Allen West “There are NO WORDS to express my outrage” ALL IN!


Allen West via Facebook

I don’t have the words to express my outrage. Just learned that part of the Obama administration’s shutdown strategy of inflicting pain on the American people has sunk to an incredible low. It seems our Commander-in-Chief has deemed death gratuity payments to the families of our Fallen Warriors as non-essential. The President deemed FLOTUS “Let’s” website essential but the families of the four Americans killed this weekend in Afghanistan are not essential. I am disgusted. As thankful and benevolent Americans, let’s raise money for these families. All In.


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  1. ALL IN Sir!! Nothing this administration would do could shock me anymore. Just when I think it’s gotten as bad as it could get…I just keep waiting for them to prove me wrong. Without fail, they do!

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  3. Colonel West, I feel like for the 1st time in many years, I have found a politician who I can trust. I admire your frankness and thank you for speaking out on what Americans are really thinking. Please tell us what we need to do to get this President Impeached. Widow of a Veteran.

  4. Mr Allen West, I really admire your truthfulness and how you are straight to the point. I thank you for speaking out on all points that need to be addressed and on what Americans are really thinking. Please do tell us what we need to do to get this POTUS who I really think is worthless, IMPEACHED!!! PLEASE!!

  5. You have to be an AMERICAN to understand how to be an AMERICAN. Since he is not an AMERICAN, this potus does not have a clue how to be one. It is so evident.

    • To be honest I am NOT an American but am married to one and live in the USA by choice and frankly feel I love this country more than IT ever could.

  6. There aren’t words to express my own outrage. I’m sure somebody somewhere will come up with some inane explanation of how funds are appropriated…I don’t care. This is a slap in the face of the loved one who is watching their soldier arrive home in a flag draped box. But this isn’t the first time his, The President’s disdain for the military has shown. My husband is retired Army, my father, Marines. He treats veterans like yesterdays news.

  7. There aren’t words to express my outrage. This is a slap in the face to the families whose loved one, whose American soldier is coming home in a flag draped box.
    I’m sure some politician somewhere will present some explanation of how funds are appropriated, but this is beyond the pale. My husband is retired Army, my father Marines. This President has continually shown his disdain for the American Military.
    Show me where to donate.

  8. You know, besides acting like a spoiled brat, he is not too smart either. He just keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper. Well, you know what they say – Prideth goeth before the Fall. I am ready for Pride to Goeth. I have more Faith in any, single American Soldier than I do our own President. Pitiful.I really hate to say this, but, there have been times when I have entertained thoughts about the guillotine. I studied the French Revolution and the saying “Heads will Roll” probably came from that particular time period. I also think about the “Storming of the Bastille.” And, I think about Marie Antoinette, when she was told that the people had no bread, she told them, “Let them eat cake.” There was a lot of Royalty that lost their heads by the guillotine at the hands of the people. Oh, but the people, they were a sneaky lot. As one lady sat knitting away … she was encoding information to those that prepared for the rebellion. And, the people in any historical rebellion also found their own way to “telegraph” information. Perhaps, if Obama had studied more history and less law, he would have actually learned something about the human spirit and Freedom. The thing about attempting a “take-over” of any society, is that, ultimately, it is does not work. Briefly, it will, but ultimately No. All peoples choose their own leaders. One day, he will be just a “spot” or “blemish” on American history. Yeah, Obama – just a spot – that is all you will ever be. There will be no accolades. Now, for the men that died in the name and pursuit of Freedom, their names will carry much weight.

  9. What is Gods name could be more important than outting Obama for the fraud and traitor he is. We need to make sure this never ever happens again especially to those and their families that have given so much to our country.
    We should all pray the results of the Arpaio/Zullo and Corsi background discoveries are spoken to on the floor of the Peoples House this month.

  10. I’m not into all the government speaking terms I’m just a tree climber but I no a piece of #### when I c it #### = Obama u suck

  11. I can’t believe that ANYONE could be so callous to even think about doing this to our military families. Especially, the moron in the Oval office! He needs to get out of the office of president, and sent back to where he came from…wherever that is!
    Where can I send a contribution!

  12. I have been distraught about this all day and prepared to send a donation if details were available. Can we start a fund for the family?

    • I have an address and phone number for the family, hopeful to receive information on where to send a donation.

  13. This man deserves to die a long, horrible, painful death for what he has done to the American people during his time in office. He is a Muslim, and a communist who’s
    Master plan is to destroy free enterprise and turn us into a Marxist society!
    Before I bow to that ideal, I will die fighting in the streets! Semper Si.

  14. I am amazed how Obama has continued to close monuments, parks and anything considered federal, even IF it wasn’t built and maintained with federal funds, but has anyone noticed that Camp David and Obama’s golf course as well as Michele’s web site have been left up and running, but the Amber alert system was taken down for a while ….

  15. WELL…OBAMA has SANK to a Lower form of SKUNK REAR behavior in “Serving the American Public !” Can’t expect much more from an AVOWED Islamic Communist !!

  16. I’m in Sir! This is such a disgrace. Please let me know if you neede to do anything. I’ got a group ready to move at a moments notice.

  17. It used to be that Presidents served in the Military and then respected them all the time or at least respecting them the way Reagan did.

  18. Wouldn’t you love to see this? “I’m sorry, but due to the government shutdown, I cannot fight your stroopid wars. See me when you open the government again, BHOII!”

  19. For those wishing to kindly donate to the families of the brave souls that were lost.

  20. Not an Obama supporter, but do the families get paid once the government shutdown ends? I would assume so.