@AllenWest “Benghazi Hearings: Such a despicable and disrespectful act reflects upon who the Democrats are”

Allen West Benghazi - Syria

by Allen West via Facebook

Yesterday Democrats on House Oversight committee walked out on the parents of murdered Benghazi Americans Ty Woods and Sean Smith. This is consistent with Obama and Hillary walking out and abandoning their sons. For the liberal progressives who control the Democrat party it’s more important to protect current POTUS and the one they want to be POTUS. Such a despicable and disrespectful act reflects upon who the Democrats are and sadly upon those in the media who support them and those who vote for them. Shameful.


4 responses to “@AllenWest “Benghazi Hearings: Such a despicable and disrespectful act reflects upon who the Democrats are”

  1. If You had done this, do you think for a moment that it would not have made every evening news cast in the nation? Apparently it’s more important to make sure there are no productivity requirements associated with receiving welfare than it is to politely listen to parents who lost their children because they were serving their country and their country would nothing to help them.

  2. I cannot believe just how stupid and pathetic many people are. Politicians, armchair strategists, and political scientists (or so they think).

    When politicians believe it is time to get their token “air time” and kiss up to Obama, they make silly and, oh so very stupid comments like:

    “The families of the dead and wounded victims need our response and are due answers” McCaskill (D- not sure what state)

    Not realizing that they are covering up for that womb rejected Obama and his “designed BENGHAZI cover/screw up”.
    Do not the families of the Benghazi 4 deserve the exact same attention? Or, to save an admiral’s job, will the Navy shipyard shooting become yet another coverup?

    Workplace violence?



    Obama.. Holder.. Clinton.. Any of you have a clue?? America is looking very stupid, weak, and pathetic. Thanks to the current American tyrant and his band of idiots, we really look stupid and useless. Plain and simple..

    Egypt, contrary to Obama, his cast of idiots, the media – including FOX, and the many tunnel worshippers who seem think “know it all”, have failed miserably in their assessment of a pre and post Morsi. Obama and Clinton and their many followers now have spit on their face. Mubarek and his military should have been left alone. After all, Mubarek’s military has regained control…

    America is without leadership, our military has no Commander in Chief, and the overall health of America is rapidly becoming invisible to moral and ethical standards.

    And the Benghazi 4 go unnoticed, but really, “what difference does it make”?

    Maybe we should ask Al Assad or hey, how about Putin??