Allen West “This thing that we call the federal govt has grown leaps and bounds out of control.”

AW with Greta
BY FOX NEWS INSIDER //OCT 07 2013 // 7:25PM ET

Former Florida Congressman Allen West joined ‘On the Record‘ tonight to weigh in on the continuing budget battle in Washington.  He told Greta Van Susteren that lawmakers are “playing politics” with the American people by not trying to solve the problem with the government shutdown.

The fighting in Washington continued today, as Sen. Harry Reid’s spokesperson issued a statement blasting House Speaker John Boehner for having “a credibility problem” and refusing to “come to grips with reality.”

West argued that if Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich could work together to create a budget surplus, reform welfare and Social Security, we should be able to do it today.

“We just found out that 800,000 federal employees were classified as non-essential,” West said.  “So what does that say?  It just says that this thing that we call the federal government has grown leaps and bounds out of control.”

He contended that everyone has responsibility in this fight. “I believe that the Republicans need to do a better job of articulating policy and what it means in the long term for the American people and for hard working American families out there,” West said.

“I think the Democrats have to get away from this ‘playing politics’ where they’re concerned about ‘we want to win back the House, we want to make sure we keep the Senate’ so that the president’s last two years can be like his first two years.  They’ve got to come together and understand what’s best for the American people, not what’s best for their political party.”

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  1. The have furloughed all of these people and now will pay them for doing nothing. If they will be paid, why can’t they go back to work??? Has everyone completely lost their mind?

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    More and more I like what Col. West is saying! I can visualize him telling America this excerpt from one of my blog posts:

    “My fellow Americans, most important — we are going to win because our cause is right.

    We make history tonight — not for ourselves but for the ages.

    The choice we make in 2016 will determine not only the future of America but the future of peace and freedom in the world for the Twenty First Century.

    And the question that we answer tonight: can America meet this great challenge?

    For a few moments, let us look at America, let us listen to America to find the answer to that question.

    As we look at America, we see cities mired in debt and entitlements.

    We hear sirens in the night.

    We see Americans dying on distant battlefields abroad.

    We see Americans hating each other; fighting each other; killing each other at home.

    And as we see and hear these things, millions of Americans cry out in anguish.

    Did we come all this way for this?

    Did American boys die in Normandy, and Korea, and in Valley Forge for this?

    Listen to the answer to those questions.

    It is another voice. It is the quiet voice in the tumult and the shouting.

    It is the voice of the great majority of Americans, the forgotten Americans — the non-shouters; the non-demonstrators.

    They are not racists or sick; they are not guilty of the crime that plagues the land.

    They are black and they are white — they’re native born and foreign born — they’re young and they’re old.

    They used to work in America’s factories.

    They used to run America’s businesses.

    They provide most of the soldiers who died to keep us free.

    They give drive to the spirit of America.

    They give lift to the American Dream.

    They give steel to the backbone of America. They are good people, they are decent people; they work, and they save, and they pay their taxes, and they care.

    Like Ronald Reagan, they know that this country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless it is a good place for all of us to live in.

    This I say to you tonight is the real voice of America. In this year 2013, this is the message it will broadcast to America and to the world.

    Let’s never forget that despite her faults, America is a great nation.

    And America is great because her people are great.

    With Winston Churchill, we say: “We have not journeyed all this way across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies because we are made of sugar candy.”

    America is in trouble today not because her people have failed but because her leaders have failed.

    And what America needs are leaders to match the greatness of her people.

    And this great group of Americans, the forgotten Americans, and others know that the great question Americans must answer by their votes in 2016 is this: Whether we shall continue the policies of the last five years.

    And this is their answer and this is my answer to that question.

    When the strongest nation in the world can be tied down for twelve years in a war in Afghanistan with no end in sight;

    When the richest nation in the world can’t manage its own economy;

    When the nation with the greatest tradition of the rule of law is plagued by unprecedented lawlessness;

    When a nation that has been known for a century for equality of opportunity is torn by unprecedented racial violence;

    It’s time for new leadership for the United States of America.

    My fellow Americans, tonight I accept the challenge and the commitment to provide that new leadership for America.

    And I ask you to accept it with me.

    And let us accept this challenge not as a grim duty but as an exciting adventure in which we are privileged to help a great nation realize its destiny.

    And let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth — to see it like it is, and tell it like it is — to find the truth, to speak the truth, and to live the truth — that’s what we will do.

    We’ve had enough of “fundamental change” and the socialization of our nation.

    The time has come for honest government in the United States of America.

    And so tonight I do not promise Utopia in the morning, it will take a generation to undo the deleterious changes progressivism has wrought.

    I don’t promise that we can eradicate poverty, and end discrimination, eliminate all danger of war. But, I do promise action — a new policy for peace abroad; a new policy for peace and justice at home.

    Look at our problems abroad. Do you realize that we face the stark truth that we are worse off in every area of the world tonight than we were when President Eisenhower left office fifty-three years ago. That’s the record. And there is only one answer to such a record of failure and that is a complete housecleaning of those responsible for the failures of that record. The answer is a complete re-appraisal of America’s policies in every section of the world.”
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