Allen West “According to our Constitutional Republic, laws apply to everyone”


by Allen West via Facebook

Let me take a few moments to simply explain what has happened in Washington DC. Once the President signs something into law, it is supposed to apply to everyone, unless that president is Obama. He has granted waivers, exemptions, and delays to his cronies and allies. House Republicans asked that if delays, waivers, and exemptions to this “fantastic” law were good for some, they should be good for all Americans. But Obama, Reid, and Pelosi said no. House Republicans asked that a specific 2.3% medical device tax, which is causing jobs to ship overseas, be repealed. Again, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi said no. And now Obama is threatening to veto a measure to support veterans program spending. Obama, the liberal media, and Democrats are lying to you America. They don’t give a damn about you, just power. Obamacare is not a law, according to our Constitutional Republic, because laws apply to everyone. But not in King Obama’s empire.


11 responses to “Allen West “According to our Constitutional Republic, laws apply to everyone”

    • Why is it that we as the American people of this once great Nation…allowing all of this to happen….I don’t get it…’.Why or how can any President dictate what is new law without the people’s vote? I don’t think at this point no one in government should be allowed to ‘represent’ our nation or it’s people….I understand why so many American’s tune out….you never know who to believe and media is always always bias…so enlighten me…how to we as citizens really get the whole truth and nothing but the truth….? That’s why so many do not care anymore and believe there is nothing anyone can do….Something huge needs to change……


  1. About 15 years ago a Federal Instigator took me out to dinner. We were talking about sexual predators and pedophiles. He reiterated several times that it did not matter what the crime was ‘certain people are above the law’. There should be no one above the law, but Obummer and his buddies seam to be above the law. We need a sheriff that has the courage to start slapping handcuffs on politicians.

    • Funny how the conversation you had 15 years ago coincides with the time Bill Clinton was in office!

    • I cannot understand how this criminal has not had impeachment proceedings brought against him. The “phony scandals” are enough! But this egregious act by our Federal Government to invade individual’s privacy of health care is beyond reprehensible. And excusing his cronies has to be against the constitution!

  2. I can not believe what I just heard on C-Span. Remember this name ZOE CARPENTER of The Nation. A caller called in to ask how the President can just line item veto on his own health care and

    not follow the Constitution and she smirked and said he had to do that to make the health care work better. Then she was asked why did some areas only have one insurance choice and others had more choices and her reply was some states had opted out of additional Medicaid coverage and it was the fault of Republicans that wanted to make it more expensive or some such dribble. And she smirked with each answer.