Allen West “Sorry Mr. President you have to stay here with us sappy Americans”

OBK AW 2013

by Allen West via Facebook

Woke up this morning to the sounds of whining coming from the White House: “President Obama has to cancel his trip to Asia because of the government shutdown.” And of course those mean ol’ Republicans are to blame. I suppose this rates right up there with FLOTUS not being able to ‘tweet’ as much. Could it be the impeccably technologically savvy Obama administration has never heard of Skype? Sorry Mr. President you have to stay here with us sappy Americans and not trek off to Bali or Indonesia. Quite sure the leaders of those countries would be happy to tele-conference with you. How about this, just repeal the medical device tax and ensure Obamacare is a law that applies to all Americans — no waivers, exemptions, and delays for some — and we promise you can go out and play, little fella.




20 responses to “Allen West “Sorry Mr. President you have to stay here with us sappy Americans”

  1. Colonel, if I may speak freely Sir, if we put the Dictator Barry Soetoro and his regime on sailboats, they could sail on windpower to the Asian theater, Sir.
    Considering all of the hot air generated from the Dictator’s big mouth and horrible speeches, it might even qualify as a self-propelled sailboat armada, and qualify as green energy, Sir.

  2. Better he stays here anyway, most countries think we are nuts to have him in the W.H. ….why show them??

    • How about a atoll all by themselves as they will cause much harm on any continent where there are human beings. Let them scrounge or maybe be removed when convenient.

      • Good idea Balto2. A new island has formed near Pakistan. We could send them there. The island is bare of any vegetation, and of course is lacking in resources. That doesn’t matter though, because everywhere they go, they strip a country of all that anyway. “What difference at this point does it make?

  3. Like the vest, and the words Boss. Guess they pulled the gas card for his private jet. Non-essential. He was only going there to sell our sovereignty out again anyway. George Soros, and Valerie Jarrett have a lot riding on this shutdown. If the House can only make it through the whole month the blame will shift when people figure out they aren’t being hurt after all.

  4. You are an amazing man! Thank you for serving and representing my country. You would have my vote as POTUS.

  5. All we have to do is get obama to quit, because if we impeach him, everything he has done while in office remains. If we get him to resign, everything he has done while in office, for lack of a better term, gets trashed. Even the laws he has imposed on us, all the executive orders, everything he has signed, done, are kaput, forever off in the wind.

  6. You are a man of integrity and love for our country. I admire you and I too wish you would run for President!