obammy fall under the same rules?
    Who belongs in jail?

  21. If anyone would just look at the facts they would know that Obama is not a legal US citizen. He is in fact an Arab Muslim. He was trained as a communest from his youth, and is a homosexual as well. His homosexual life style was proven in a court action and a book published concerning this. He was placed in office by the banker elites to cause chaos in this country leading to a crash which would then lead to their dream of a one world government with them in control of everything. Thank God for you loyal Vets who are being so mitreated. If only more Americans were like you loyal men and women things would be much different. By God just never forget your life long oath you took!

  22. Mr. West, Please help to get justice for this soldier, don’t let this gov get away with this. Please use your power

  23. I speak as a 63 YO civilian, who never entered into the armed forces. Back in the days of Vietnam, I was # 295 on the draft, my older brother # 2. He was inducted into the Army, train in Kentucky and shipped overseas to Vietnam, where he turned spent his 21st birthday.

    When he came home he spent 4 months, hyperventilating in a # 4 brown paper bag that he kept very near to him. I have always respected the fact that whatever he did over in Nam, it was going to die with him one day, but I was never going to bring the subject up in conversation.

    The next 20 years came and went and one day I overheard another brother talking to him about his experiences in Nam. My brother said the only way he has ever seen a Vietnamese person in this country was with a .45 Cal handgun at his temple.

    I think since my brother went into the service I was always respectful of those who would serve this great country in any one of the armed forces for a period of time. I have also seen young kids come home all grown up and taking responsibility for their futures, where just 2 years earlier, they were punk kids who thought they knew everything and were pains in their parents asses. The military has been good to a lot of people and they learned something in there that they would never have gotten if they had not entered the armed services. They were taught to be men and women of courage and valor.

    I am sincerely sorry that the military men and women are going through a very upsetting time in history, where our president and know, even their high ranking superiors are just goons for this presidency.

    But remember this men and women of the armed forces. Many upon many of Americans stand ready to embrace you and stand side by side with you as this country is being torn apart by an unscrupulous tyrant, who desires to see this United States be turned into a 3rd world country.

    Stand tall and strong and don’t be afraid, for America was brought into existence by a might God, who will protect us at the proper time.

    I solute you all!