@AllenWest “Steadfast and Loyal, Sen. Ted Cruz, I got your back”

OBK AW 2013

by Allen West via Facebook

A hearty congratulations to Texas Senator Ted Cruz for being a man of principle who is fulfilling his oath to the people of Texas and the American people. In the face of incessant criticism and betrayal from his own party — something I know about –he has persevered and stood up for this Constitutional Republic. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as Obamacare is an abomination, an onerous piece of legislation passed in the middle of the night, strictly partisan, and as a Democrat leader articulated, “we must pass the bill in order to find out what is in it.” The American people, and labor unions, now know what is in it. And don’t ignore the unconstitutional delays enacted by President Obama. I want you all to ponder the waivers and exemptions granted, a sure evidence of cronyism, not to mention the unnecessary cuts to MEDICARE for seniors. And even as Lois Lerner retires, Obamacare will hire 16 THOUSAND new IRS agents. Steadfast and Loyal Senator Cruz, I got your back.


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      • If the US Congress refuses, then it would need to be filed in a petition to the United States Supreme Court, by legal counsel. It would be up in the air if they would act, because basically, they go, with the Soetoro flow. But that is how it should be done. The US Senate are the people that need to do something as they have Constitutional authority but no backbone. They are Cowards & Traitors to this nation. All of the politicians talk loudmouth about Impeachment, and nothing ever transpires, despite numerous scandals and outright breaches of law.
        It must be done lawfully, and without any disruption to the nation. Perhaps the Colonel would be best able to shed light upon the subject, or a Judge that is knowledgeable of Constitutional Law. It is a serious matter. The downside of it is.., suppose impeachment is sustained by the Supreme Court, then Biden will be president. If he does not want the job or has certain issues disqualifying him due to related matters of the president, then the Speaker of the House becomes president. Boehner is retiring, and he is also a political hack. Having the Colonel fill that Speaker of the House vacancy, then, becomes a real game changer. It becomes viable if the Supreme Court finds merit in the Charges.
        Everything must be absolutely by lawful means, and in an orderly, proficient manner.

      • Just double check, because it might fall over to Harry Reid. I think that is more accurate. The Senate would have the third man if president and vice president impeached. Harry Reid would make anyone puke if he were president.

  1. Where do I begin??

    First and foremost, I CONGRATULATE SENATOR TED CRUZ FOR NOT ONLY STANDING BY HIS/AMERICA’S CORE PRINCIPLES AND VALUES, but also standing by the Constitutional values as well.

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton and Clinton, as well as Wasserman-Shultz, have all alienated the American political system by virtue of ignoring the voice of the Real and True America through it’s Constitution. Frankly, I am almost convinced, enacting the Federalist standard of government would knock Obama and his cast of womb rejected idiots off the map and create a more stable system of democracy as we desire it to be.

    Laugh as you will, but should anyone flip through the Federalist Papers, one could only be overwhelmed by theoretic logic and common sense.

    Cruz is doing what other Republicans have failed to do and that is to “Stand up for American values” including honor and integrity which Obama and his cast of idiots are Completely Missing.

    But, Obama is not the only tyrannical monster here. Many Republicans who have opted for the “conservative” role play title, have not only ALIENATED the core Republican system of government, but also the belief that our Constitution is in its own right, America’s ONLY doctrine of American ideology and principal.

    Conservative I AM NOT..

    REPUBLICAN I AM.. Which means that not only do I have Senator Ted Cruz back, but I would also go nose to nose with Obama and any one of his party affiliated idiots, and bluntly tell him and\or them:
    “You lied, you deceived, you tainted American values and beliefs, you have ignored the very Constitution under which your party “thrives” and most importantly, as a sworn American Soldier, under Oath, I am obligated to “defend MY country from ALL ENEMIES, both Foreign and DOMESTIC”.

    Do I ignore this as Conservatives do? Or should the Real and True Republican American??

    Ted Cruz is certainly a man whose back I not only have, but also a man who deserves a salute from this Real and True American Soldier.

    Colonel West.

    You stated that more Conservative veterans need to step into politics. Well, I would but only as a Republican without the hyphenation of – Conservative. This has caused the breakup of the Republican Party and frankly, I would argue that as a Republican, my values, beliefs, agenda, and ideology are more consistent with our forefathers than a conservative.

    I would challenge anyone to equalize or rationalize the Conservative Republican.

    Far right. Far left. Democrat. Republican. Liberal. Moderate. Conservative.

    What is the point? Ted Cruz is being ignored by his own Party. Because the Conservative element, Tea Party component, does not have the heart, soul, courage, or whatsoevers to stand up for America and rise against the pathetics, as in Obama and his playmates.

    I will prove my point:

    Colin Powell went from a Republican, to conservative, and now, is a known conservative Democrat….. Go figure….

    Colonel.. You always end with “Steadfast and Loyal”. Well, I echo that and will do so from now on, but with a slight addition….

    “Steadfast and Loyal American”

  2. I keep waiting for some Senator or Congress person to stand at the podium and put forth the effort and time announce that the most important issue that America has ever faced in its history. When are our representatives going to stop with all these side stepping issues and get to the heart of the problem by announcing the discoveries of the Sheriff Arpaio and Detective Mike Zullo during their background investigation which prove Obama committed a criminal fraudulent act. These facts are indisputable. Please consider, Obama Care is 1/6th of our economy and Barack H. Obama II (or whomever he is) is all the rest of America.
    Cowards represent us!

  3. I’m so proud of you and your convictions. It’s a pleasure to read your posts on FB. I was sitting beside my pastor (Doug Anderson) at a high school f’ball game last Friday night and mentioned to him that I have you on FB. He was instantly pleased and said he’d met you in Washington. He brings the Seniors from our Christian school (Newnan Christian in Newnan, GA) to Washington ea yr for their Senior Trip. I’m so pleased and encouraged by you and your strength. We pray for you and the other leaders of our great nation at church w/o fail. I hope you’ll ‘keep on keeping on’. You’re a wonderful role model for my sons. Thankyou so much for your service, sir.

  4. Thank GOD for you, LtC West, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, ..and.men who truly love America, not “self”; who care about “we the people”, our Constitution, and our GODly heritage! May GOD of The Bible Bless you with every spiritual Blessing in Christ Jesus. May He be your front and rear guard, and no weapon formed against you prosper. (Isa 54:17)

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