Allen West Guardian Fund | What We Have Is A Disaster


A new poll from Bloomberg shows 68% of Americans say the U.S. is on the wrong track.

Let me put that into perspective: 2 out of every 3 Americans believe this nation is heading in the wrong direction.

Friends, clearly something is very wrong in Washington.

>> We have a president who doesn’t know which way is up.
>> We have a Senate that’s trying to prove its significance by refusing to compromise.
>> We have a House that can’t even rally together members of the same party around a piece of legislation.

What we have is a disaster.

As we close in on our quarterly deadline, I need you to stand with me to usher in the next generation of conservative leaders. It’s our mission to send more principled conservatives to Congress, like Senator Ted Cruz, who never shy away from what they know is right. That’s why I’m asking you to invest in the Guardian Fund today to make sure we meet our $200,000 online goal for the quarter.

Please follow this link to donate $25, $50, $100 or more to the Guardian Fund today.

No matter how much you’re able to give, your support will bring us one step closer to electing 14 new hard-charging conservatives to Congress in 2014. Thank you in advance for your support.

Steadfast and loyal,
Allen West
Lt. Col. Allen B. West, USA (ret)
U.S. Congressman (2011-2013)

4 responses to “Allen West Guardian Fund | What We Have Is A Disaster

  1. Cruz, is just another diversion fome the real problems America is facing. What could be more important than letting all our armed force know of information in this video.

    We have to may cowards representing us it is time we take action on our own behalf. Please forward this video to all the men and women you know that are actively serving our country. We cannot afford to lose any more of them we are going to need them for the good fight.

  2. Mr. West? Is what you mean is more MINORITY conservatives that share your same principals. Please listen to me. Is what we have in Washington D.C. and what we have had there for a long time are not a bunch of white men who hate blacks, or hate the opposite color of people, but they hate everyone. They seek to take power over anyone and everyone. They only love those that are foolish enough to support their agendas of their control. So if you’re loved in D.C. then you’re probably doing it all wrong for your country. This was sealed in 1913 when the Federal Reserve began controlling America’s money. They have tried for years. Including Abraham Lincoln’s days and Andrew Jackson’s days. We will not solve any issue in America until we solve this issue first. It’s well known these people will assassinate anyone who tries. They are so powerful of an organization that they can afford to fund armies of multiple nations to destroy America. And they will fund all sides and drive everyone deeper into perpetual debt. They have been successful in doing this by lies and scandals up to this point. So I think that attacking any other issue first is merely a side step to what really needs to be done. Look, I clearly know that blacks have been oppressed. I also see that the lower class blacks are angry and lash out at all whites. Some of the middle and upper blacks encourage this by siding and making excuses for these cases. I saw your speech and commend you for standing up as a great leader by putting this in an accurate perspective. The heart of the matter is not because whites are oppressing blacks, it’s that this government is keeping us divided. They are keeping us fighting each other instead of focusing on the real issue of taking back control of America’s finances. This is what needs to be done first and foremost. I tell you the truth here… The underpinning of all history is financial history. Is what needs to be done is we need to stop all forms of abuse by those who are hurting innocent people and educate one another until we solve the biggest problem in America and the world. We have to stop supporting the wars on other countries. Nobody wants to hinder anyone. All I want, and most people I talk to is for everyone to get along and be responsible, without the pressure of being attacked from all sides. I share with you, and with everyone a video by Niall Ferguson, a Harvard Professor who offers his 4 hour documentary called, “The Ascent of Money.” This will show the ultimate power of man and how money can control countries, and the world. We need to understand this to see who is behind it, and how powerful they really are and what it is they are really doing. The only other great important issue left after this is What type of government is best for all men? Which form of government is most fair to all men and has the least chance of being exploited? And when we find this government, we must implement it, and know it’s weaknesses, and we must protect it. Our Forefathers gave us a government that did not rule by the color of someone’s skin, or by the hierarchy of his financial stature, but ruled by written laws which are supposed to be applied to all men no matter their race, age, sex, religion, political or financial position in society. It was meant to treat all men equally. Men were put in charge to see over these written laws and they too were subject to it’s laws and he could not hide because the public knew those laws as well. But they have been manipulated by other forms of governments, politicians who are exempt from these laws, from monopolizing corporate agendas, racial organizations, etc. And this is why we are in this mess today. Here’s a video which clearly explains the founding fathers intentions. We need to teach this and correct the path of America so that it can keep it’s fruits of it’s labor and it’s resources because men seek to steal it all and have us fighting one another while they make off with all the loot. And they are succeeding. Here’s that video. I would appreciate any feedback… good or bad.. it’s how we grow as human beings.

  3. Imagine a world where people like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, MLK Jr., Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and all the other great leaders of our time were protected by an army of Secret Service men protecting our most valuable and wise people of our time. I don’t mean a secret service which is provided by those in power now… it would be foolish if you attempted to preserve this wisdom with these serpent’s controlled servicemen. Most of them don’t even realize what it is they are supporting. It’s just a job with prestige to them. As with many jobs American’s hold. We are not a society of real thinkers, but a society of oppressed individuals who merely just want a job to pay our bills and are merely enslaved by mortgages and borrowed money which is all by design for an intended purpose I assure you. We have hope that the real productive people in our human society should be the most guarded from political and financial and immoral control in our society. Food for thought anyway. Peace everyone.