Allen West “I suppose the killing of Army SPC Geike doesn’t fit the president or the liberal media’s race-baiting agenda.”


by Allen West via Facebook

What is happening in Washington state? First two blacks attack and beat a World War II combat Veteran to death and now another one of America’s combat Veterans has been stabbed to death. Could SPC Geike have been Obama’s son? Does Obama feel compassion and need to make a press conference out of this tragedy? I suppose the killing of Army SPC Geike just does not fit the president or the liberal media’s race-baiting agenda. One has to wonder what the headlines would be if things were reversed? Hate crime, damn right it is. A bunch of losers hating on honorable Americans, but that is the new order in Obama’s realm.


13 responses to “Allen West “I suppose the killing of Army SPC Geike doesn’t fit the president or the liberal media’s race-baiting agenda.”

    • no it dos’nt fit their view. just like the double rape and murder in tennessee. just like duke lacrosse. they jump on the same bandwagon before the facts come out, and when proven wrong? they say nothing. over and over and over. they can not face the facts. there is as many jeffersons as bunkers.

    • If these 2 were real reverands they would stand up for everyone. they would not be just going after the glory n $$ either.

  1. Mr. West , I think you know what Obama has up his sleeve . By calling white on black a hate crime , It’s not to his advantage to say any thing about black on white hate crime . One wonders about our present leaders in DC.

  2. Colonel West…

    Question: Why do you affiliate with FOX News if they, themselves, do not register black on white crime?

    Is it a question of ratings?

    Look Colonel, there has been a big rash of black on white crime over the past two months, and quite frankly, it is beginning to alter the vast amount of progress made in this country especially since the 60’s. So, do we appease black patheticism or do we lay down the law of the land?

    Obama, that idiotic womb reject who engages in race baiting and only when it counts, as a point in his court with black people, appears to ignore “other than black” issues. From what I gather, have studied, and heard, all of the “civil right” accomplishments are quickly floating out the window, and with many thanks to Obama and his class of idiots.

    The Soldier killed outside Fort Lewis was killed by filthy pathetics whose only purpose in life was to be a continuous nothing. If they themselves were Soldiers, hell shall be their lover and parent.

    A white WW 2 veteran, was beaten to death two months ago by a black..

    Colonel, whites are not gaining patience and the blame goes to Obama, Reid, Holder, Biden, congressional black caucus, and so on..

    Colonel, I too am a retired Soldier and follow you for logic and common sense.
    Don’t abandon moral and ethical integrity. Your class and perception of America is almost second to none.

    Do you, we, really need FOX news?? We certainly don’t need the others….

    I am a Republican Soldier……..

  3. We need more information. Very, very unfortunate incident but we need to know what the suspect was thinking.