Allen West “The initial words were that of a whiner” Regarding Presidents Presser


by Allen West via Facebook

With all earnest intent, I awaited hearing from President Obama just now. I was expecting the Chief Executive Officer of these United States of America to come out and present a vision, way ahead during this fiscal maelstrom. Instead the initial words were that of a whiner who just wants to have his way. Therefore, I muted Obama, as I am quite sure millions of Americans are doing. Sir, regardless of the polls that purport to measure your “likeability,” respect is given where respect is earned. And you’re not earning it right now.


15 responses to “Allen West “The initial words were that of a whiner” Regarding Presidents Presser

  1. Hey Allen keep up the good work. I’m so glad the shut down is going on. People need to stand a ground and don’t worry about getting elected again. Stand up for what is right. RW

  2. Amen, Sir, and I use that address to give respect where respect was earned.



  3. I do not agree with pretty much anything our President is doing to our Country, but I don’t wish him harm. I will continue to Pray for him, because that is what God tells us to do. I am as frustrated as anyone else over everthing that he has done since he has been in office. When you don’t have God this is what you become.

  4. I am ready to pledge my support to Allen West and his election as the next President of the United States. I admire the battle that a lot of the elected Republican Representatives and Senators are waging in the war against the suppressive nature of the Democratic leaders and the current POTUS, but I feel that Allen West will truly represent ALL of the legal citizens of the United States of America. We will never be successful as a World Leader again until we can come together as a whole country UNITED in promoting world peace and prosperity to all Nations. And, we can never be a truly UNITED STATES until we can, as one, come together and get back to the basic tenets of which this great country was founded. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “A House Divided Cannot Stand”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. All parties involved are to blame and until people come together and start hold them accountable both parties will continue to divide and conquer!