Allen West ” How can the Members of Congress look these men and women in the eye?”

Allen West

by Allen West via Facebook

On my usual morning run I like to stop and chat with the brave men and women of the US Capitol Hill Police who safeguard the symbols of American liberty and our Members of the legislative branch. However, this morning our normally cheerful chat was disturbing. It seems these men and women who were standing their posts in the rain, as they always do, have been deemed non-essential and will not be getting paid, but they will continue to man their posts. How can the Members of Congress look these men and women in the eye? The Officer this morning asked me one simple thing, “Please Sir, speak up for us.” I can imagine the families of our fallen Warriors who have been denied death gratuity payments from this administration are asking the same. Who are we as a Nation? Where is our sense of character? I implore us all to speak up for the men and women of the US Capitol Hill Police, and all who serve. Call the office of your Members of Congress and ask “where is your sense of character?”

12 responses to “Allen West ” How can the Members of Congress look these men and women in the eye?”

  1. Well Mr. West, it is a dark time that we have to live in. With the President of these United States of America telling all Americans to get i(Health) insurance, whether they can afford to do so or not. Whether they are busy trying to maintain an apartment or making a payment on a home, having to go to work sometimes every day of the week depending what kind of work they are given and whether it is four hours a day, or six hours a day, and having to pay their electric bills, their gas bills, their car bills, all of their other wants and needs for like their cars to use for work, and their getting the oil changed and other services that they need to have done on it, let alone pay for their other necessities like a bottle of soap to wash their clothes, and I almost forgot to mention they do need to repair or replace their clothes as from time to time they get worn, oh yeah and they do have to eat whether they have enough or not depending on if they can even afford the food at the store,…Etc etc. What other kind of knick knack is Mr. Obama going to say that we need? He gave out a lot of phones while he was running his campaign, for all of the poor ignorant people who voted for him. After all he is the leader, and we will follow his commands. Mr Barry Soetero / Barack Housein Obama is the most worthless president that I have seen or heard in my entire lifetime. When he stated that if HIS daughter got pregnant and wasn’t married he would take her to an abortionist, I knew right then that his intentions of being a good president went out the window. My father would have NEVER said that in his lifetime to any of his three children. We knew right from wrong, and we knew that if a pregnancy occurred it would be because God is the giver and taker of life. ( Not Big Daddy Obama/Sotero) ! I just knew that he would not be a good enough kind of man to use his children to try and make the people think of him as a big daddy. Well let me tell you my father was raised by a Mormon Mother and Father and my mother was raised by a Catholic Mother and Father. They never argued. My mother was a little more outspoken than my father, as he understood to allow people to get off their chest anything that was bothering them. These are some pretty dark and troubling times. With all of the people out there who HATE us, just because they have hatred in their hearts and they have not been living up to the two commandments of the Lord our God, The first is to LOVE the Lord they God with thy whole heart, thy whole mind and they whole soul. The second is like the first and it is to Love they neighbor as thyself. That sums up all of the ten commandments. It hurts my heart to be so against this man who doesn’t even know his own name! I wish that he would take some time to use his brain to think about what he is doing to the common man instead of making time with all of his adoring fans on T.V., and thinking of how he will abuse his powers by shutting down the parks and all of the policemen who watch the borders of all of the states, and kicking people out of their homes and causing so much distrust between the common man and the others who are doing their jobs of running the country and right now I am certainly not speaking of Harry Reid. (I do not think that even he knows what he is doing or who is in cahoots with the president).

  2. The integrity of the constitution is essential if our free Republic is to properly function & our freedoms kept secure. However, all 3 branches of this corrupt Gov’t continually violate it. Our system of checks & balances does not exist, Obama’s disdain for it has been vocalized & put into action via unconstitutional Executive Orders, bypassing of Congress & out right crimes of high crimes & misdemeanors & treason.

    As Congress will not challenge EO’s & more importantly impeach & remove Obama, Holder & others from office, by default the responsibility falls on the shoulders of we the people to get directly involved. We must follow the decrees of the Declaration of Independence regarding removal of a tyrannical Gov’t & as US citizens honor our own oath to preserve & defend the constitution from enemies both foreign & domestic.

    So America if you want to save our Constitution, our free Republic & our freedoms from being fundamentally transformed into a Communist (Socialist) Regime with Sharia Law as our constitution what is your plan? Repeated elections won’t change a thing & time is of the essence.

    The time to exercise our 1st amendment rights in mass on a constant basis with tenacity must start now. If this is ignored the next step is decreed in the Declaration of Independence. Are you prepared to remove a tyrannical Gov’t as described in the Declaration od Independence?

    It May be time to “Fix .. Bayonetts .. Sir.

  3. Who is in charge of this mess? Who is it that takes no responsibility for any damage he has done to this nation? Let me tell you, Obama. I think you should step off the back of our congress and put the blame where it really lies. With all due respect. The Congress is the only mechanism that is trying to do the right thing.

  4. Suspend the Union for resumption upon a practical solution to the reformation of Federal instruments of Government. Bring the Military home as practical and place it under a council of State Governors with no individual head in the Interim.

  5. Why arnt arrests being made? Surely we have evidence that our president is purposely not looking out for the best interests of America. He is not upholding the first, second or four amendment. There is no liberty, no free speech of the press…We have PLENTY of reasons to press charges. What are we waiting for?

  6. I don’t think we should expect any different from those on Capitol Hill. Most of our representatives are all too self-serving and the proof is they have allowed Obama to go un-vetted even though they know we know whom Obama is or at least isn’t. I believe it is left up to us (We The People) to only support those like Sheriff Joe, Mike Zullo and Jerry Corsi who have collectively have our and America’s best interest at heart. We must expose Obama and his puppeteers to stop this madness.