@AllenWest ” We just witnessed the despicable failure of American stewardship by Harry Reid and the Senate”


by Allen West via Facebook

In Washington DC there are three things that must be balanced: politics, policy, and procedure. We just witnessed the despicable failure of American stewardship by Harry Reid and the Senate liberal progressives in killing the House legislation that leveled the playing field for hardworking middle income American families. Instead, led by the egomaniacal, arrogant Barack Obama, Democrats have proven themselves hypocritical elitists who seek to abuse the American people in the political game of “blame checkers” to attain power. I think if Assad, Putin, or Rouhani were House Speaker there would have been more communication. The House GOP is focused on good policy, as Obamacare is an abysmal partisan piece of garbage. The House GOP should now follow regular order procedure and pass prioritized federal government spending bills. America, let us promise to never again elect as President any charismatic, community organizing liars who play lots of golf.

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    We will now watch Obama and Reid put on their very best scowl, shake their index fingers and blast away blaming Congress for what they themselves have done. Will their defenders finally now get it? We they now rejoin “We The People” and help us restore this proud country?

  2. I am wondering if we the people can sue the govt. for forcing us to purchase something from it (tax) that we could have less expensively had they not over reached into the private lives of the people who pay their salaries. The govt. is suffocating the working class with non partisan legislation. I am very angry that our elected officials are not holding to the duties to which they swore to. Any and all who do not stand by the Constitution to which they swore an oath to do, should be quickly removed from office. I also believe strongly in term limits and NO tax funded retirement. These politicians should be responsible for their own retirement as are their constituents. I strongly believe that we the people can collectively stand together and refuse to comply with this unconstitutional piece of legislation as it is opening a huge door to a fascist regime. What say you Mr. West.

      • Linda C: It’s coming to a head. Just like a pus pimple. If it pops, it will be a mess. We (the American People) will require immediate leadership. That means, essentially, only the Colonel will be able to do anything to help the nation. My suggestion, to be taken under advisement, is to consider someone like Dr. Charles Krauthammer as a Vice President. The Colonel as President and a savvy VP, would set America back on course, forthwith.

      • Personally, Rand is good but, Krauthammer has much more political savvy. In what the world offers as mundane daily affairs, prudence mandates a protracted skill to properly correspond to numerous events with consideration of maintaining proper relationships with foreign nations and, reestablishing American economic and fiscal health.
        Air Force Two and Air Force One, will have to have accommodations that Dr. Krauthammer requires.
        What is the first think that a person should do if they realize that they are lost? Stop, and think. America is lost, and we need to really think about our directional heading. Look where popularity contests have taken our nation. Let’s think about a more traditional and conservative approach, this time.

  3. This would be great! If something is not done soon, through Obamacare, all of the power is going to go to the legislative branch of the government and they are going to strip the Constitution completely.

  4. God bless you, sir, for being a courageous patriot, and speaking the truth. You are a man of honor and moral fiber and we need more like you to speak out before all is lost. Dr. Krauthammer for VP? Hmmmm…never thought of that…interesting suggestion. Or maybe Dr. Ben Carson.

  5. That is….”IF” we “are allowed” another election. Obama mentioned he was running for a 3RD TERM!
    He didn’t win the last two…that didn’t matter to him….he just keeps on truckin’ and no one does a thing about him.

  6. Love you Allen West! God bless you and Angela and the girls!!!! Glenda Nobles


  7. I believe our golfer in chief is a really bad player so that makes a full house of his inability to do anything well.

  8. Very disappointed just change my status from Republican to Independent, the Republicans came together a little to late, and this government is a disgrace! a Bunch of arrogant bullies that didn’t even wanted to approve the Obamacare without changes, because that will mean that they all will have to be recipients.